Best Kayak Motors For Going Motor-Powered

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If you are looking for a Kayak motor to assist you in your trip, we got you. Kayaking’s prominence has resulted in the tiny boats being utilized for a variety of applications. Everything is feasible, from leisurely journeys to high-speed racing to kayak fishing. 

We can certainly state that you have arrived at the correct place. We’ve gone through a big range of possibilities, and you can spare yourself the hassle of doing so. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 selections for the Best Kayak Motors in this guide. If you cannot wait and want to get the Best Kayak Motors now, check out PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motor.

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5 Best Kayak Motors

The 24-inch fiberglass shaft in this Kayak motor enables varied depth placement while providing consistent performance for a lifetime.

It has a total of 8 variable speeds (5 forward and 3 reverse), and a 6-inch telescopic handle that gives you complete control over your trip.

This product also has a Saltwater-resistant all-aluminum motorhead with corrosion-resistant magnesium, and zinc, as well as stainless-steel hardware (Lead-Acid DC 12V).

The Battery cables supplied with the motor are 5’6″ long, allowing for flexible battery positioning for best weight distribution.

Newport Vessels is situated in California and has a full-service customer support team on staff. Please contact us directly if you have any queries or issues.



  • Good battery life
  • Short, adjustable shaft
  •  Excellent customer service
  • Freshwater/saltwater


  • Heavy

This motor comes with a strong 10-position lever lock bracket, a quick-release lever lock, as well as a reinforced composite construction that resists bending, warping, and UV damage.

The six-inch telescopic tiller it possesses makes trolling motor operating simple, comfortable, and intuitive.

There are five forward speed choices and three reverse speed settings.

This motor features a power prop that applies greater force to push through thick vegetation using 3-1/4″ motor diameters. This also includes a prop pin, nut, and even a washer.

An indestructible composite shaft lies at the heart of your Minn Kota trolling motor. It’s a Minn Kota specialty, and we back it up with a lifetime warranty.



  • It’s simple to use.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Great range.
  • Well-priced.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • It’s extremely silent.


  • There is no tilt function on the tiller.

Any boater may benefit from the 55lb thrust power and efficiency of this 12v electric trolling motor. The motor’s excellent quality construction allows it to operate all day without overheating or causing fish to be frightened.

This motor has a 30″ shaft, a 5 LED battery meter, a 6″ telescopic tiller handle, as well as a 3 blade propeller. When necessary, the angle, height, and orientation of the mount may all be modified and secured in place.

There are eight speeds on this motor, five forward and three reverse. Because the engine is built for trolling, its peak speed is around 4 mph, although this varies depending on the form of your boat, its weight, the water, the wind, and various other factors. Our three-blade propeller provides excellent low-end torque to help start the boat rolling.



  • Saltwater resistant
  • The warranty period of two years
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Fits on nearly all minuscule boats and kayaks


  • The head with handle is not waterproof

This Motor’s Nylon Bracket with Reinforcement guarantees excellent durability, ablation resistance, as well as dimensional stability. The motor’s service life is extended thanks to its all-aluminum head.

It includes 8 speeds and a 6-inch telescoping retractable handle, with 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds, giving you entire control for a smooth and easy-to-manage ride.

Its 28-inch Fiberglass Composite adjustable Shaft has excellent tensile strength and corrosive resistance, allowing for accurate depth placement in any water condition. The 28″ shaft is ideal for sitting.

The 10-Point LED Battery Indicator safeguards the batteries while also allowing you to see how much power is remaining.

The motor’s Saltwater Compatible hardware allows it to run in both saltwater and freshwater.



  • Powerful and Durable 
  • Ergonomic extendable handle
  • Stainless steel Hardware



  • Battery not included

This particular model we’re looking at right now comes with a 6″ telescopic adjustable handle. It can be used for as lengthy or as short as you wish. 

It also includes a comfortable grip and 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds for you to manage smoothly and simply.

The battery’s capacity is indicated via a 1-10 LED light indication. You’ll get a major indication from the red and green lights. 1-3 red lights show a low power and serve as a reminder of the battery’s remaining capacity.

By pressing the button and adjusting the shaft angle, you can adapt to diverse sailing circumstances and meet your surfing needs. You may also modify the machine’s depth in the water using a knob at any time.



  • Saltwater corrosion resistant.
  • Telescoping handle that can be adjusted.
  • The battery level is indicated by an LED light.
  • Variable speed control configuration.
  • Depth can be adjusted.
  • The thrust variety is excellent.


  • The battery is insufficiently powerful.
  • The throttle is very sensitive.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the size of the battery for a kayak motor?

Finally, you need to find out which kayak motor you require to attain the dimensions of your kayak. The amount of propulsion and battery energy required will be determined by the kayak’s size. 

Kayak motors are available in three voltage ratings: 12V, 24V, and 36V, based on the use. A 12-volt engine is required for a 16-foot kayak, whereas a 36-volt motor is required for a 19-foot kayak. Kayaks utilized for fishing often just require 12V tiny engines.

What is the minimum thrust required for a trolling motor?

For every 100 lbs in your boat, you’ll need five lbs of propulsion.

How to mount a kayak motor?

The motor must then be attached to the kayak in the next phase. This, like the propeller installation, is a phase that varies greatly from kayak to kayak.

However, many types require the purchase and usage of a stand. This type of stand usually has four holes drilled in the rear.

You just insert the motors into the four holes drilled and secure them in place. Verify the precision of the mount.

After that, install the stand and the motor in the appropriate area. Fasten the structure together securely once again to make it less prone to fidgeting.

How long does a trolling motor last on a kayak?

The lifespan of your trolling motor cell is determined by a variety of things. Here’s a breakdown of these factors:

The lifespan of your battery is determined by its quality. It all comes down to the battery type. Deep cellular batteries are unquestionably the finest, but which sort of deep cell battery should you use?

Is it an AGM, a flooded cell, or perhaps a Gel battery that you’re using? These battery types are all wonderful, but if you can afford it, an AGM or Gel cell is the best option. It’s a good idea to use a dual-purpose battery.

How To Choose A Kayak Motor

A decent trolling motor may make fishing much more enjoyable since it helps you to catch larger and additional fish, allowing you to have extra fun while out fishing.

Many people are unaware that they require a trolling motor to fish; big boats have deafening motors that scare fish away, and their engines are not designed to idle at a low, continuous pace. As a result, you’ll require a trolling motor, because it is far quieter than a regular boat motor.

This trolling motor purchasing guide will offer you all the knowledge you need to figure out which trolling motor is right for you.


This buying guide’s electric trolling motors are composed of stainless steel aluminum alloy, which is a highly durable substance. Those trolling motors are built to last and are completely unbreakable.

Using stainless steel to build these trolling motors is a good approach to prevent deterioration, whether you’re fishing in saltwater or freshwater.

Max Thrust

You need your trolling motor to possess the most thrusting power that your hunting boat or kayak can manage when you purchase it. Thrust is available in a range of 36 to 86 pounds. 

When buying a trolling motor, think about the size of your kayak and the circumstances you’ll be fishing in to figure out how much thrust you’ll need.

Battery Power

This buying guide’s electric trolling motors run on a common 12V battery. Many feature an LED battery light indicator, which allows the user to see how much battery capacity is left without having to wait for the battery to die. 

You must have a battery energy meter; you do not want to be stranded on the sea with a dead battery if you were unaware that the energy was running low.


This buyer’s guide’s trolling motors offer eight speeds: five forward and three reverse.

When shopping for any of these trolling motors, seek one that performs well at all forward and backward speeds.


Most of the trolling motors in this article are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater application. These are capable of effortlessly tilting in and out of the waters.


You won’t have to fear being underpowered in your kayak because these engines are built for boats weighing more than 1,500 pounds!

More thrust isn’t going to help. Your kayak’s hull isn’t built to plane or rise up on the surface as it speeds up, like the body of a speed boat.

As a result, regardless of how much power you have, it will shortly reach its limit. Your peak speed will be determined by several factors, but it will be greater than you can row.


Trolling motors have electric engines that operate on voltages in variations of 12 volts, ranging from 12 to 36 volts. To operate more powerful trolling motors, greater electricity is necessary, thus a 24v system needs two 12v batteries, but a 36v system plainly requires three. However, given the thrust-to-weight ratio of a kayak, simple 12v systems using only one battery can be used.

Most significantly, you’ll need a motor that consumes very little power, allowing your battery to last to its full capacity.

Mounting System

This is when things become a little tricky. Trolling motors are primarily built for bow attachment on bass vessels, and many models have a sliding hinge that allows them to be lifted and lowered fast into the water. This isn’t going to work for kayaks.

Alternatively, you’ll need to find a stern mounting system that works beneath your cockpit’s scuppers. These are configurable to accommodate most kayaks and provide a sturdy platform for mounting your new motor. 

On a kayak, it’s better not to meddle with the bow mount. Anglers on a bass boat can run the trolling motor through the front captain’s chair or even while sitting on the deck in that layout, but it adds no usefulness for you.

Shaft Length

Kayakers will find this to be challenging as well. Trolling motors have a long shaft connecting the engine and propeller that may run from the gunnel of a powerboat to the waters below, maintaining the propeller submerged at all times.

Long shafts are a concern for kayaks, therefore we’ve chosen models with the shortest shafts available, which we could locate for these reviews. However, there are a few factors to consider.

You’ll find a range of control mechanisms in the industry, and many of them will include some type of foot pedal activation, given the intended function of trolling motors. That’s great for a bass boat, but it’s almost worthless for a kayak.

What's next?

To sum up this buyer’s guide, the five electric trolling motors listed above are the best on the market today. Each one has enough speed, battery capacity, and propulsion power to ensure your fishing excursion is more comfortable and pleasurable.

So now, after going through all options, I would personally recommend the PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motor 46LBS. Just because this has the longest list of pros, and it has lived up to customer satisfaction in many markets.

Jules and Ken

Jules and Ken

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