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Here are some of the fastest pitching instant tents you can find on the market. Within minutes, you are snuggled up in your sleeping bag, while other camping folks are still busy fumbling with the setup of their tents. 


What makes a difference between Instant tents and Traditional tents, is that Instant tents can be set up within 5 minutes or less. 


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Why Trust Us



We are Jules and Ken. We are outdoor lovers, travellers and writers all rolled into one. You have seen our posts here reviewing lots of different types of outdoor gear, camping equipment, kayaking to cycling. Our reviews are guided by our years of experience being outdoors. We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you can make a better choice  for the Best Instant Tents for Camping.


Whether you are camping alone, with a family of 4, or with larger group settings, we have listed here the top 5 easiest tent to set up for the different groups of categories.

The pitching of this easy set up tent is very different from others. All you need to do is roll it out, lock the poles and pull the drawstring. And then, you are ready to sleep for the night. The setup is super fast, no fuss at all! You have the option to stake it down, otherwise, it is capable as a stand up tent.


This automatic tent works as a solo unit. The length of this instant pop up tent is 6 ft 10 in. So, the tent is more comfortable for someone under 6 feet tall.


If you want to sleep off the ground, TETON has come out with some cool add ons. You can use this tent on the  TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot. This cot and its extended rainfly that accommodates the cot, needs to be purchased separately. Together, this configuration fits together very nicely as a tent cot. 


While most single tents have 1 or 2 windows at the max, this quick tent allows you to have a 360 mesh view of the outdoors. At night, you can lay down and enjoy gazing at the stars. There is certainly great ventilation allowing air to circulate through the tent.


The craftsmanship is of quality, you will find the stitchings are well done. With its  75D Taffeta 2000MM PU as the shell, the tent is very waterproof. The rainfly clips on to 4 corners of the tent, creating a taut structure that can stand up to torrential weathers. Water would not seep in , even in a heavy downpour. 



The whole tent itself weighs at just over 4lbs which makes it perfect for backpack camping. It is a great compact tent, as it comes with a nice bag that can fit the tent inside without any issues.



  • Weatherproof
  • Compact
  • Super fast setup
  • Mesh ceiling
  • Great ventilation
  • Less roomy

This is a very unique tent which is designed in a hexagon structure. This shape actually helps to keep the structure stable and grounded. Besides, it really optimizes the space around the tent. The tent itself is spacious enough to fit in a queen sized air mattress or 2 twin mattresses. It is suitable for families of 2 to 4 persons. The center height measures about 5 feet 5 inches. So you may be able to stand up if you are not particularly that tall.


This is one of the best pop up tents we have reviewed. Setting up this pop up camping tent is super easy, you can do it in minutes. For an experienced camper, you can do it in 60 seconds. Opening up the tent is just like opening up an umbrella. Just lift up the top and it automatically locks in. To uninstall, just press at the end of the pole and it automatically folds down. The frame is made of lightweight steel which adds an element of durability to the tent.


It is conveniently built with 2 dual layer entrances on each side. It makes it easier to go outside in the middle of the night, instead of tip toeing over people. Also this allows the air to flow through. There are circular rings in the middle of the tent to hang a light so that it is easier to find your belongings in the dark.


This tent is one of the best waterproof tent among all the tents in this review. The rainfly works wonderfully, and works as a roof at the entrance to keep your shoes dry. There is breathable mesh which helps to bring in fresh air into the tent. It has a durable exterior and interior. The outer tent is made of 210D oxford fabric with a waterproof level of 3000mm coated with silicone. The tent floor has a waterproof level of 10000 mm, made of 210T. 




It weighs 11lbs when packed, which is pretty lightweight for its size. The carry bag measures 31.5 X 9.4 X 7 in which is very compact. Compared to other tents we have reviewed here, this tent is a 4 season tent, which can be used at any time of the year.



  • Great waterproofing
  • Hexagon shape, great optimization of space
  • More stable
  • Easy installation 
  • Dual entrances
  • Low center height

If you are tired from struggling with collapsible poles, this is the tent for you. It takes only 60 seconds to assemble this pop up tent. Your friends will envy that you finish setting up in a minute while theirs take 10 minutes or more. There is a special green webbing as color coding, to make it easier for you to position the rainfly.


This tent performs really well in the rain. The tent is very waterproof with PU taping for both rainfly seams and inner tent seams. During the development and production of the tent, it was able to withstand the rain test. It was conducted with 50 gallons for 30 minutes. Its flooring is made out of durable 125gsm PE with welded corners. This keeps the inside of the tent absolutely dry during heavy rains.


It is spacious at 8 ft. X 8 ft. floor. It sleeps up to 4 adults in sleeping bags or 1 Queen airbed along with your camping gear. However, you may need to crawl in this tent, as it has a ceiling height of only 59 in.


It was recently upgraded with a unique Ventilation System. You can adjust the inside temperature using the adjustable ground vent. This impressive feature ensures that there would not be condensation water at night. There are plenty of screen windows to help keep you cool. 


The tent is well constructed with its sturdy tent poles made out of telescoping steel. This explains the weight of the tent at 16.75 pounds. This may not be what you want to carry for a hiking trip. Within the tent, the top storage bag can hold a phone and tablet which allows you to lie down and enjoy a movie. It comes with a rainfly, an inside storage bag, foot mat, 9 fixed stakes ,and a huge carry bag. This makes it easier to store when you take it down. 


This tent comes in multiple options of configurations. There is the 6 Person configuration, 8 Person configuration and 10 person configuration.




  • Affordable
  • Instant set up
  • Very waterproof
  • Spacious
  • Heavy

Coleman Cabin Tent has a huge space of 10 x 9 ft. with 6 ft. in center height. This instant cabin tent is an ideal tent to fit 2 queen size air beds. This tent is also available for a 10 person configuration and 4 person configuration.


This tent has one of the best cabin tents features. Coleman’s Dark Room Technology blocks 90% of sunlight coming into the tent. This technology performs well and stands out from other competitors. It lets you get some sleep while the sun is still up and reduces temperature buildup up to 10%. 


This backpacking tent uses rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric. The fabric is able to withstand outside elements. The thickness also acts as an insulation by cutting down wind on a breezy and chilly night. 


This camping tent is well designed with a solid WeatherTec system. It features patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry.  The floors are tough enough for you to place your folding cots inside the tent.


It is easier to pitch this tent compared to a dome tent. You basically shake it and it expands. Click the elbows of the poles and attach the spongy string with plastic hooks for the fly. To put it back into the bag, just fold the tent poles back towards the center to collapse it. It easily fits into the carry bag , which is expandable.



Some remarkable features is that it has 1 door and 3 windows. It provides great ventilation with breathable window screens on each side. It has a second zipper to open a window on the door when closed.



  • Spacious and has more standing room
  • Pop up tent, easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Dark room technology, keeps temperature down
  • Great value
  • Does well in cooler climates
  • Inadequate rain fly, only covers the top of the tent

This 12 person cabin tent is fast to set up and take down with its instant setup capability. It does not need too much effort to fit it back in the bag as it has expandable zippers. The poles are telescopic, with popup buttons to snap the frame in place. The frames are made of durable steel poles and stakes, creating a stable structure. Its material is built with 68D polyester, making it remarkable in strength against the elements of the outdoors. 


It is impressively spacious at 18 feet x 10 feet which can easily fit 3 queen size mattresses. It has 2 wall separators, so that you can customize it to 3 rooms, 2 rooms, or just 1 big room. It has front and back doors for easy access. This is especially convenient when you have many campers staying together. The doors are fitted with awning attachments for additional shade to put your camping chairs. With a peak height of 80in, you can avoid ducking in and out around the tent.  



The zippers in this 12 person instant tent are well made and slide smoothly. There are extra pockets and loops to hang lights or other accessories over your beds. You can also put smaller lanterns on the corner clips for extra reading light at night. The air vents are a lifesaver in the hot summers or you can use it to slot it a tent air conditioner. With the rainfly removed, you can get tons of airflow through the full mesh roof. The rainfly which comes together protects you from light rain. But note that it is not a full coverage rainfly, thus, it will not last in thunderstorms. 




  • Solid frame made of steel
  • Instant setup
  • Mesh ceiling



  • The rainfly is minimal

Buying Guide

Types of Tents

Best instant tent (2)

CABIN TENTS come with vertical walls allowing you maximize most of the space. The high walls allow convenient placement of your tent cots. Besides, it is easier to move around the tent. Usually the walls have taller doors, allowing you easier access in and out of the tent.


DOME TENTS are the most common tents you find on the market. They are rounder at the ceiling, resembling a dome. The bases are usually square or hexagon. Thus, the tents have the highest ceiling in the middle, making it easier to stand in the middle of the tent. The round top also prevents snow or twigs from collecting at the top.


POP UP TENTS are usually lightweight, and some of them have some automatic lifts or pullstring to get them to stand up. They are usually quicker to set up. All pop up tents are instant tents, but not all instant tents are pop up tents. Instant tents are just tents that are quick in pitching capability.



A-FRAME TENTS are less popular today. Generally they are generally more stable, but some campers find them heavier. This is due the usage of heavier poles, which are required to support A frames.

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Protection from elements

Rain protection is one of the most important features to keep you dry. It is necessary especially in the mountains where the weather changes in an instant. An interesting fact is that not all tents are waterproof. Majority tents are water resistant. This means it resists and slows down the penetration of rain. Areas to check for water proofing are its seams and zippers.


The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a tent, is to look for a floor base that is of waterproof material. It should come a few inches up the sides before it attaches to the tent walls. Having the bathtub floor version is helpful as it creates no opportunity for water to seep in. 



Most people go for camping activities in spring, summer or autumn. Thus, choosing a 3 season tent tends to be the favorite choice. It is usually made to be lightweight and cooler for warm weather.


Best instant tent (1)

You would want ventilation as your top priority, if you are living in hot weather conditions. You would not want to end up sleeping in an oven, where it will be stuffy and sweaty as the air cannot get out of the tent. Especially so when someone farts in the tent!  



Ventilation features to look for in a tent are like mesh walls, windows and doors. Meshes on the tent helps block out hungry mosquitoes. Double check that the vents are in areas where air can still flow while the rainfly is on.

You can install tent air conditioners or tent heaters through these vents for extra comfort. A tent with great ventilation features minimizes condensation. It allows air to flow through and keep you cooler during warm nights.



A tent with multiple doors allows easy access, so that you will not disturb others during your night breaks for the washroom. For families with kids or older folks, you will appreciate the full drop down doors which allow pram or wheelchair access. 

Setup speed

Especially when coming back from a long day of hiking, you will not want to find yourself spending hours figuring out how to set up a tent. 



That said, usually with a larger tent, you will have a companion with you to assist you when pitching up the tent. So setup speed may be faster.

Ceiling height

Larger tents usually allow you to stand upright in the middle of the tent. Cabin version tents provide more standing room as it usually has straight side walls. It will also create more space for tent cots inside.

Room design


As the tents are large, you will find some tents come with room dividers so you can have more privacy between the kids and adults. Having a spacious vestibule is advantageous. You can use it to place your bikes to avoid being wet or cook your camp meals. This will help keep the main living area clean and comfortable.

Which Size Tent
Ideal Tent Peak Height
Estimated Floor Capacity Based On Tent Capacity
Types of Tents



Depending on your camp group size, just pick a tent that is ideal for your needs in our roundup list. We have verified that all of them are super easy to set up, have great weather resistance and are solid in construction. Look no further, happy camping!

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We hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the Best Instant Tents, or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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