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Hi there! Our names are Ken and Jules, and we have 2 children together. We live in a small island in South East Asia, a tropical country where it is summer all year round.

family camping with kids

Jules caught the adventure bug ever since she was young (The picture below shows Jules bungee jumping in New Zealand). When Jules was 8 years old, her mom sent her for her first outdoor camp for children. At first, it was a scary experience, as she has never stayed alone before, and whatmore in the wilderness. But it was her first taste of adventure and the start of many more to come. She learned to abseil from the hilltop, set up tent in the forest, tried zip lining into the river, catching fishes and water spiders. For her, it was her most memorable childhood experience.

Bungee jumping in New Zealand

When she grew up, her favorite dates with her boyfriend, now husband (Kien Hee), were hikes to a private beach and picnicking there. We enjoyed escaping to the great outdoors.

camping in our backyard

Now, as parents, we are bringing these experiences to our children. Our first camping experience was camping in the bedroom, just to let the kids feel comfortable with the setup. Next, we took this idea to the outdoors, we tried to set camp right in our backyard (The picture above shows our camp outside our garden). We barbequed chicken, marshmallows, popcorn. We played card games into the night inside the tent. It is a great step of taking the kids away from their gadgets.

Recently, we tried glamping, also known as “Glamorous camping”. We realized, that camping does not need to be in a boiling hot tent. From such experiences, we realized we wouldn’t mind comfort while being in the outdoors. With the right preparation, research and planning, you can take a lot of the hard work out of hiking, camping, and backpacking.

This means you can have more time to enjoy the your surroundings, experience and the company of your friends. We hope this site can provide you with the tools and information you need to fully enjoy your time outdoors.


What we like
We like to travel, solo (while on business trips) and with our family
We enjoy camping, spending time in the outdoors, hiking, swimming at the beach and catching prawns in the river.
The picture shows the kids having fun at our favorite beach called Pantai Kerachut, in Penang island.

swimming in the sea

Whats In It for you?

Outdoor Magnet is a site for those seeking adventure, want to know the best know-how with perspective. We seek to share with you our travel experiences, outdoor gear reviews and general travel advice. We hope you will join us in the adventure into the wild.

What inspires us to keep going

  1. Our family
  2. Our hobbies
  3. Learning and gaining new experiences.
hiking with family

Our mission is connecting people to their passions and at the same time care for mother earth, by helping you buy right the first time. 

We do that by writing in depth reviews of the best products you can use, considering factors such as durability, stylishness and comfort, which determine quite a lot the experience one enjoys with the products they choose. 

If you share this love for the wild outdoors and would like to be in touch then we’d love to hear from you.

Ken and Jules