10 Convenient And Easy Camping Meals  for Camping

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Camping is an event most people enjoy. This is especially true if you do it with your closest friends, relatives, and family. However, when you are outside hiking on trails, there’s not much to cook because you don’t have an abundance of recipes and kitchen tools, and the only thing you can rely on are portable cooking wares and your survival gear. That’s why it’s essential to be prepared with regards to the food you bring when camping.   

If you think you find yourself camping in the woods and looking for some easy to cook meals that don’t need a ton of kitchen equipment and ingredients, here are some tips and a list of 10 convenient and easy camping meals for you to have. If you want to learn more about these, read further down below, as they give you some of the ideas of easy to cook meals.   

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Convenient and Easy Camping Meals for your Outdoor Adventures

Are you planning to go on camping for the weekend? Perhaps one of your concerns is about the food you’re going to bring that won’t spoil throughout the camping. Here are some of the ideal foods to bring that will help you survive days at the campsite.  


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Tray of eggs

Tray of Eggs

Nothing beats the instant classic scrambled egg if you think about venturing in the woods for a couple of nights. By far, out of this list, this is the easiest type of meal you can choose. Plus, it packs plenty of proteins to keep you feeling full for longer durations. You may also bring with you hard boiled eggs, so you’ve got something to eat when you hike to the campsite.  



After a long and tiring day hiking and venturing out in the mountains, you are sure to crave some stomach-filling meals. And that means a sumptuous meal of hotdog that can also be paired with eggs. This meal is easy to cook as long as you have a cast-iron pan and a fire to work with. Nothing beats this combination, especially when you are in the greater woods seeking relief from this relaxing world.  

Grilled Burgers

grilled burgers

Grilled burger is an instant classic as well. They are easy to cook, and the equipment needed is always available. Grilled burgers are a campfire staple. Just set up your grill rack, light up those charcoals or wood, and have your way with a sumptuous meal after a long day’s work in the woods. Of course, bring loaves of bread or burger pan are very easy and best when you pair it with the patty.  

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Classsic Pancakes


Another classic on this list, although these are more of a snack rather than a meal. Pancakes are easy to make and don’t need many ingredients and other cooking wares. As long as you have all the necessary ingredients for pancakes and a flat iron surface on top of burning wood or charcoal, you are good to go!  

Cast-iron Cooked Frittata


Waking up early in the woods should start right with this cast-iron cooked frittata, a meal that is so easy to cook and leaves you feeling energetic and full for long periods. All you need is fresh cherry tomatoes, basil, and layered shallots all over eggs and cheese. This meal is a good way to start your day on a positive note.    

French Toast

French Toast

Who doesn’t love French toasts? They are not only a staple food for campfires but also for everyday breakfast. Easy to cook, preparation time is short, and can give you some of the best heartwarming meals one could ask for during camping trips. A great French toast is a gold standard when going camping. Surely, you will never get hungry in the woods. 

Breakfast Foil Packs

bellacupcakecouture-10 Convenient And Easy Camping Meals (1)

Take eggs, cheese, and hash browns, and you have yourself a breakfast foil pack. These are one of the best as it packs a punch right into the gut for a more filling feel and healthy one. The combination of eggs, hash browns, and cheese should be more than enough to keep you energetic throughout your outdoor adventures. Also, your food won’t spoil right away when you pack it with foil.    

Egg Sandwich

egg sandwich

Another camping staple is the egg sandwich. Just make sure you hard boil your eggs, mix them with your favorite mayo, and layer it down in your bread. The egg-may mixture tends to spoil quickly, be sure to store them in a cold or cool place and unpack once it’s time to eat.  



Oatmeal comes in ready-to-serve packs. Buy one before the camping trip and serve it up with your chosen fruit and dip it out. Oats are known to be rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. They are versatile meals that should be on every camping menu.  

Food In Can

Foods can be your go-to foods during a trip or camping. Yes, these may be processed foods, but these are your key to survival. As you know, when you have to prepare for emergency kits, canned foods are the ideal ones to put because they can last and it’s easy to bring.  


Venturing out in the woods can take up most of your energy. And this means that you have no time to go for meals that require you to cook for hours. But with the list of the ten easy camping meals, you are sure to hit the ground running once the meal is over. Kudos to Outdoor Magnet, as they provide expert tips on surviving and enjoying camping and all the activities outdoors.  

I hope you will have a good time soul-searching and camping with friends. Of course, don’t forget to bring with you the best foods to eat, when you decide to camp out in your tent. Just be sure to eat right and never skip your meals when camping, as you need enough strength and energy when hiking.  


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