Best Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

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To the adventurers out there, kayaking is perhaps their go-to move for a little exercise down the sea, river or even their local lake. “Just keep paddlin’!”, that is their idea of fun. Quiet boats such as kayaks are amazing for the environment, but after you choose your kayak you can remove a big chunk of that burden of paddling if you look at the option of the best kayak trolling motor mount. 

Here are the five best kayak trolling motor mounts on the market, and how they are so well-received by adventurers of the water bodies. If you cannot wait, and want to get the Best Kayak Trolling Motor Mount, check out Wilderness Systems Universal Transom Trolling Motor Mount for Kayaks.

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Made out of marine grade alloy and nylon, Brocraft Fishing Kayak trolling Motor Mount is an incredibly strong and rust-resistant boat. It can be used on most kayaks with double rod holders, and therefore is universally suited. Yes, it is also adjustable for different hull widths and fits at any angle. Oh, and the adjustable left-hand, right-hand operation is also an option here. 

A fast hatch and a canister with bungee cords provide extra storage space in this tandem kayak. Carved footrests, two bottle slots, and four accessory grommets are also included for your convenience. The twin-arched multi-chine shell provides exceptional stability, ensuring a safe and smooth ride while also making getting into or out of the kayak a breeze.

The unique manufacturing technique enables the extra flotation to be built into the hulls of all sit-on-tops to meet or exceed ABYC requirements, with a total capacity of 500 lb. Don’t fret, the scupper holes on the kayak’s bottom are entirely safe and assist drain any extra water that may enter your boat. It features a flat hull design that gives you peace of mind when riding. These are all the amazing features of this marvellous kayak trolling motor mount which is reasonably labelled as one of the best ones. 



  • Applicable on various hull widths 
  • Very durable 
  • Can be mounted with both gas and electric motors
  • Two-years warranty



  • No instruction manual provided
  • Small base

Mount your trolling motor at practically any location along with the bow of your boat with the ProControll EZ Mount. The fibreglass-reinforced nylon structure and stainless-steel equipment are durable and long-lasting, only with a quick-release clamp making it simple to install and remove your trolling motor, and the 1% draught on the mount prevents the motor from sliding.

Stainless steel hardware is sturdy and long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about your boat succumbing to rust. Also, the 1% draught on the mount keeps the trolling motor from drifting around too much. Your troll motor is mounted on the front of your kayak using this motor. It’s composed of fibreglass-reinforced nylon for long-term usage, and it comes with a fast-release clamp for convenient installation and removal.



  • Great customers reviews
  • Spacious 
  • Easy operation
  • Durable 
  • Great quality



  • Limited and small weight capacity

The convenience of this mount, the simplicity with which individuals can fit, and the wide range of settings in which it is employed set RAILBLAZA apart from its other competitors. 

All RAILBLAZA components are composed of high-quality, UV-stabilised epoxy resins, alloy steels that are rust-resistant, and anodized aluminium; making them extremely durable. Fibreglass-reinforced is added to the chemical mixture whenever additional strength is required. 

The RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount Bracket blends the versatility of RAILBLAZA clamps with some ingenious design to provide a mounting bracket for electric outboard motors.

Clipping on and off is a breeze, and the kayak can go from paddle-only to motor-ready in under thirty seconds. This universal kayak trolling motor mount will fit practically all kayak models, making it generally applicable.



  • Quick-release 
  • Great functionality 
  • Various bracket availability


  • Pricey

With this motor kit, you can kick back and relax while travelling down the river in an Intex inflatable boat. The kit allows you to attach a three-and-a-half-horsepower motor to the back of your Intex boat, allowing you to relax your paddling arms and float in style.

The mount, which is constructed of composite and has aluminium support arms, attaches and detaches quickly so you don’t have to fiddle with the parts every time you want to use the motor. Furthermore, when you return home, the mount disassembles fast for simple storage in your garage or closet.



  • Best quality 
  • Simple to set up
  • Sturdy 
  • Safe
  • Stylish 
  • Clever design


  • None

This Wilderness Systems Universal Trolling Motor Mount makes it simple to mount a clamp-on type trolling motor with up to 3 horsepower to your kayak. Certain Wilderness Systems kayak designs include a popular 4-hole bolt design that may be retrofitted to models with sufficient mounting surface locations. To fit the Radar and ATAK versions, couple this with Wilderness Systems Stern Mounting Plates.

A universal trolling motor bracket for clamp-on electric trolling motors is included, as well as a marine Board backing plate to keep the motor clamp tight and secure. It has a maximum trolling motor thrust of 36 pounds and is made of heavy-duty 13-gauge stainless steel for added durability.

Trolling motors of up to three horsepower and/or seventy pounds of torque are suggested for the rectangular mounting bracket design, which measures 3.75″ x 4.75″. This kayak trolling motor mount has a maximum weight capacity of 45 pounds, and the bracket dimensions and weight are 8.59″ x (W) 8.78″ x (H) 3.95″ and 2.7 lbs, respectively.

It is simple to mount and does not require many tassels to pull the boat. It is durable, long-lasting and has a sturdy structure that is bound to satisfy you until the end.



  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Maximum weight: 45lbs
  • The thrust of about 36 pounds
  • Universal trolling motors bracket
  • Highly durable 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Simple to set-up
  • Can fit on any boat


  • Budget-heavy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you mount a trolling motor on a kayak?

Yes, you can place trolling motors on inflatable kayaks, if you do so precisely. Various troll motor mounts are particularly built for inflatable kayaks that you may purchase. There are also a plethora of DIY YouTube tutorials available to assist you in creating your bespoke mount.

How do you side to mount a trolling motor to a kayak?

To accomplish so, cross the rear of the kayak with a trolling motor mount with a length of coated angle iron, otherwise a waterproofed board. Make sure it’s strong enough to handle the trolling motor’s clamp. If you’re right-handed, position your motor to the left so you can use your right hand to grip your fishing pole and your left hand to operate the motor steering throttle.

How fast will a kayak go with a trolling motor?

These trolling motor kayak mounts are only capable of travelling at a maximum velocity of five miles per hour.

How far can a kayak go with a trolling motor?

A trolling motor will propel kayaks at six to ten mph into a headwind and against the river with little effort.

Buying Guide

Now that you are well-versed in the varieties of the trolling motor mount for kayaks, you need to figure out how to choose the best one. I mean, what if you don’t have the budget for an expensive one? How are you going to know which one is going to suit you, suffice, and is preferably long-lasting? And if you are buying one, what are you looking for? Here’s a summed up buying guide for the folks who are looking forward to Row Row Row their boat, gently down the stream.

Hardware and Built

The various components of the motor mount you select must be well-designed and made of high-quality materials. The durability of the attachment hardware, the metallic mounting arm of the mount, and even the heavy-duty mounting plate determine how long your motor mount lasts. Furthermore, the mount’s design must be sturdy and not pliable. Otherwise, even modestly big or harsh waves or tidal currents will cause the mount to collapse.


Durability is an aspect of the potential in manufacturing the motor mount, and it is strongly related to hardware and construction. Choose motor mounts of stainless steel, anodized aluminium, UV-stabilised strengthened plastics or marine-grade aluminium that may be used in both freshwater and saltwater. These are adaptable without sacrificing the product’s toughness or lifetime.


It’s not the simplest task in the world to attach a motor to your kayak. In reality, putting it together and installing it on your watercraft will need a significant bit of drilling and DIY. Most excellent engine mounts take around an hour to install on average, especially if you need to drill a hole in your kayak as well. Some mounts are intended to fit within kayaking rod holders, that might be quite useful for folks who may not want to drill in their kayak’s hull.

How important is the construction quality of a kayak motor mount?

All kayak motor mounts’ longevity and general performance are determined by the quality of their manufacture, which should never be disregarded. Hey, you’ve already invested the effort to choose the greatest kayak trolling motor; now it’s time to find a motor mount that can handle the job as well.

You may believe that saving a few dollars by purchasing less expensive – and oftentimes substandard – kayaking motor mount equipment is a good idea. 

However, the inadequately-designed kayak trolling motor mounts come with a slew of potential hazards: Your kayak’s trolling motor might be thrown into the water if the mount fails. It may be unable to cope with the motor’s weight, power, and vibrations, resulting in damage to the engine – and, maybe, the kayak. If it’s not made of corrosion-resistant materials like fibreglass or anodized aluminium, it might be damaged by seawater.

Does the kayak motor include the necessary hardware?


One of your main objectives while installing the kayak trolling motor mount should be to have the appropriate hardware on hand. The procedure of mounting a trolling motor on a kayak is quite simple, but a lack of appropriate hardware may quickly turn the task into an unpleasant ordeal. However, this is mostly an issue with universal kayak motor mounts. It is better to take inventory before you get to the hands-on activity of installation. 

Is your kayak compatible with a motor?

It’s critical to verify if your kayak is capable of coupling with a trolling motor before you start looking for the best kayak to mount a trolling motor on. If it isn’t, you should consider replacing it with a brand new which can be used with a regular bow or stern-mounted kayak mount motors.

The great majority of kayaks can be utilised with a trolling motor of some sort. You can’t just hook up any old trolling motor to just about every old kayak, either. You must look into your kayak and assess the several sorts of motors that may be installed on it.

Size of a trolling motor

Not all troll motors are built with the same standard features. Some of them will certainly be too big or strong to fit on your kayak. Once you’ve confirmed that your kayak can accommodate a trolling motor, you’ll need to identify your constraints and the type of trolling motor that will work best for you. 

It is critical to ensure that the size of your kayak trolling motor is compatible with the kayak trolling motor mount you’re selecting. If you try to place a trolling motor that is too gigantic or hefty for the mount, you risk significant injury as well as the motor malfunctioning and damaging your kayak.

The noise level produced by your trolling motor is also affected by the shaft length. If you get it too near the surface, the propeller will churn the water, alerting any surrounding fish of your position. So bear that in mind, too. 

Here is a bit of mathematics for you (sorry): You’ll need a shaft length of roughly 30 inches if the distance from the water to the transom mount is less than 10 inches. If the distance between the water and the transom mount is between 10 and 16 inches, a 36-inch shaft is required. You’ll need a shaft length of 42 inches or more if the distance from the water to the transom mount is 16 to 20 inches. For the most part, a 30-inch shaft will be enough for a kayak.

Where will you mount it?

There are three different sorts of kayak trolling motor mount settings, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The location of your kayak trolling motor will be influenced by whether your boat can accommodate a trolling motor in that spot, as well as your personal preference for which mount is ideal for your purposes.

Stern Mount

By far the most effective of the three settings for your trolling motor is the stern or transom mount. The stern position is certainly more difficult to manage since you may need to twist the steering handle, but the advantages easily surpass the limitations.

A rear mount allows the hull design of your kayak to perform more efficiently, resulting in less drag and wasted energy than a front or side mount. It also enhances the propeller’s motion and results in smoother turning movements. Furthermore, a stern installation is the greatest option for tracking.

Most fishermen love a stern mount because it puts the motors and propeller beyond them, allowing them to cast and haul fish up towards both edges of the kayak without fear of hitting someone.

Side Mount

For a variety of reasons, side mounts are far more common than bow mounts, the most important of which is the simplicity with which you can adjust the direction of your kayak. A side mount helps to target the tiller handle more readily, but it has significant disadvantages for fishers.

First and foremost, a side-mounted troll motor will have a substantial influence on your kayak’s tracking since it will, in most circumstances, operate directly against the hull design. This may not bother some kayakers, but if you want to achieve the most performance from trolling motor mount for a kayak, a side mounting will waste a lot of energy.

If you’re planning to utilise a side-mounted trolling motor, you’ll need a rudder to counteract any drag or tracking concerns. Also, if you’re attempting to land one catch on this edge of your kayak, you’ll have to work around the side mount. It creates a significant risk of getting tangled up in the propeller.

Bow Mount

The trolling motor is mounted in the bow (front), of your ready kayak with trolling motor mounts. Anglers that want to have a greater grip over the kayak with both the trolling motor frequently choose this option.

As the trolling motor is mounted on the head, it pulls rather than pushes the kayak cutting through the water. The bow-mounted trolling motor, on the other hand, will normally have a significant impact on your kayak’s tracking. You’ll also have to cope with less space for clutter on your kayak’s deck with a bow mount. 

The bow-mounted trolling motor’s general design is also a poor use of power because it isn’t meant to pull, but rather to push a boat through the water. It’s renowned for producing jerky, rapid motions that can easily throw you off course if you don’t grasp how much power your trolling motor has.

Installation and required hardware

It’s a brilliant idea to think about the position of the kayak you’ll place the trolling mount on before you buy it. You’re in luck if your watercraft has a stern mount that can take most conventional engine mounts. If it doesn’t have one and you’re forced to place one on the front or side, recheck that you’ll be able to do so without problems.

Consider if the product contains rod pockets, steering arm extensions, gear track or mounts for cameras or GPS systems, and other accessories when shopping for the finest kayak trolling motor mount. These aren’t required, but they do make a great difference if you want to make the most of kayaking.

What’s Next?

To summarise this buyer’s guideline, the five kayak trolling motor mounts described above are the best currently available on the market. Each one is equipped with sufficient durability, battery capacity, and propelling power to make your fishing trip more pleasant and enjoyable.

After weighing all of the choices, we would recommend the Wilderness Systems Universal Transom Trolling Motor Mount for Kayaks. Simply because it has the largest list of benefits and has met customer expectations in a number of areas.

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