Best Heated RV Water Hose for Cold Winters

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Do you worry about your RV waterline getting frozen in winter? It is not fun, especially in winter when you are travelling through a freak snow storm. You may need a heated rv water hose so that you do not need to be concerned about your water freezing.
If you are in a hurry and want to get the Best Heated RV Water Hose, check out Valterra 5325 Heated 25ft Fresh Water Hose.

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2 Best rv Heated Water Hose

If you are looking to have a nice hot shower and fresh water supply, you need to think about heating the water. This rv heated water hose is NSF-61 certified material. This means it certifies that the materials and chemicals used to produce drinking water are safe. Camco heated water hose is made of PVC and is lead-free and BPA free. 

There is a thermostat to detect when the temperature is below 40 degrees fahrenheit. It is an automatic system which will only turn on when the water is freezing. This ensures the water heated line does not turn on all the time. 

Even if it is snowing 5 to 6 inches overnight, the hose still keeps the entire system from freezing over. There are 2 pipe insulators, which you can slip over the ends of the hose so that it can insulate the connections.  

This heated hose operates using  120VAC and draws roughly 2.27 amps of energy. You can plug it into the outside power supply or can be used with the power from your RV, thanks to its matching female hose fittings. They are nickel-plated so that it can withstand heavy usage.
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This portable water hose comes with a number of larger diameter connections if you need to hook up to a hose of a larger diameter. It has a 5/8-inch internal diameter to allow you to move water to your tanks at a decent rate.

At 25 meters, this drinking water hose is just the right length for positioning your RV close to your water source. If you are looking for a shorter version, you can check out the Camco 12ft TastePURE Heated Drinking Water Hose.

It is very durable and can operate up to -20 degrees fahrenheit. Unless you are camping in super freezing temperatures, this hose should be sufficient. It is a great option for a 4 season camping.|



  • Lead and BPA free
  • Self regulating thermostat
  • Durable
  • Good length at 25 feet


  • Less Affordable

Valtera is fitted with heavy duty insulator cuffs with zippers at both ends of the hose. This is a great design as it prevents liquid at the end of the hoses from freezing. 

You will find many standard heated hoses come with foam or rubber sleeves at the end of the hose. The problem with foam or rubber sleeves is they sometimes shrink and become different to move if you want to remove it.  

It needs a 120 volt AC power and it comes with a self regulating heat source that will automatically heat up the water if the temperature drops. There is no need for a thermostat, which saves a lot of power. Thus, the power consumption for this hose is negligible.

It installs easily with its plug and play system, without requiring any extra tools. The plug lights will light up so you know it is working.

Its half inch diameter hose offers decent flow. If you are looking for a shorter length, there is a 15 feet option available. If you are looking for a longer version, there is a 50 feet option available. 



  • Zippered cuffs for freeze protection
  • Self regulating heat feature
  • Easy to install


  • No exterior coating on hose

Buying Guide

Hose Length

If it is too short, it may risk not being able to reach your RV from the water source. However, a longer hose is not always better. A longer hose will expose your water longer to the cold temperatures. The sweet spot is roughly 25 feet, a good balance between minimizing exposure from freezing and allowing usability of the hose.

Hose Diameter

Having a large diameter is advantageous. A larger diameter will mean more water can move across faster. It also means it will take a longer time to freeze inside compared to a smaller diameter hose. A rule of thumb, get a hose that has a minimum of half an inch.

Type of Materials

Not all hoses are suitable for drinking water. Verify against the packaging, it will say “drinking water safe”. Get one which is lead free and BPA free. You will not want to be consuming these elements. Rubber hoses are found to be very durable and long lasting. However, it is prone to cracking and UV damage.

Fittings on hoses should also be made from stronger and durable materials like heavy duty materials or solid brass.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is usually measured in PSI (Pounds per square inch). It tells you how much water pressure it can handle before bursting. Durable hoses usually have pressures up to 200 PSI.

Note that water pressure can change from site to site. You can pair it with a water pressure regulator to protect your plumbing and hose system. [ You may be interested in: Our detailed guide on Best RV Water Pump to improve your RV’s waterflow systems. ]

Energy draw

As the hose will be electric, ensure how much power you require to heat up the hose. On average a 25 feet hose will consume roughly 180 watts of power , while a 50 feet hose will consume 360 watts of power.

Self regulating

This means it is able to turn on the heating element on and off when needed, depending on the external temperatures. It prevents water from being frozen without getting overheated.


More durable

You will prevent waking up to frozen and damaged pipes in winter. Frozen water can crack or split open your regular water pipe. Having an insulated hose can last you for years, even under hostile weather conditions.

Right temperature water

You can regulate the temperature so that you can have warm water or a hot shower in winter and cool water in summer.

Storage flexibility

If you are only using it for winter, you can store them in your house during summer and bring them with you during winter. It can be detached and kept away making it super portable.

Otherwise you can just leave it outside without worrying about it being damaged. It can survive sub zero temperatures.

Cost saving

It is a great investment as it will also save you from constantly replacing your pipes in the long run.

Our verdict

The Valterra 5325 Heated 25ft Fresh Water Hose wins the most points from our buying guide. Its auto self regulating heating feature removes the need for a thermostat, thus preventing high power consumption. It prevents the hose from freezing at very low temperatures, assuring constant flow during wintertime.

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