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Say goodbye to putting on layers of warm clothes, just to relieve yourself in the bushes in the middle of the night. Having a cassette toilet gives you the freedom to camp in offgrid sites without worrying about insects or wild animals pouncing on you at your most vulnerable circumstances. 


If you are a beginner camper, you may like something affordable and yet be able to fulfill the basic need of having comforts of a portable toilet. You may not need a bunch of nice to have features in a pop up camper toilet. You will find Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet  is one of the best cassette toilets in the beginners category.


If you are looking for the absolute best high quality cassette toilet and budget is not an issue, then you cannot go wrong with Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp. This is an Award-winning, top-of-the-line portable toilet. It is designed with a larger bowl and has the highest waste tank capacity among all the 3 tanks we have reviewed.  It also works great for a RV toilet.


If you are looking for an outdoor toilet with good waste capacity, convenient waste removal, SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet might strike the right balance for you. It is one of the more popular cassette toilets among the camping community. This portable bathroom comes with a carrying bag for easy portability. There is a sewer tube available for easy waste removal and a double sealed drain valve to keep any odor away. The setup is straightforward, allowing you more time for other camping activities.


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Why Trust Us


We are Jules and Ken. We are outdoor lovers, travellers and writers all rolled into one. You have seen our posts here reviewing lots of different types of outdoor gear, camping equipment, kayaking to cycling. Our reviews are guided by our years of experience being outdoors.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you can make a better choice  for the best cassette toilet for camping.

You are definitely at the right place. We have reviewed a long list of options, and you can save the trouble of reviewing it yourself. In this guide, we have listed down 3 toilet brands for Best Cassette Toilet Options as our top picks.

This camper toilet is a great solution when you are on a weekend in the middle of nowhere on a mountain top. Depending on your usage needs, there is an option for a 2.6 gallon unit holding tank or a 5.3 gallon holding tank. Weighing at 11.5 lbs when empty, it is not too heavy to move around even when filled up with water. You will find that there are no foul odors , even after packing up in the car. 


Constructed with Polyethylene, the seat is solid and durable. It is able to withstand the weight of an average adult. Its size is decent at 15.5 inch H x 14 inch W x 16 inch, not far off from the size of a standard toilet. However, you will find the bowl is much shallower. 


There are 2 tanks, the flush tank and the waste tank. The flush tank has a capacity of 2.5 gallons. You attach the seat to the waste tank and side latches to keep it together. To test it, run water through the bowl and shake it around to make sure it is water tight. You can return it unused if you get a malfunctioning one.


The waste tank is at the bottom half of the seat. There is a sliding gate valve that opens to collect the waste and closes tightly to prevent spillage. After using, it is best to close the lid and pump the flush plunger to rinse the residue. This portable restroom is very easy to clean, just remove the cap at the back of the waste tank and empty it. Just remember to do it with a pair of rubber gloves. 



  • Affordable
  • Large volume
  • Different models available for holding tank
  • Easy to clean and use
  • No hose for emptying
  • No visible tank indicators

You will be very satisfied with this product, as you can avoid going to the bushes in the middle of the night to answer nature’s call. The waste tank holds up to 5.3 gallons so you can use it on your weekend trip without needing to empty it. It can store up to 3.2 gallons of clean water, allowing approximately 50+ times of flushing. 


It will hold the weight of an average adult and make you feel safe using it. There is a level indicator on the waste tank that will gradually change from green to red to let you know that the tank is full. The disposal works perfectly because the flush pump does a great job of rinsing the entire bowl. 


It is easy to dump and clean the unit. There is a splash free rotating sewer tube that comes along with a piston pump flush to allow quick and easy removal. The tube allows you to put it in the outlet like a RV sewer hose, or you have the option of just dumping it in the toilet. But some users have found difficulty in trying to completely empty every bit of liquid out of the waste tank. 


The double sealed drain valve allows the lid seals tightly keeping odors to the minimum. There is a carrying bag that comes along with this unit for great mobility. The handles on the tank allow you to pick it up, carry it outside and dump it. If you are looking for a bit of luxury to your camping experience, then this is the one for you.



  • Discrete Carrying bag
  • Sewer Tube for easy waste removal
  • Double sealed drain valve 
  • Affordable
  • Level indicator
  • Difficulty in completely emptying the waste tank

This is an award winning portable toilet.  You will find it comfortable to sit on, thanks to its height of 17.6 in. Its bowl size is comparatively larger than other standard cassette toilets, This is great for individuals with a larger behind. 


This luxurious potty has one of the highest capacities among all the units we have reviewed. It is made of a 4 gallon freshwater tank and 5.5 gallon waste water tank. It provides approximately 56 flushes with a full tank, which is sufficient for a weekend trip offgrid.


You will love the battery powered flush, as it feels just like home. There is a toilet paper holder for easy reach under the bowl.  It comes with a complimentary supply of Deodorant and Waste Digestion for odor control and easy waste disposal. There is a tank level indicator that tells you when is the time to dump. 


The rotating pour out spout is available for you to empty your waste water tank. This feature helps prevent backsplashes when draining out the contents. After the waste is emptied, run some water back into the pour spout, replace the cap, and swirl around a bit to rinse clean. Then empty the rinse water into the toilet as well. One setback is, this bowl is rather large and heavy, making it less portable. 



  • Highest capacity
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Tank level indicator
  • larger bowl
  • Less Affordable

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Why do you need a cassette toilet

Having a cassette toilet gives you the freedom to get out and go places where there are no public toilets. Especially during times of COVID-19, you want to avoid public restroom use. Besides, you will find most of these places are closed due to restrictions. Having a cassette toilet gives you a peace of mind as you have the privacy of your own toilet without the need to use common areas.

How does it work

A cassette toilet operates like your home toilet, it uses water to flush. Cassette toilets are also known as chemical toilets.  There is no need for any external plumbing, thus, you can “install” it anywhere in your tent, campervan, RV or truck.  


You have an upper tank for flushing and a waste tank at the bottom to collect it.  There is a pump flush to rinse the bowl into the waste tank. When you flush, the pull-door opens the waste tank and everything goes into it. Usually you will need to include chemical solution or tablets to break down the waste to remove smell and break down the solids.

Once the waste tank is full, you can remove it from the upper section and empty it into a RV dump station. One advantage about using a cassette toilet, is you are not confined to dumping only at the RV dump station. If you often use the RV dump station, you will generally find long waiting lines. With a cassette toilet, you have the freedom to deposit it in a regular toilet. Just remember to flush 2 to 3 times to prevent clogs  or overflows in the toilet.

How to use

A general rule of thumb, if you are camping with family, always dump it on the 3rd day of use to avoid it from getting the tank too full. If you are travelling by yourself, dump it at least every 4 to 5 days. An overflowing waste tank is one reason why some users experience leaking problems. 


Using a separate waste basket for toilet paper will help prevent unnecessary toilet clogging with your cassette toilet. When flushing, keep the lid down before you flush to prevent unwanted splashing to your face. Using the toilet only for number 1 helps with cleaning time and easier maintenance. 


You can use half a cup of distilled white vinegar or deodorant liquids with some water after you have empty it. Cleaning it more frequently will help keep your bathroom clean and your throne functioning well. Frequent dumping helps to prevent dealing with a heavy waste tank.


If you plan to be using it during winter, freezing temperatures will cause your toilet to be unusable. Look for environmentally safe antifreeze to avoid costly repairs to your unit. 

How To Choose A Reliable Cassette Toilet


If you plan to use your potty in a confined space like your RV or privacy tent, size matters. So measure the space you have available. It should be small enough to fit your tent. Smaller holding tanks are great for portability.

How long is your trip

However, if you plan to be out for longer periods of time, then a larger capacity waste tank can last you longer.  A high capacity waste tank also means, when it is time to empty a full tank, it can be quite heavy. Consider if you can manage this on your own. If not, it would be better to get a smaller 2+ gallon waste tank.


Never risk getting something cheaper, if the quality is not there. Unwanted things could leak and that would not be a pretty sight. Having a tight lock for the waste tank is essential. It helps cut down the smell and any potential messes.  Capacity indicators are convenient to see how close to full the tank is getting. 


Check that your seat is not made of cheap plastic as it may not last you for many uses. High density polyethylene is a popular material commonly used for cassette toilets as they are durable and protects your toilet against harsh conditions. If you are a large individual, check if the seat can cater for your weight capacity or fit the size of your behind.



If you plan to carry it around a lot, then find one that has handles for you to carry or wheels to push it around. Some units have a carry bag included for easier mobility. 

Ease in waste disposal

Some toilet cassettes come with a pour out spout to empty your waste water tank. This feature helps prevent backsplashes when draining out the contents.

Some tanks have a level indicator on the waste tank that will indicate to you that the tank is full. This helps in preventing an overflowing tank.

Getting the right cassette toilet comes down to personal preference, what you think is important to you.


If you still cannot decide and need a final recommendation for the best cassette toilet, then we would recommend SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet. It is reliably durable, and has a good waste capacity for a weekend offgrid. The setup is straightforward, allowing you more time for other camping activities. It generally has all the features you need for a portable toilet such as the sewer tube, carrying bag and level indicator. That is why it is one of the more popular cassette toilets among the camping community. 

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I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the Best Cassette Toilet, or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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