Best Electric Trailer Jack For Camper Trailer

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BEST QUALITY Husky 5000 lb 


Besides helping you to level your trailer, a trailer jack also helps you to lift your trailer so that you can hitch or unhitch your tow vehicle. It’s a must-have item in every trailer. But many new campers believed they could appreciate some exercise from cranking the manual tongue jack.

If you are looking for a manual tongue jack, check out our Best Trailer Stabilizer for unshakable camping.

That’s until they end up with sore muscles and body aches throughout their trip. Worse if they accidentally hurt their back and risk cancelling their trip! A back injury is a serious matter that could lead to hefty treatment costs.

So, unless you are a regular at the gym, an electric trailer jack is a very important investment. It offers more than just convenience that you will definitely appreciate for many years to come. And it saves a lot of time on setup, especially if you are RV camping in the middle of a dead cold winter.


But deciding on the brand and model of an electric tongue jack can be overwhelming and confusing for some. 

If you are a beginner in RVing, check out these tips before you start.

Fortunately, we have summarized and compiled the best electric trailer jack in the market for you here.   If you are in a hurry and want to get the Best Electric Trailer Jack , check out Husky HB4500.

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5 Best Electric Trailer Jack

With this Lippert 3500LB Power Tongue Jack, you can now spend less time setting up your campsite. Being one of the easiest electric rv jacks to install, it keeps your camping experience less stressful. On top of that, the complete kit conveniently includes all the necessary accessories. No need to buy anything else to get this electric camper jack to function.

As noticeable from its model name, Lippert 3500LB has a 3,500 pounds lifting capacity owing to its 12V motor. The motor requires 30 AMPs of power connection. Furthermore, it can lift up to a top height of 28 inches. 

Lippert 3500LB also features a textured casing with black powder-coat finishing. That will protect it from cracks and chips when hit by debris while driving, or in case the rv power jack was accidentally dropped.   

If this amazing pump somehow malfunctions, rest assured that there is a manual crank handle to override the motor. So, you can continue to manually crank the jack as an interim solution during emergencies. 

Lastly, don’t worry in the event you need to use this travel trailer tongue jack in the dark. It has built-in LED lighting that will brighten up the area. This is a common feature on many electric jacks. But Lippert 3500LB has up to 4 LED lights that can brightly illuminate the area. 



  • Complete kit with all the accessories for easy installation
  • Textured casing to protect from cracks and chips
  • 4 bright LED lights for night operation


  • Slow operational speed

Husky is no stranger when it comes to towing equipment. They have a solid reputation for delivering highly innovative and quality products, including their electric tongue jack.

Being at the forefront of innovation, Husky has extensive features. They are the first in the industry to introduce a ball screw mechanism for low rolling friction in their electric camper jacks. Other jacks work via sliding friction instead. The low or easy rolling friction reduces wear and tear in the motor. Hence, prolonging its durability.

Husky also boast their Smart Stop Technology. It enables the jack to detect its operating limits. That will automatically shut down the motor when it becomes fully extended or retracted. Therefore, preventing the rv tongue jack from getting damaged. 

Husky also features a 6-inch adjustable drop-down leg which helps to speed up when setting your trailer. It also reduces overworking the motor, which will prolong its lifespan.

Furthermore on durability, this Husky 5000lb has a weather-protected cover with soft-trigger switches in backlit panels. This assures that the jack will withstand even the most extreme situations.

In terms of performance, this jack has a lift capacity of up to 5000 pounds. It’s the most powerful jack from Husky. Like most electric jacks, it has a travel distance of 18 inches, comes with the standard manual crack and LED working lights. But it also comes with a cool feature – remote control!

That remote control is able to operate the rv electric jack up to 40 feet away! So, you no longer have to go back and forth looking at the sides when levelling your trailer. 



  • Innovative ball screw mechanism that prolongs the motor lifespan
  • Smart Stop Technology to protect the motor
  • Remote control switch


  • The electrical components are not durable
  • The unit is quite bulky


Similarly to the Husky that we have reviewed above, this Husky HB4500 has some of the same amazing features too. Notably the ball screw mechanism for low rolling friction, the Smart Stop Technology, the remote control switch and the 6-inch adjustable drop-down leg.

This Husky HB4500 is also made with hardened steel gears for durability. Plus, weather-protected cover to endure the harsh weather. But one unique feature that really stands out in this rv electric tongue jack is its speed. Husky HB4500 is one of the fastest jack on our list. It can move 10 inches in as little as 38 seconds. 

In terms of performance, this travel trailer electric jack has a lift capacity of up to 4500 pounds and can travel a distance of 18 inches. For lighting, it has 3 LEDs to brighten up the working area. 



  • Innovative ball screw mechanism that prolongs the motor lifespan
  • Smart Stop Technology to protect the motor
  • Remote control switch
  • Works very fast


  • The electrical components are not durable
  • The LED is not bright enough


Quick Product’s Jack Quick-3500W comes with 2 major conveniences that a lot of campers will appreciate. Firstly, the package includes a heavy-duty weatherproof vinyl cover that is designed for long term use. So, you do not need to shop around further for a cover. 

Secondly, this electric jack has a bubble-styled levelling cap attached on the motor cover. It works great to give you a good idea of how levelled the overall trailer is. Exceptionally helpful when you are levelling your trailer with the electric jack. With that, you do not need to run back and forth to the trailer door to check if your trailer is levelled.

In terms of performance, Jack Quick-3500W boast a lift capacity of 3650 pounds and a travel distance of 18 inches. This power trailer jack also comes with the standard manual crack override and LED working lights. Those are expected from a good electrical jack.

As for durability, Jack Quick-3500W is made with hardened steel gears that are further protected by weatherproof plastic housing. Its electrical components are water-resistant as well.

But over the past year, there are a worrying amount of reviewers who commented their unit failed to work after only 1 year of use. So, while the exteriors are built to last but the electrical components may not be as durable. 

Another concern is, installation may not be as easy as it seems. There are complaints that the default instructions are a bit confusing. Especially the wiring part, which is the main challenge. Apparently, you need to fix an o-ring terminal to the end of the wires yourself to connect it to the battery.   



  • Has a super handy levelling cap
  • Has a weatherproof vinyl cover
  • Very affordable


  • Difficult installation
  • Less durable than expected


This A-frame electric jack is specifically built with durability in mind. Featuring industry-standard black-powder coating on its outer tube. While the inner tube including its footplate boasts a zinc finishing to resist rust and corrosion.

Those are high-quality materials typically used on premium jacks. Which will give you a lot of confidence that your purchase will last for years.   

This solid jack has a 3500 pound lifting capacity with a lift height of 18 inches. That’s plenty of room to handle a lot of trailers in the market. Moreover, with only a single wire power cord, it is self-grounded with star washers. Thus, making the installation work onto the trailer super easy! 

RAM EJ has the usual built-in LED lights and manual crank that are expected from any reliable electric jack. Plus, a circuit breaker as well to protect the motor from serious damage due to short circuit. Hence, in terms of reliability, RAM EJ does live up to expectations. 

The most outstanding part of this RAM EJ is definitely the 7.5 inches leg drop that’ is included with the jack. It lets you adjust the foot height before you start lifting to save time. Plus, that also gives you a higher lifting capacity. 

Installing this electric jack is a breeze. Just 3 bolts and 1 black wire to connect, then you are good to go! But the downside of this jack is its switches are not waterproof. Hence, you need to put a cover over it if you want the jack to last for a long time.



  • Package includes a 7.5 inches drop leg
  • Has a circuit breaker for safety
  • Easy installation


  • Slow operation speed
  • Switches are not waterproof


Buying Guide (How Do I Choose An Electric Trailer Jack)

Electric trailer jacks come in various types, sizes and capabilities. So, these are some aspects you need to consider first in order to choose the right jack for your trailer. 

Types of Electric Trailer Jacks

Firstly, we will cover the 3 different types of electric trailer jacks: 

A-frame jacks

This is the type of trailer power jack that is permanently fixed onto the trailer. Either via welding or securely bolted on the trailer’s A-frame tongue. It generally has a lift capacity of 2,000 to 5,000 pounds. 

A-frame jacks are the most popular type among electric trailer jacks. That’s because a lot of trailers in the market has an A-frame trailer tongue. It is structurally stronger than other types of trailer tongues. So for safety purposes, people generally prefer to get A-frame trailer tongue & jack.  

Side-mount trailer jacks

Similarly to A-frame jacks, side-mount jacks are either welded or bolted onto the trailer’s tongue. But this jack is specially designed for flexibility. Side-mount jacks can swing up and out of the way into a horizontal position for better ground clearance.

That is very useful if you are travelling on uneven ground. Furthermore, it can be fitted onto various types of trailer’s tongues and has a wide range of lifting capabilities.   

Heavy-duty jacks

These heavy-duty camper trailer jacks are designed to handle weights between 6,000 to 12,000 pounds. So, this is the only option for those with really large or heavy trailers. 


Lift Capacity and Height

This aspect refers to the sizes of the jack. Lift capacity indicates how much weight can the electric jack lift. While the left height indicates how high it can lift your trailer’s coupler.

The jack’s lift capacity that you should be getting depends on your trailer’s tongue weight. Typically, the tongue weight is at most 15% of your entire trailer weight. If your trailer weighs 10,000 pounds, that means the tongue weight is roughly 1,500 pounds. So, ensure that you get a jack that can lift at least 1,500 pounds.  

If you are interested in reducing your RV weight, we have prepared a guide on how to avoid overloading your rig.

You also need to know what is the jack’s lifting height or range of travel. Measure from the ground to your vehicle’s hitch. Then, ensure that the jack is capable to lift the trailer’s coupler high enough for it to properly hitch onto your vehicle. 


Nobody wants something that breaks after only several uses. So, the construction materials are important to ensure the electric jack is durable. Avoid parts that are made of plastic as much as possible. Look for corrosion-resistant and weatherproof materials. 

Ease of Installation and Use

Despite coming with installation instructions and guides, quite often people still find the instructions from the manufacturer rather vague or unhelpful.

So unless you are planning to engage professional help, it’s best to check out verified customer reviews first to gauge how easy it is to install the electric jack. Especially the wiring part which involves hooking up the jack to your RV power supply such as a RV generator. You may also want to take extra precaution by pairing it with a RV surge protector.

How To Install An Electric Trailer Jack

Electric trailers jacks have either an installation bracket to be securely bolted or are specifically designed to be welded onto the trailer’s tongue. However, a lot of electric jacks in the market these days are the bolt-on type.

While welding may be stronger than bolt-on, it needs a professional welder to get the job properly done. Welding is a delicate work, a poorly welded work can be disastrous and more dangerous than bolt-on. 

To install a bolt-on type electric jack, carefully insert it into the hole on your trailer’s tongue and bolt it tightly. Always save your old bolts and washers so that you can reuse them. Connect the wires to your RV power supply. Ensure you pay attention to the wiring, some jacks have grounding wire while some do not. 

Our Verdict

Choosing the right electric trailer jack can really be daunting because there are lots of aspects to consider. Fortunately over the years, A-frame trailers have become increasingly popular. Hence, A-frame jacks are the most common electric jacks available. 

Among the 5 that we have reviewed above, we highly recommend the Husky HB4500 as the best electric tongue jack. Primarily due to the fact that Husky is spearheading innovation for electric jacks. The features that Husky has, truly set their jacks a few steps ahead of the market. 

If you do not mind paying a little more, the Husky 5000 lb is also at the top of our recommendation list due to all its distinctive features. With such high capability, it definitely can handle most trailers in the market. 

However, if this is your first time looking for an electric jack, we suggest getting the Lippert 3500LB. It comes in a complete kit with all the accessories for easy installation. Very easy to get it up and running for those who are new with electric jacks with simple requirements. Just be mindful if your trailer is on the larger side. Lippert 3500LB can lift up to 3,500 pounds only. 

Jules and Ken

Jules and Ken

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We hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the Best Electric Trailer Jack, or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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