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For heavier individuals, finding that perfect portable chair may not be always easy. You need something that is large enough, strong and long lasting. 


Beginner campers may like something affordable, and yet able to fulfill the basic need of having comforts of a chair support without a bunch of options you do not need. Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair is one of the best camping chairs in the beginners category.


If you are looking for more durable heavy duty camping chairs, ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair might strike the right balance for you. It is one of the most popular chairs among the camping community, packing a lot of weight capacity capability for an incredibly affordable price.


If you are looking for the absolute best high quality heavy duty chair and budget is not an issue, then you cannot go wrong with YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair. Thanks to its high quality UV protection, it does not wear out or disintegrate in the outdoor elements.

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As there are so many choices out there, finding the perfect chair can be confusing. At Outdoormagnet, we have performed hours of detailed research and have narrowed down a list of features we think campers need most for a heavy duty chair.
In this guide, we have listed down 5 chairs as our top picks for best camping chair.

Top 5 Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair

Comfort comes first, thanks to its padded seat and backrest. The armrests are ergonomically designed so you can adjust them to your preferred height. With the armrests, you will find it easy to get up from the chair. This is especially helpful for elderly campers. 


This beast has a massive capacity of 800lbs which is great for heavy individuals. It is like having several chairs combined. Its seat size is 24.5X20 inches which is deep and wide enough for big persons.


Its fabric is made from 600D polyester, which is considered tough and durable, by campers’ standards. It comes a powder-coated steel frame, which helps prevent rusts especially when being exposed to the outside elements. Its widely spaced legs, allow the chair to stay extremely sturdy even on rocky terrains.


It instantly setups, saving your time for other camping duties. Just spread out the chair and you are done. There are plenty of useful storage options. You will love its 2 large side storage pockets to keep your books, and a mesh storage area located at the back to store a hand towel. It comes with 2 cupholders, which is great for relaxing by the campfire.


It packs up easily into a backpack style carry bag, which is provided along with the chair. This bag is not just any regular bag, the bag is super durable to lug such a heavy item. It comes with a drawstring and 2 adjustable straps. However, the only setback is this is not an item you will lug around for walks as it is pretty heavy.  


If you are looking for a premium campsite lounging, ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair is the chair for you.



  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Heavy

The highlight of this fold up chair is the cooler bag located at one side of the chair while the other side comes with a side table. You can keep your cold beers and snacks with you while you sunbathe in the sun. You can fold down the cooler completely when not in use. 


This chair boasts a seat height of 17.3″ which can hold tall campers comfortably. Constructed with steel, we feel assured that it will not break or collapse easily. Its frames are solid enough to support up to 300 lbs. 


The tall folding chair is designed with X shaped bars, between the front and back legs, so that it is stable even on uneven ground. The legs fold up easily just like a book, and compacts down to 36.6 x 22 x 7.1” packing size. You can carry around easily with the carry handle. 


The fabric is made of 600D double layer high density oxford cloth, which is breathable and easy to clean. It is wear resistant, tear resistant quick drying, which helps especially being out there in the rain. 


There is no need to take the fabric pieces off to wash them, just give it a quick wipe and it is clean. Its moisture wicking fabric prevents you from sweating even after long hours on the chair. Its padded armrests, which makes it one of the most comfortable camping chair. This feature is lacking in many other types of camping chairs.


This fold up chair will be a great add on to your glamping trip.  



  • Cooler bag
  • Side table
  • Steel frame
  • 600D high density oxford cloth
  • No bag provided

This comfortable folding chair with arms also has a high weight capacity up to 600 lbs. This is thanks to the 25mm powder coated steel tube frame. You can see it is designed to be extra wide, 28 inches width between its armrests. The armrests are sturdy enough to be your main support beams, so that you can push yourself up to get up from the chair. 


The seat is designed to be deep, which fits well to taller individuals. However, for shorter individuals, if you want back support, you will need to lean back quite a bit. Alternatively, you can place a pillow behind.


This plus size folding chair is designed with convenience in mind, as there is a side table so you can put down your plate or books. The table is integrated with a cup holder. There is also a net bag under the chair to store small items such as your phone.


There is no need for installation to setup this chair, just unfold it and it is ready in seconds. It packs down to 35.1 x 27.7 x 5.4 inches, a size that is suited to be stored away in narrow spaces or cupboards. Some users found it a little difficult to fold and unfold the chair, but with a little practice it is fine. 


This oversized folding chair weighs 20.3lbs on its own, so it is a little heavy to carry around. But there are straps provided which you can use to carry it around.


It is super comfortable as it is padded with 600D polyester all over the seat and the backrest.  The legs are lined with protective caps so that if you use the chair on floored tents, it will not damage the floor.


There are not many heavy duty folding chairs in the market designed with seats that are wide enough. So if you are a really big guy or girl, this is definitely a great chair for you.



  • High capacity
  • High width
  • Padded all over
  • Sturdy
  • Side table
  • Heavy
  • No storage bag provided

Yeti has been very successful for its premium coolers. And now it has expanded its product range to other outdoor gears like camping chairs. Rather than getting multiple cheap camp chairs that do not last long, why not invest in a robust chair. 


YETI Trailhead is built for outdoors with UV protection, so it will not crack easily even in the harshest weather. So, do not need worry about chipping paint or disintegrating fabric over years of use.


Its legs are designed with Groupgrip Feet which is wide enough so the chair will not sink to the ground, and will not puncture the base of your tent. Weight wise, it is the lightest of all the chairs we have reviewed at 13.3lbs. 


This lightweight portable chair is definitely less affordable but the quality makes up for it. It is well built like a tank with the highest quality materials, providing great levels of comfort. It is easy to get up from the chair thanks to its sturdy armrests. It supports up to 500 lbs of weight.


The cup holder is flexible, can be removed and be attached to the other side of the chair. Its lightweight geometry of this frame makes it packable and portable. There is a 2 straps carry bag included, so you can wear it as a backpack or carry over your shoulder.


If you are looking for a rock solid high quality chair for glamping, YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair fits the bill.



  • Built like a tank
  • Groupgrip Feet
  • removable cup holder
  • UV protected
  • Less Affordable

Big-N-Tall camping chair has a high seat height of 19 inches. The seat itself is roomy at 24 inches. The seat is designed with a SeatDrain system that helps drain water from the seat when it rains. So, you will not have issues with water collecting up your seat. The stitching on the fabric is of high quality and the fabric certainly feels heavy duty.


This Coleman folding chair has a great weight capacity at 600 lbs and yet is very light on its own at 9.9lbs. This heavy duty folding camp chair comes built with adjustable armrests, so getting in and out of the chair is easier especially for the elderly. Another feature well received with this chair is the missing bar going under your legs. Thus, sitting for an extended period of time will not cut off circulation from your legs.


This oversized camp chair has all the add ons of a mesh cup holder to put in your cold beer. You will love additional storage options like the storage pouch and cell phone sleeve, which comes handy for the small items. Its feet are fitted with large plastic caps to prevent sinking especially on soft ground.


It can be easily packed up into a carry bag that comes with zippers. You can carry it anywhere as the bag is so portable. Coleman camping chairs are so popular among the camping community that you will find fellow campers buying another so that they can have a set of 2.



  • Affordable 
  • Huge capacity
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Light
  • SeatDrain system
  • No headrest

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Buying guide


Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair 2

Ideally, the fabric used for outdoor chairs should be waterproof and can withstand being abused by the outdoor elements. 


Look for materials that can repel water, which helps when it rains. Preferably it is made of polyester, as they are lasting even in harsh situations. However polyester attracts condensation which can easily grow mildew and mold if not well maintained. 


Canvas on the other hand provides great durability against UV rays. Oxford fabric repels water very well and is easily washable helps in case you need to wash up mud off the material. Mesh materials gives better breathability. Note that fabrics that have double stitching provide better strength.


For frames, aluminium, steel or fiberglass are preferred as they are durable. Steel is stronger than aluminium. But aluminium is lighter than steel. Look for ones which are rust resistant as you are always out in the water. It needs to be sturdy enough to ensure it does not break when you sit on it. 


Armrests are one of the critical criterias for a good camping chair. For heavier individuals, one would need to put on their full weight on the armrest to lift themselves up.


A high backrest is great for people with back issues. Ultimately, if it is padded all over, it would provide additional comfort. 



Depending on your camping needs, having extra accessories may be useful, such as a side table, cooler or extra storage pockets.


Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair 3 (1)

Take note of the width of the chair. Generally heavy persons would need wider space, thus, a wider chair certainly helps in providing relief from cramped chairs.


Taller individuals would find a higher seat makes getting in and out of the chair easier.

Weight capacity


Generally, conventional camping chairs have an average capacity of 300 lbs. Anything above 300 lbs is a great choice for the larger individuals. Be sure that the chair can handle your weight.



If you anticipate your activities will usually be a few times in a year, then a basic camping chair will do. However, if you think you may be doing serious camping for the long haul, invest in a sturdy and durable chair. 


All the top 5 Heavy Duty Camp Chairs we have reviewed are generally equally outstanding. If you still cannot decide and need a final recommendation for the best compact chair, we find ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair has the winning edge. We find this extra large camping chair is reasonably affordable without compromising its essential features. Thus, it is not surprising that it has consistently the best reviews and comes out as one of the most popular choices among the camping community.

What’s Next

If you are looking for a best portable chair to lay down and sunbathe in the sun, check out our recommended Reclining Camp Chairs.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the 5 best heavy duty chairs, or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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