5 Water Saving Hacks When RVing

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Water is a basic yet precious commodity of human life.  If you are camping either on a short or long trip you definitely require water for your survival.  So, you need to be vigilant and aware of the fact that water consumption in RVs is entirely different from water that most of us use at home. 

There are plenty of reasons that you should consider conserving fresh water in your RV tank when doing dry camping because it can be extremely difficult to find portable water on the road site. You may actually look at the tips and tricks to save water from washing dishes, cooking, washing your hands, flushing toilets etc.  

If you are a beginner in RVing, check out these tips before you start.

Discover 5 water saving hacks that need to be considered while you initiate your trip for dry camping and converse water that keep your camper clean and tidy.

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TIP 1: Pack your kitchen items wisely

5 Water Saving Hacks When You're on the Road (3)

Don’t take your entire kitchen with you, it will not help you. Minimize the number of utensils you are keeping with you.  Therefore fewer dishes means less water to clean and you are able to save a sufficient amount of water. 

Be smart, while taking your cups with you; carry double-walled insulated cups that can be used both for hot and cold drinks. Take a one-light saucepan with you or it would be better if you invest in a cast-iron skillet, a best alternative that gives you an ease of washing dishes. By using a one-pot skillet, you can easily use a wipe to scrape debris or leftover food. But if you are travelling with a family of more than 2 then still you can use a skillet to cook your meal and then distribute.

If you are camping, try to spend more time with your family or spouse rather than cooking. Use one pot meal recipes which involve all series of ingredients in the same pot. However, these recipes will also require minimal effort of cooking with simple ingredients and save immense amounts of water.

Using canned food and ready-made food that won’t give you a hectic time cooking lunch/dinner from scratch to end requires a massive amount of water as well as time.

Moreover, you can buy dish scraper for outdoor use to avoid the usage of water to remove your leftover food scraps. Use cold water instead of hot water to dispose of your debris. Hot water will slow down the process and force you to use more water than cold.   

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TIP 2: Reduce your shower and brushing time

Unfortunately, showers are another big source of water usage rather than washing dishes in the kitchen. When you are camping, you should avoid using the long time shower that you used to do at home. You need to be vigilant while taking shower to not run out of water for all other necessities. 

Instead of taking a long shower in your RV bath, reduce it to 10 to 15 minutes and try to conserve water as much as you can. Be accustomed to taking a military style shower to reduce water usage. This showering style gives you a radical option to take shower with a minimal water usage. You need to turn on the water tap at the start and end of your shower. Try to turn off the water while using soap or shampoo. 
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You can also avoid water usage by setting it to the correct temperature on your RV heater.  Also, try to sustain your cleanliness by using alternative ways such as: use dry shampoo as you need a lot of water to rinse off suds so by using dry shampoo it saves a tremendous amount of water. Keep baby wipes and makeup wipes with you, it helps to clean dirt from your face whilst giving you a fresh look for the entire day.  

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Don’t run off your tap while brushing, we often forget to close the tap while brushing, instead of this fill a cup of water and use it. If you find a public toilet near your camper, use it for brushing and washing your face. 

TIP 3: Use water efficient shower and tap nozzle

Best RV Water Pump

While camping for days you must ensure to save enough water for your later use. So, in order to save water you must require installing a water-efficient shower nozzle. You will find a variety of low flow shower nozzles at any local hardware stores. A low flow shower nozzle can save water from waste as some come with a shut-off button and also quite inexpensive to use and install. Getting a RV pump is a good option for reliable water supply. It provides excellent water pressure which controls your water consumption. 

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Your RV’s taps and other equipment need quick plumbing fixtures. You need to upgrade all your faucets and shower heads in your RV’s to avoid uneven water flow and clogged pores. You can install an automatic water detector system to use in your RV toilet. As with children, this system would be quite effective and won’t give you the headache of running the tap unnecessarily.  

TIP 4: Use recycled paper products

Purchase eco-friendly paper products for your usage. A best alternative while camping. You can use it for cooking and eating. You need to be cautious while purchasing paper products as they can be hazardous. Please be conscientious, don’t buy Styrofoam paper. 

The finest way to go and find a product which is made up of recycled papers. If you are buying a product that doesn’t entail plastic and other perfume content in it you can easily get rid of it by throwing it away in your campfire. Hence, by using this tip you can get yourself relief for washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen on your camping trip yet save a huge amount of water.  

TIP 5: Lessen your toilet flushes

5 Water Saving Hacks When You're on the Road (5)

It is no more surprising that half of your water usage takes place in the bathroom. So, in order to conserve water you need to learn the technique to flush your RV toilet whenever it is required, this can significantly cut down your water usage. 

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Meanwhile, you can also consider modifying your toilet model as older models tend to use more water than newer models. It can be expensive but it is worth the investment because new models are designed in an innovative and efficient way which limits your water usage. Be wise, it would be a one time investment which could save your water usage multiple times. You must be familiar with this phrase “if it is yellow, let it mellow“. Nonetheless this effective phrase helps to save your water usage in your bathroom.

When you are on camping, you can also opt to use public toilets could be a great option to reduce burden on your water system. 


Water is a basic necessity of everyone’s life. So, ultimately whenever you are out camping you must develop effective water saving strategies to ensure you won’t run out of water. As running out of water can easily ruin your entire trip. You need to pen down the strategies of saving water in your RV and let your family, especially kids, know how you can save water for your entire camp trip. 

By following these water saving ideas and tips, it gives you an advantage of using limited yet required water in your home. Eventually it will save your money and leave a positive footprint on the environment. 

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