Best Hybrid Bikes for Beginners

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What is a hybrid bike

A hybrid bike is a basically general purpose bike.  It borrows the best advantages of both road bikes and mountain bikes. The tires are commonly designed with in between features.  It usually has rough thread on the outside for better grip during off trail conditions. On the inside, it has a smooth tread for greater speed and less exertion. This allows the bike to be versatile and adaptable enough to handle road or gravel trains.

These bikes usually have fast rolling wheels to allow smooth cycling on the road.  They are heavier than road bikes but lighter than mountain bikes. A hybrid cyclist has more freedom to go wherever they wish to, regardless of terrain type. For a city goer, you can use it for daily commuting to work and leisure riding on the weekends. Then you do not need to own 2 different types of bikes. A hybrid bike remains an incredibly popular choice. It is always in high demand among cyclists. 

If you just want to skip and get the best hybrid bike for the money, we recommend Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Bike as the best bicycle in this category.


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Top 5 best hybrid bikes

How to choose a hybrid bike

best hybid bike


Gel pad seats protect you by absorbing shocks or jolts from the ride. Your back and bottom are cushioned better as gel pads spread the rider’s weight across the seat. This helps reduce pressure points that cause pain, making it less damaging on your joints. Firmer foam seats are preferred by road bikers for better support, as it does not compact as fast as gel. Zero cushioning saddles break in with frequent usage. Eventually, it is able to adapt to your weight and shape.


Generally, the further away the handlebars are from the seat, the more comfortable the ride is. Usually hybrid bike handlebars supports both lower body and upright postures equally well. You can easily adjust the height of the handlebars to what feels good to you.


In the past, most frames were made from steel. Steel is heavier than Aluminum, but more affordable than Carbon. Steel gives some flexibility to the frame, which is easier on your tailbone. Carbon fiber is the most costly, but also the lightest and strongest option. It is usually found on higher end bikes. Aluminium is now the most common and cost-effective choice for hybrid bikes. It is light and affordable but feels stiff when tackling rougher roads.

Gear options

Mountain bikes are usually built with lots of gears to make it easier to climb steep hills. Road bikes have more higher gears to boost top-end speed. For leisure riding, you usually want to keep the gear numbers low. Depending on your needs, if you have great stamina, you do not need that many gears. Having more gear options, play a pivotal role,  when tackling slopes in more hilly areas.


Many hybrids do not have suspension as it adds weight to the bike. But if you find yourself on rough terrains, suspensions help to absorb harsh impacts. It allows the front wheel to track the ground more accurately. It is able to administer enhanced grip and stability as a result.

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Its city frame is made of aluminum for lighter weight. This bike can also be taken to the beach as aluminium works great with sea air. Its step through frame allows the rider to easily get on and off the bike.

The 7 speeds are enough but not too much to fiddle with. It helps in any terrain with ups and downs. It is a lifestyle-kind-of-bike. Imagine yourself cycling in a park, taking in the wildlife and sights around you as you ride. At the same time, it is a fitness bike to exercise your body in a non-stressful and fun way.

This good looking bike is designed with forward pedalling. This is so that the rider will be sitting more upright, just enough to make it more comfortable. The pedals and seats can be adjusted closer to the ground to allow users to reach the ground for more stability. The seat is fabulously crafted with precise double stitching. It feels comfortable even without an extra padded covering. The base of the seat is large enough to distribute your weight, giving you a smooth ride.  



  • Foot forward design allows proper leg extension
  • Brilliant colors
  • Lightweight
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Fender and rear rack included
  • Challenge in assembling

This beautiful looking bike features the Schwinn suspension fork. This suspension fork  absorbs most of the smaller bumps and maximizes bike responses. There are plenty of adjustments options available on the seat and handlebars. It can go up, down and forward. This makes it suitable for tall individuals with long legs or short individuals.

You can adjust your preference for a relatively upright position. This helps correct your back position. The handlebars are ergonomically designed to allow you to rest your palms. This prevents common cylindrical pain after long rides.

It has add-on features that are usually found on more expensive hybrid bicycles. You can add on fenders and a luggage rack behind to carry your waterproof bags. Its aluminum frame makes the structure reasonably light. This makes it easy to carry back indoors. Even though it is light, it feels solid.

It comes with 21 speeds to choose from, making it amazingly easy to ride in pretty steep hills. It features grip shifters on its handles for fast and easy gear changes. You are in control of the gears without having to look down and the gears are very responsive. It is the perfect bike for beginners. The flexibility on friction adjustment allows different riding styles. The brakes and gears are Shimano, which is a very reliable brand in the market. The brakes are heavenly as they grip quick and tight. You feel that you are in complete control when going down those steep slopes.  



  • Schwinn suspension fork that absorbs shock
  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifter
  • Efficient brakes
  • Great entry level bike
  • Flimsy fenders

This is one of the best hybrid bikes for men. Its brown synthetic leather comfy saddle is easy to sit on even on longer rides. Its foot-forward seat and pedal position allows for a more upright seating position. It helps alleviate any stresses on your joints. It is like riding on silk.

Sixthreezero pays close attention to detail especially on comfort. Some reviewers found that they do not experience any neck or wrist strain. This lightweight aluminium bike is well-made with the highest quality components. It has easy to use 7 speed functions where its twist shifting is quick, crisp and quiet. You are able to ride this in the rain as there are fenders to keep mud off the rider. This bike works as a solid back up bike, if you do not want to wear down your road or mountain bike.

This amazing performance bike uses Linear Pull brakes. These types of brakes are the most powerful rim brakes of all time. It provides excellent stopping power, making it possible to brake during emergencies. Its 2 inch semi-slick tires are wide enough to provide excellent roll and stability on the track.



  • Well made
  • Cushioned seat and riding positions are super comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Rear rack
  • Not ideal for rough terrains

This budget friendly bike is great for city riding, commuting to work or school. On weekends, it is perfect for an early morning cruise on the hilly back roads. Its seats and handlebars are designed to sit you in an upright position. It prevents any posture problems. With the seat all the way down, you can rest your feet flat on the ground. It has large 700c tires, which are usually used on road bikes. These tires are great for riding on pavement or racing on gravel surfaces.

Its 21 gears makes it an excellent bike for the hills or to power down the flat areas. Its lightweight 6061 aluminum frame reduces user fatigue during riding. This makes it easier for long distances biking. Being lightweight also makes it easier to get it up and down your apartment stairs without too much strain.

This fabulous bike comes with a nice bike rack. This rack is useful to store your backpack or ride your best friend in the back. You can also add a basket in front to sit your pup or weekend marketing.  



  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable seats (Quick Release Seat Clamp)
  • Rear rack
  • 21-speed
  • Installation guide not so clear

This baby is considered a good mid range hybrid bike. Its lightweight Aluminum Compact Frame has a high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that although it is super light, it is still able to carry heavy loads. It can accelerate quickly and takes hold of slopes easily due to its weightlessness.

It uses HCT Carbon Fork which is lighter and corners a lot better than aluminium. The handling of this bike is exceptional as it is designed to be more responsive to loads like bumps. This prevents potential shocks and jolts, which is usually the main cause of stress on your back, arms and the wrists.

It comes with Shimano Acera Groupset that is catered for a variation of trail conditions. This bike has the highest options for gears among the top 5 best hybrid bikes in this review. There are 27 gears, 9 on the wheel and 3 on the crank, which gives you an expansive range of gears. Its Shimano Acera Rapid Fire shifters allow you to shift the speed when you need to without taking your hands off the handlebar. This means shifting while climbing or descending will be a breeze.

So far, Tommaso is the only brand that uses full Shimano gears for their bikes. There are many bike manufacturers that mix components from various 3rd party manufacturers. Performance of the bike is fully optimized when used with the same brand of components that works reliably well together. This customer oriented bike is drilled for all variety of options to place your accessories. You can add a water bottle or pump to the frame as it has screws in place at the bottom of the frame.  



  • Great for exercise, commuting, or a light ride
  • Seat is comfortable
  • Smooth and light
  • Attractive compact design
  • High quality finish
  • Chain slipping issue


If you want a durable and affordable hybrid bike, then getting the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Bike will be an excellent move. It  is one of the most popular choices among cyclists. This bike allows you to commute inexpensively in the city, yet able to cater to various riding conditions in the mountains or on the road. Getting the right balance in your everyday lifestyle is really important. So, choose your gem from the 5 best hybrid bicycles from above to begin enjoying your biking adventures even more.

What's next

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I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the 5 best hybrid bikes, or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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