Best 6 Person Tent for Family Camping

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Getting a 6 person tent would mean a larger tent with more space for your family to move around. Some tents even come with segregated rooms for extra privacy. 


If you are a beginner camper, you may like something affordable and yet be able to fulfill the basic need of a 6 person tent. The Coleman Instant Cabin 6 Person Tent is one of the best 6 person tents in the beginners category. This tent provides the basic needs of space, and comfort. You will absolutely love its amazing Dark Room Technology, where you can uninterrupted sleep especially in long bright summers.


If you are looking for the absolute best high quality 6 man tent and budget is not an issue, then you cannot go wrong with Browning Camping Big Horn Tent. This tent is one of the best waterproof tents as it is constructed with heavy duty materials to withstand torrential weathers. It is super spacious and high enough to move around it like an apartment. 


If you are looking for a screen room tent that fits 6 persons, you will love the Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room. With the extra screen room space, you can separate your stinky shoes from your main room, keeping it clean and comfortable.


Looking for a tent with segregated rooms? Coleman WeatherMaster is built with 2 rooms where you can dedicate a space for the kids or make it into a comfortable living area. One of the exciting features you will love, is the auto close door. It is one of the easiest to set up, take down and store into its solid tent bag. 


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Why Trust Us


We are Jules and Ken. We are outdoor lovers, travellers and writers all rolled into one. You have seen our posts here reviewing lots of different types of outdoor gear, camping equipment, kayaking to cycling. Our reviews are guided by our years of experience being outdoors.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you can make a better choice  for the Best Six Person Tents For Camping.

We can confidently say that you are definitely at the right place. We have reviewed a long list of options, and you can save the trouble of reviewing it yourself. In this guide, we have listed down 5 picks for the Best 6 Person Tents For Camping.


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Five Best 6 Person Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent has some amazing features. Coleman’s Dark Room Technology blocks 90% of sunlight coming into the tent. This technology performs well and stands out from other competitors. It lets you get some sleep while the sun is still up and reduces temperature buildup up to 10%.


This tent is huge with a space of 10 x 9 ft. with 6 ft. in center height. It is an ideal tent to fit 2 queen-sized air beds. This backpacking tent uses rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric. The fabric is able to withstand outside elements. The thickness also acts as an insulation by cutting down wind on a breezy and chilly night. 


This camping tent is well designed with a solid WeatherTec system. It features patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry.  The floors are tough enough for you to place your folding cots inside the tent.


It is easier to pitch this tent compared to a dome tent. You basically shake it and it expands. Click the elbows of the poles and attach the spongy string with plastic hooks for the fly. To put it back into the bag, just fold the tent poles back towards the center to collapse it. It easily fits into the carry bag , which is expandable.

Some remarkable features is that it has 1 door and 3 windows. It provides great ventilation with breathable window screens on each side. It has a second zipper to open a window on the door when closed. This tent is also available in a larger size for 10 persons, if you are looking for a tent to accomodate your family of 6 plus a lot of extra storage space.



  • Spacious and has more standing room
  • Pop up tent, easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Dark room technology, keeps temperature down
  • Great value
  • Does well in cooler climates
  • Inadequate rain fly, only covers the top of the tent

This tent is awesome. It is very easy to put this tent together, and the take down is done within 10 minutes.  At night, if you want to gaze at stars, just remove the rainfly. However, rolling up into the bag may be a bit of a challenge for some. 


It is pretty spacious at 10′ x 9′ ft at the main room area. On top of that, the screen room gives you an additional space of  10′ x 5′ ft. You can put in 2 queen size mattresses, leaving extra space for bags. A 6 foot person would be able to stand up straight in the main sleeping area. So it makes it easier to get changed in the tent.


The porch area is great, and it is easy to get in and out. The screen area creates a second barrier to the bugs. This is because once you step into the screen room, you will close the screen room and open the main door to the tent. Also you can leave your stinky shoes in the screen area and leave your main tent area clean. It will be great if there are openings for an electrical cord to run through. 


The waterproofing on the tent is so good, there is no need to add any water protectant or seam sealer. It is constructed with polyester taffeta 75D. It has welded corners and inverted seams to keep the tent bone dry. You may get a little rain in the screen room area, but the rest of the tent is not affected. 


There is a raised doorway between the screen room and mainroom, keeping any moisture out. You will notice that the floor on the screen area has drain holes so that the rain will drain out. You may not want to use it to camp in places where there is a lot of rain, as the screen area tends to get very muddy afterwards.


Even in hot humid weather, you can relax inside the tent with the windows opened. Ventilation is great. This tent is definitely useful especially on hot summer nights. This is due to the back wall of the tent being mesh from halfway up to the top. However, it may not be suitable for winter seasons.

This tent is also available in a larger size for 8 persons, if you are looking for a tent to accomodate your family of 6 with extra space for comfort.



  • Affordable
  • Additional screen area space
  • Great ventilation
  • Able to stand up straight in the main room area
  • Difficult to roll out into the bag
  • Not great for very wet seasons or winter

The tent center height is 6 foot 8 inches high, allowing you to walk around the tent without hunching over. The floor measures 9X11 feet, while the screen room measures 9X6 feet. You can fit in 2 queen size mattresses with extra room for your bags. It has 2 rooms where you can dedicate a room for the kids.


The hinged tent doors are great. It is designed to swing to auto close with a velcro. So it makes walking in and out of the tent convenient as there is no need to zip up the tent. This helps prevent bugs from coming in.  The top of the tent is screened and there are large windows on the side. So you can expect good airflow. 


The tent is pretty weather tight. The construction is solid using wind-strong frames and 75 denier polyester taffeta fly. The floor of this tent is bathtub style and it will stay dry thanks to its 1000 denier polyethylene floor. The screen area has no floor, so water will not collect there when it rains. There is an E-Port to allow you to bring electrical power into the tent to set up your tent heater or tent conditioner.


This tent is not a free standing tent. It needs to be staked to the ground, otherwise it would collapse. You may want to replace the stakes with better quality ones, as the ones provided are usually flimsy ones. You will have approximately 16 stakes, 10 for the tent and 6 for the rainfly.


The tent is really easy to set up and take down. One of the best highlights is the carry on bag is robust with solid handles and zippers. This makes this tent mobile to car camp. However, at 32lbs, it is not meant for backpack camping.

This tent is also available in a larger size for 10 persons, if you are looking for a tent to accomodate your family of 6 plus a lot of extra storage space.



  • Comes with screen tent without flooring
  • Solid carry on bag
  • Able to walk around in the tent comfortably
  • Great for tall persons
  • Auto close hinged door
  • E-Port
  • 2 rooms
  • Heavy
  • Needs to be staked down

This tent has an area measuring 12 ft X 7 ft which is spacious enough to fit up to 6 persons. The center height measures at 5 ft 8 in, giving ample headroom to stand up fully. You will not need to struggle to change your clothing while lying or kneeling down. 


Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent is a dome type of tent with extended space. What this means is, the central section of the tent is made up of 2 main poles which cross over the center of the tent, creating an X-shape structure. And another 2 poles are provided to extend the tent to the other side. 

Target Group


Officially it can fit 6 sleeping pads side by side, but there will be no room left for any gear. It is a single room tent, but it can accommodate up to 2 queen size airbeds. 

So if you are looking for comfort, then this tent is comfortable for 4 to 5 persons with ample space for gear. 


As it is a 3 season tent, it was designed to be breathable, while still giving you protection from the wind and rain. Its Cool-Air Port vent contributes to good ventilation within the tent. There are 2 windows at the two far ends of the sides that provide cross-breeze while sleeping. These windows can be closed if the temperature drops at night. The third window is at the door.   


If you remove the rainfly, you can watch the stars while you sleep. There is extended awning in front of the tent, sufficient for you to keep your door and shoes dry. 

This tent is also available in a larger size for 8 persons, if you are looking for a tent to accomodate your family of 6 plus a lot of extra storage space. Read here for a detailed review.



  • Roomy and enough headroom to stand up
  • Hinged door
  • Patented Coleman WeatherTec System
  • need to replace the stakes with better stakes
  • no dividers available to split into smaller rooms
  • would be better with more windows and doors

This tent is very spacious, just like walking into an apartment. The tent’s center height is high at 7 feet and 3 inches, which is the highest among all the tents we have reviewed. This means you will have plenty of room to move around. 


There are 2 rooms in this tent with a zippered divider panel to separate both rooms. Doors are conveniently located in each room, so you can access your room directly from outside. 


This tent has great ventilation, with 4 windows and 2 doors. There is a mesh roof above to allow air to flow through. Because it has straight side walls, it provides extra space to sit your tent cots.  


The tent will hold up to strong winds and rain, and yet it remains dry inside. The tent quality is superior. It uses heavy duty 75D 185T Polyester fly, which are secured using weatherproof buckles. The floor is generally thicker than other tents, as it is constructed with a 150D polyester oxford floor with 2000mm coating to keep you dry inside. 

This is a standup tent. It does not need to be staked to the ground unless you are facing torrential weather. The instructions were very clear, and you can find them sewn directly onto the storage bag, so you will not lose them. If you are looking for a larger tent with separate rooms and space to fit your gear, this is the tent for you.



  • High ceiling
  • Very spacious
  • Weatherproof
  • Good ventilation
  • High quality materials
  • Heavy
  • Less affordable

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Protection from elements

Best 6 Persons Tent

Rain protection is one of the most important features to keep you dry. It is necessary especially in the mountains where the weather changes in an instant. An interesting fact is that not all tents are waterproof. Majority tents are water resistant. This means it resists and slows down the penetration of rain. Areas to check for water proofing are its seams and zippers.

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a tent, is to look for a floor base that is of waterproof material. It should come a few inches up the sides before it attaches to the tent walls. Having the bathtub floor version is helpful as it creates no opportunity for water to seep in.


Most people go for camping activities in spring, summer or autumn. Thus, choosing a 3 season tent tends to be the favorite choice. It is usually made to be lightweight and cooler for warm weather.


If you are car camping, then this is not an issue for you. But if you are hike-camping or bike-camping, then weight may be a factor to consider. No one wants to lug a heavy tent when climbing to the mountain peak.  

Ultralight tents are great choices but they may have minimal features to save weight. Having extra spacious tents means it will add to the weight to your tent. So choosing a backpacking tent is about trade offs. Go for a tent that serves the purpose and the situation of your camping style.


You would want ventilation as your top priority if you are living in hot weather conditions. You would not want to end up sleeping in an oven, where it will be stuffy and sweaty as the air cannot get out of the tent. Especially so when someone farts in the tent! 

Ventilation features to look for in a tent are like mesh walls, windows and doors. Meshes on the tent helps block out hungry mosquitoes. Double check that the vents are in areas where air can still flow while the rainfly is on. You can install tent air conditioners or tent heaters through these vents for extra comfort. A tent with great ventilation features minimizes condensation. It allows air to flow through and keep you cooler during warm nights.


A tent with multiple doors allows easy access, so that you will not disturb others during your night breaks for the washroom. For families with kids or older folks, you will appreciate the full drop down doors which allow pram or wheelchair access. Having a spacious vestibule is advantageous. You can use it to place your bikes to avoid being wet or cook your camp meals. 

Setup speed

Especially when coming back from a long day of hiking, you will not want to find yourself spending hours figuring out how to set up a tent.


If you still cannot decide and need a final recommendation, then we would recommend Coleman Instant Cabin 6 Person Tent to elevate your camping experience. Coleman is a very trusted brand, the quality is reliable for family camping.

It is a solid tent which can put up with high winds and rain, yet stay bone dry. It is huge, very roomy with plenty of room to move around standing up, dress and play board games with family all in the tent. You may find better tents out there, but not many at this price.  Happy camping!

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I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the Best 6 Person Tent, or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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