Best 2 Person Fishing Kayak

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Looking for the best tandem fishing kayak can be quite daunting. There are a lot of factors to evaluate. Plus, you also need to take your fishing buddy’s preferences into consideration.  

The large variety of tandem kayaks and accessories available in the market is not helping either. Moreover, the differences can be too subtle for the eyes of a beginner. Some tandem fishing kayaks are just a little more than an ordinary kayak. While some fully rigged fishing kayaks’ cost is too intimidating.

Therefore, we will be reviewing 5 tandem fishing kayaks and then discuss how to choose the best one for you. If you cannot wait and want to get the Best 2 Person Fishing Kayak, we recommend Wilderness System’s Tarpon 135T.

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Best 5 Person Fishing Kayak

This 10-foot kayak from Lifetime is one of the most versatile fishing kayaks on the market. It allows for either solo or tandem paddling and has enough space to transport a third person (children only) or cargo despite being one of the smaller 2 person fishing kayaks. 

The tunnel hull design has an impressive 500-pound weight capacity. In fact, the hull is so stable that it’s almost impossible to tip over. Although it’s short, the hull makes up for it in width. The hull is so stable, you can even fish standing up with a minimal risk of tipping over.

Weighing at 60 pounds, this kayak comes with 2 paddles, 2 padded backrests, 3 flush-mounted fishing rod holders, a 6-inch storage hatch beneath the deck, cup holders and front bungee deck rigging.

It has the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of needs, not just fishing. It has a stable platform for you to relax, read or do whatever else you want to while out on the water.

You can also install Lifetime’s motor mount accessory onto this kayak. Note that the motor mount is sold separately as an additional accessory. But it will give you the capability to add an electric trolling motor.   



  • Wide and stable
  • Suitable for other activities besides fishing
  • Has an amazing weight capacity
  • Can be fitted with a motor


  • Slow and less agility
  • No bottom cushioning on the seats


Coleman Colorado kayaks are designed for both recreational use and competitive whitewater paddling. Weighing just 42-pounds, this inflatable fishing kayak can even be carried by one person. Plus, it has plenty of space for two people including all your necessary fishing gear.

It may not be the most dedicated kayak for fishing, but it does the job well. It works great for short trips to the lake, or perhaps just some casual paddling. Truly an excellent choice for versatile use.

When fully inflated, it is 10 feet long and 39 inches wide. Despite being an inflatable kayak, rest assured that it is built with durability in mind. Featuring a 1000D tarpaulin bottom and an 840D nylon cover which provides supreme protection against punctures from either jagged rocks, logs, or fishing hooks. It can even handle whitewater rafting trips too. 

Fishing feature-wise, it has adjustable rod holders for a hands-free fishing experience. There are also mesh storage pockets to keep small items. Plus, the capability to be fitted with a Sevylor’s trolling motor.

The downside of Coleman Colorado is that it does not include paddles. You have to order separately if you need one. Moreover, the inflatable kayak’s soft bottom does not hold up while you are standing and fishing. You have to sit throughout your fishing trip. 



  • Very durable
  • Inflatable, it’s easy to carry
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Can be fitted with a motor
  • Does not come with paddles
  • Cannot stand and fish


Brooklyn kayak has all the essentials and amenities a fishing kayak needs to get the job done. Featuring a pair of padded seats, 2 paddle rests, 4 flush-mounted rod holders, 3 adjustable rod holders, plus ample storage areas and pouches. This is certainly well built for fishing trips. 

Weighing at 68 pounds, this kayak is 12 feet long and has a 595 pounds weight capacity. That is plenty enough space to satisfy the needs of most veteran anglers. But it’s definitely on the heavy side, you will be needing help when carrying this kayak.  

With its 34-inch wide hull, it has the stability to keep you balanced even when the water is choppy or when you are standing up for fishing. The team behind Brooklyn has carefully designed a balanced hull to provide maximum stability on this kayak.

In terms of fishing features, there are 3 adjustable fishing rod holders and 4 flush-mount rod holders. There are also 2 waterproof compartments to keep your items dry in case anything happens. For your comfort, Brooklyn kayak comes with ergonomic seats with paddings that can be adjusted for different seating positions. 



  • Comfortable padded seats
  • Ample of storage space
  • Multiple colour options are available


  • Heavy to move around

The Tarpon 135T from Wilderness Systems is a great choice for family camping trips or even a day trip to the lake. Its extra-wide bow seat and low centre of gravity provide outstanding stability. Yet it is still fast and nimble on the water too. 

Measuring at 13 feet long and 34 inches wide, the Tarpon 135T is one of the biggest kayaks we are reviewing. It offers enough space for two adults plus ample room left over for cargo too.

The maximum weight capacity this kayak can handle is about 600 pounds. So naturally, the downside of this kayak is its weight – a whopping 88 pounds. You will definitely need all the help you can get to carry this around. 

In terms of comfort, Tarpon 135T is second to none! There are adjustable footrests for both paddlers, comfortable cushioned seats with adjustable backrests and even thigh support too. You can sit comfortably for hours without straining your back. Plus, there are also moulded-in cup holders for you to place your Starbucks while fishing! 

As for fishing features, there is a short section of Wilderness Systems’s SlideTrax which allows you to slide in any type of mounts you want for accessories like a fish finder or fishing rod holder.

If you are looking for a fish finder to go along with your fishing kayak, do check out our guide on the Best Kayak Fish Finder for easy fishing.




  • Super comfortable
  • Plenty of space and massive load capacity
  • Very stable on the water
  • Well designed for fishing


  • Very heavy – it’s 88 pounds! 

Ocean Kayak’s Malibu Two XL is a versatile kayak that can be paddled either solo or tandem, thanks to its adjustable seat system. It has 2 padded adjustable seats with wraparound high backrests. With how padded those cushions are, you will be comfortable all day long. 

While the fabric seats may look flimsy, rest assured that those seats are made with UV-resistant nylon pack cloth. The clips are made from solid brass and come with stainless steel springs that easily clip on the hull.

Malibu Two XL has plenty of room for two adults, a kid and all the gear you need for the day. With a length of 13-foot and nearly 500 pounds weight capacity, it’s also extremely stable on the water owing to its 34-inch width hull.

Weighing in at 68 pounds, even with help from your buddy, this may not be the easiest kayak to carry onto your vehicle or to the water. Thus, it is comforting to know there is a skid plate on the keel to protect the underside of your kayak as you drag it to the water or land.

The features that Malibu Two XL has for fishing are 4 deck mounts and 2 Scotty rod holders.



  • Very flexible seating system
  • Suitable for various other activities besides fishing


  • Less agile on the water


There is no one size fits all solution for kayaks. None of the kayaks excels at every activity or purpose. That means you have to consider over a long list of specifications and decide what are your absolute must-haves and what you have to compromise. From there, you can start picking the right kayak for your needs. 

Therefore, here we will be discussing some important factors for you to consider when selecting the best kayak for fishing. You might be surprised that a lot of things can be taken into consideration besides price. Things like storage, trolling motors and size are important features to have in a tandem kayak.

Storage Space And Load Capacity

Storage is always a concern when choosing a kayak. With so many items to bring, fishing gear, food, water, spare clothes and other essential items. It is truly a make-or-break factor. 

So, one of the main things to keep in mind when shopping for a kayak is definitely space. You will need more than just a fishing rod and some bait to be ready for a fishing excursion.

But how much you can bring onboard also depends on the kayak’s load or weight capacity. Ideally, you would want ample space and high load capacity. But this normally leads to a heavy kayak.
[ Read my Kayak Cooler Guide and Reviews for a cooler to go with your fishing kayak. ]

The Kayak’s Weight 

The kayak’s weight matters a lot because after adding on your fishing gear and other miscellaneous stuff, some kayaks may weigh well above the 100-pound mark. Carrying that is definitely gonna break a sweat for sure. 

While you may have another pair of helping hands to transport the kayak, you definitely do not want to hurt your back along the way. So, ensure your kayak’s weight is well within your capability to lift and move it around. 

Propulsion Method

The paddle is still the gold standard for propelling yourself through the water, and it will likely stay that way for years to come. But as a way to get around on the water, paddles might not be the only option for you.

A pedal kayak frees your hands to allow you to concentrate on fishing. They’re generally less tiring than paddling. But that comes with additional weight and cost. 

If you’re planning on a longer fishing trip than a mere few hours, you’ll want to consider a motor-powered fishing kayak. You can’t argue with the convenience and efficiency it brings, especially if you’re planning a trip that will take more than a day.

Motors can run out of fuel, and pedalling systems can fail. In such scenarios, a paddle can be a real lifesaver. Therefore, regardless of whether you have a motor or a paddle, you will still need a paddle for emergencies. 
We have an amazing guide on Kayak Paddles if you do not have a kayak paddle yet.

Designed For Fishing

You’d probably be able to transform any non-fishing kayak into a rigged-out fishing kayak with aftermarket kits. However, such DIY projects can be time-consuming and expensive.

Hence, ideally you would want a kayak equipped with all the little extras and accessories that ensure the best possible kayak fishing experience for you. 

Look out for things like multiple holders for you and your partner’s fishing rods, dedicated mounting spots for a fish finder, GPS, a trolling motor, dry storage, an anchor system and a built-in tackle box.

Dimension And Size

Imagine you are fishing on a kayak, you have to adjust your fishing rods, reel in your catch, retrieve your gears and handle the fish. Ain’t that a lot of movement going on?

Therefore, stability is absolutely critical for a 2 person fishing kayak. A broad hull, with ideally a flat bottom are designs that offer more stability.

If you are a beginner, you would definitely appreciate the broadest hull you can get. But, veterans can probably settle with a narrower hull for better speed and manoeuvrability. Thus, choosing the ideal size revolves around finding the right balance between stability and manoeuvrability. 


Q: Can You Fish From A Regular Kayak? 

A: Yes, it is a decent start for beginners. But as you fish more often with a kayak, you may want to consider a more specialized fishing kayak for a better fishing experience. 

Q: Is Fishing From Kayak Difficult? 

A: Not if you are fishing from a fishing kayak. They are well designed to be stable, that you can even stand, reel and fish from the kayak without falling over. 

Q: What Is The Most Stable Fishing Kayak?

A: A stable fishing kayak is generally the heavier one with a wide hull to provide more stability. There are also some fishing kayaks well known for their stability such as the Lifetime 10 Foot Kayak and the Tarpon 135T from Wilderness Systems.

Q: Are Tandem Kayak Better Than Solo Kayak?

A: Yes, although tandem kayaks generally cost more, it is a good investment because one person can also ride in a tandem kayak.


Based on our review above, we have summarized that if you are looking for high portability, the Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak is the ideal choice because it is an inflatable kayak. But note that you cannot stand on an inflatable kayak. 

If you are going to seriously invest in a fishing kayak, we highly recommend Wilderness Systems’s Tarpon 135T. That is a feature-rich kayak, very well designed for fishing. You will find everything you need on this kayak. As your needs and requirements grow, you can easily add on any accessories to this kayak too. Therefore, it’s something that will last you for a long time.

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