Best Kayak Trailer for Highway

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Throwing your pedal kayak on top of your vehicle can be a nuisance for many. You will want a kayak trailer which can allow you to haul your portable hammock stand or your tent cot anywhere with ease. 


What is the best kayak trailer to buy? As getting a kayak trailer can be quite an investment, we have conducted hours of comprehensive research on the best kayak trailers out there. We have selected the top 5 kayak trailers listing down its key features and why it has landed in among our top picks. If you want to skip and find the best kayak trailer, then Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit is the one for you.

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Top 5 Kayak TrailerS

This is a very popular kayak trailer among kayak enthusiasts. It is a trailer without the bells and whistles, it has only the basics you need. It is made of steel which makes it strong, and coated with white powder finish to prevent it from rusting.


The trailer feels very light which is great for mobility. It rolls smoothly on 12 inches tires, which is thick enough to allow you to tow it for miles without a problem. These are 55 mph wheels which ride smoothly along the freeway. There are lights and protective fenders for added safety on the road. Do note that, there are reports of users facing issues with the lights.


It is not difficult to set up this trailer. It is shipped out in 4 boxes. The directions are easy to understand with minimal frustrations. The bunk measures up to be 77.25 inches long and 40.25 inches wide which makes it very roomy. 


However, some users have found the tongue to be a little short at 5 to 6 feet. You may want to get a tongue extension if it does not fit the size of your boat. It has a maximum capacity of 610 lbs which caters for generally most boats. 


If you are looking for a budget friendly trailer, this is the one for you.



  • Lightweight
  • 12 inch tires
  • Affordable
  • Short tongue

Malone has a solid reputation as one of the market leaders in sports trailers for hauling motorized kayaks and bikes. You can carry up to 6 bicycles. Otherwise you can fit 4 inflatable kayaks up to 20 feet long comfortably. It is a great solution if you plan to have fun together with your family or friends. 


This trailer is made of steel, which makes it rather heavy yet durable. Considering a kayak weighs approximately 60 to 80 lbs each, it can easily carry up to a maximum of 355 lbs capacity. As this trailer is galvanized, you do not need to worry about it corroding in saltwater. This trailer will certainly last you many years. 


The trailer comes with 60 inch large aluminium crossbars which provides additional stability and plenty of storage space. The tires are of 12 inch size, where replacements are easily available in the market. It also comes with a 54-inch axle with a sealed hub to keep the trailer stable when moving.

The cross bar system is pretty universal. For anything that you can put on the car, you can go ahead and fit on this trailer. Do note that your canoes should be stored upside down to have more surface connection with the cross bars. This is to better secure the canoe.



  • Large aluminium crossbars
  • Durable
  • Able carry more load
  • Stable
  • Low quality tail light kit

You will be impressed with the quality of this trailer. The frame is sturdy and stable. It pushes well without much hassle as it only weighs 162 lbs on its own. It pulls well and does not sway or bump much on the road. The trailers are fitted with DOT certified high speed tires, so you are assured of its safety.


You can fit your kids kayak at the bottom and 5 bikes at the second tier. And yet, you still have lots of room for additional smaller items like your kids fishing pole, folding cots or camp chairs. As long as it does not exceed the maximum 300 lbs, you should be fine.


This kayak holds four kayaks without issue and has 64 inch round boards to provide plenty of space. Note that this upper tier does make the trailer height increase. So you need to be aware that it needs to fit in your storage area before you buy it. You will love that the tongue is foldable which helps with easier storage. 



It would be best to assemble the top rack first, then followed by the bottom rack. The trailer is adaptable to fit a range of accessories such as the bike rack. It is compatible with many bike rack brands such as Yakima and Thule.



  • 2nd tier rack
  • Can fit a variation of bike and kayaks
  • Galvanized steel
  • High speed tires
  • Foldable tongue
  • Tail light issues
  • Very high

If you plan to transport more kayaks at one time, this trailer is a great choice. It can hold up to 4 kayaks comfortably. It even fits up to 6 kayaks if you strap it up well. You can arrange it stacking them above each other. 


As the trailer comes with two universal horizontal bars,  you have the flexibility to add accessories like kayak paddles. Anything you can put on the car roof on your car, you can go ahead and fit on this trailer. You can add a roof rack to load extra kayaks or bikes, as long it does not hit the maximum capacity of 300 lbs.



This trailer performs smoothly on the road and even on bumpy roads. There are springs that help absorb vibrations on the road. It is recommended you grease the wheel bearings upfront before you go on the road. You will find this trailer performs well even in salty seawater as the metals are corrosion resistant.



  • Configurable
  • 300 lbs maximum capacity
  • Easy to stack kayaks on each other
  • None

This trailer is built with 4.80 x 12″ Wheels, which is large enough to handle further distances on the road. It has delicate springs and a sturdy frame, which helps counter the vibrations on the road. Using this trailer is more efficient than carrying gear on a roof rack. It would be easier to unload from the waist level, instead of reaching from the roof rack of your SUV. 


This is a good quality trailer that can handle modifications. The setup is straightforward. You will be surprised that it has a weight limit of 400 lbs, which is pretty high. It weighs 200 lbs on its own, making it extremely light. It tows behind your vehicle like it isn’t there, and works well on different road types. 


You could fit it with kayaks up to 15 feet in length. With its 64 inch wide crossbars, it can carry up to 6 kayaks at one go. So that would be possible to together kayak with a larger group of friends. The LED lights work well even when the trailer is submerged in water. Its galvanized steel provides excellent corrosion resistance for saltwater use. 



  • Sturdy frame
  • Easier to unload from the waist level
  • Can handle modifications
  • Can carry up to 6 kayaks at one go


  • No cushioned crossbars

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Buying Guide


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The average weight of a standard kayak is 40 lbs. But if you own a tandem kayak, it may be slightly heavier. Take note of the maximum capacity the carrier can take to prevent placing a strain on the trailer. Check if your vehicle is capable of pulling your trailer. There will be times that you need to pull the trailer by hand. So check if this is something feasible to you.


Most trailers are able to transport a minimum of 2 kayaks. If you are considering to transport more kayaks or add other things like a bike, then you may want to find a trailer that can fit the dimensions of your equipment. 


The trailer should be something that is easy to move around even when stacked up with multiple kayaks. However, if you plan to use an average sized car, then a smaller trailer will be more suitable. 


Also most importantly, do you have space in your garage to store your kayak trailer safely? 


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There should be a working light system that is synchronized with your car’s brake lights and turn signals. Protective fenders are also necessary to prevent road debris from harming your kayaks.


It is important to get a trailer that can last you for many years to come. Common materials usually used on trailers are steel or aluminium.  Steel is durable and cheaper, but they tend to rust faster especially when in contact with salt water. 


Aluminium is much lighter, but it is not as strong as steel. The advantage is, it will not rust. The setback with aluminium is, it is less affordable. Some trailers come with galvanized steels that protect the steel from rust. Pricewise, it is between your regular steel and aluminium. 


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If your adventures lead you to challenging terrains, it is necessary that the trailer is fitted with some suspension system. This is so that you will prevent damage on your kayaks from the rough ride.

Length of tongue

Tongue length is the length from the pivot to the trailer hitch. It needs to be long enough to hold on to your kayak. When the tongue length is long enough, it is easier to tow and handle turns on the road.

Tire size

Smaller wheels may mean the trailer is closer to ground and it is easier to load the kayak. But the smaller it is, the faster the wheels wear out. This is because it needs to perform more work to cover larger distances.


We hope that this guide has helped you find the perfect kayak trailer for you. It is important to weigh on factors that matter most to you instead of picking the most expensive one. 


If you still cannot decide what is the best, then we recommend Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit as the best overall Kayak Trailer. This trailer has all the basic features you need. It is lightweight, durable, has tough tires, plus it is the most affordable. We find this kayak value for money.

What’s next

If you are looking to get your own kayaks, check out the Best Inflatable Kayak or Best Sit On Top Kayak.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the 5 best kayak trailers, or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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