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Are you looking for fun and friendly Kayaks for your sports and aquatic races? Kayaks are the latest trend which is used to enjoy boating, surfing, or leisure activities near the lake. From catching fish to surf playing, they have become our favorite water activity for all of us. 

However, with countless options in the market, getting your hands on the best Kayak is a tough row to hoe. A kayak may seem like a simple canoe, but from the lightweight material to the additional features, there are a lot of features to analyze while purchasing one. 

To save your time and efforts, we have narrowed down the 5 best lightweight Kayaks for you to ramp up your canoeing experience. 

5 Best Lightweight Kayak

No matter how many Kayaks we analyze, the biggest concern will always be our safety. We would all want a Kayak that guarantees us safety and security.

And this is what this Kayak offers. It has some additional floating blocks which add to the security. Moreover, a flatter gull is also added which bolsters the safety features. 

With its amazing build and premium quality, it can easily travel with a maximum capacity of 275 lb. the external structure of the Pelican is made from a shallow V-chine hull which makes it stable and durable. Thus, it is the best option for all recreational paddlers. 

Comfortability is yet another essential element to analyze when we search for the best Kayaks. Luckily, this amazing Kayak offers comfortability too. They have the adjustable Ergofoam which gives the maximum comfort. 

To support the ergo foam, they have also added the padded backrest, that comes with the ergo base seat cushion. In this seating system, the padded backrest can easily be adjusted according to your size and comfort, which provides better support. 

Thus, these systems give the best support and comfort. 



  • Comes with a bungee cord and rear tank. 
  • Easy to carry and transport 
  • Durable 


  • Limited color option

The Oru Kayak is the ideal Kayak for people yearning to enjoy and serene and stable kayaking experience in warm and cool seasons. The external shape of this incredible Kayat is sleek and streamlined which offers the best durability. That is, the external structure has undergone numerous durability tests before it came into the market. 

Furthermore, the external design is specially made in a way that beginners can handle easily. You can take this innovative Kayak all by yourself for all your kayaking activities, even if you are a beginner. 

This is why the external structure of the Oru Kayak was featured on Shark Tank and Oprah Magazine. 

It also got into the accolades list of Wall Street Journal and CNN. Thus, no one can beat the popularity of this Kayak. 

This magic Kayak can turn from box to boat within just 5 minutes. That is, it has an origami structure. You can easily fold it in your car and assemble it within minutes when you have to use it. 

Furthermore, this amazing boat does not even require a roof rack. You can fit it into the trunk of every vehicle by folding it. 

And if you are still not satisfied, you can easily return it within a year. The Oru Kayak comes with a 12-month warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 



  • Foldable 
  • Convenient 
  • Easy to assemble


  • Cannot carry a lot of weight

As the name suggests, the Lifetime Youth Kayak is specially designed to fit people of all ages. The lightweight kayaks for adults and kids can fit up to 130 lb weight in one sitting. 

Moreover, to make it lightweight, it is specially designed with molded finger handles on each side of the kayak. These molded handles help to provide support and make transportation easier. This is why you can easily fit a bunch of 5 years old kids with a few adults without worrying about the safety. 

To add to the features, it also has numerous footrest positions which help to adjust the riders of different sizes. If you still have any doubts about its weight capacity or any other feature, it also has a 5-year warranty. You can return it anytime you are dissatisfied. 

A lot of makers are extra conscious about the lightweight and durability of the Kayak, but they forget to consider the strength of the Kayak. This amazing Kayak is made with High-Density Polyethene. 

The High-Density Polyethene is a fine quality material that gives the Kayak superior strength and durability. It also has multiple footrest positions and a swim-up deck, with elevates the strength and gives it extra stability. 

The goal of this company has always been to make a high-quality product in an affordable range, and the Lifetime Youth Kayak is a living example of it. 



  • Stable 
  • Premium Quality 


  • Poor customer service 

The Advanced Elements Lagoon Kayak is made to have a rigid structure. That is, the structure of the Kayak is specially made to add built-in rigid panels. The light kayaks give the bow and stern a defined shape, which helps in improving the tracking.

To add to the rigid structure, they also have a tube cover. The tube cover helps in adding stiffness to the Kayak and protects it from any abrasion. It makes the Kayak safe and secure to use. To make you more comfortable and safe, the Advanced Elements Kayak has the built-in seat for maximum comfort.

For more improved performance, it has a hull design with a landing plate that improves the fin performance. 

Amidst fast-flowing water and serene weather, who has time to spend hours assembling a Kayak? 

The Advanced Elements boat is very easy to assemble and can be set up within just a few minutes. It has Twistlok valves with high flow Spring valves, which helps in the assembling process. 

To make things easier for you, it comes with a duffel bag and a repair kit. It also has a folding seat and an owner’s manual to guide to through the process. 



  • Comes with additional equipment
  • Paddles are not comfortable 

You might have evaluated the features of numerous Kayaks, but you might have never seen a Kayak as well-balanced as this one. The Sevylor Quikpak Kayak has numerous air chambers. These air chambers assist one another in keeping the Kayak working. That is, if one of the chambers gets punctured, the others will allow the Kayak to stay firm. 

Furthermore, it also has a Tarpaulin bottom. This bottom accentuates the protection from the punctures and makes the Kayak durable. And even if something goes off, the 21-gauge PVC is added to make it a go-to Kayak for rugged landscapes too. Thus, it can bear all the inclement weather and water conditions, while keeping you safe. 

The Sevylor Kayak truly knows how difficult it can get to travel around the lake for hours. This is why it has added numerous footrest positions to make you feel comfortable for hours. 

Moreover, it has a relaxing backrest for you to easily lean your back and enjoy the journey you have just embarked upon. The double lock valve system is a cherry on top, which gives you two locking systems for easy inflation/deflation. 



  • Easy to inflate/deflate 
  • Maneuverability 


  • Difficult to assemble 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use lightweight Kayaks? 

Yes, it is safe to use lightweight Kayaks. Most people confuse this term with stability and durability. Lightweight Kayaks are made with a different quality that not just makes them easier to carry, but also sturdy. Therefore, they are even safer than heavier kayaks. 

Do we have to look for longer Kayaks when purchasing? 

When purchasing the best Kayak, we do not prioritize the length. Instead, we look for the shape and material. The shape should be streamlined and the width should be considered too. The length of the Kayak does not support its rigidity or sturdiness.

Can beginners use the Kayak? 

Kayaks can be used by both, beginners and professionals. Although they are mostly used by professionals, amateurs can also use them. They come with complete guidance, and the structure of the Kayaks is safe. Thus, everyone can use them.

Buying Guide 

With a plethora of options in the market, we know getting our hands on the perfect one is not easy. To make your evaluation easier, here are a few features that you should always check before buying the perfect Kayak for yourself. They are as follows: 


There is no use in getting a Kayak if it is not durable. Thus, when ver you get a Kayak, you should always check its material and structure for durability. It is advisable to get a Kayak made with polyethylene as it helps to add to the durability. Moreover, you should always go for hard-sided kayaks with rugged UV protection. 

Storage Space 

What is the use of going on a picnic when you cannot store your camera and water bottles? It is the most common, yet underrated problem of lightweight Kayaks. That is, they have little or no space for storage. 

Nevertheless, it can be both, a blessing and a curse. More storage space means more items in the Kayak, thus, it might add to the weight and pull the Kayak down. Having said that, there is no harm in buying a Kayak with a little storage space, at least to keep your essentials. 


If you have to purchase a Kayak that you can take anywhere you want, it is essential to check its portability too. Most Kayaks are made from the inflatable outer skin. This is supported by the inner ribs, which are called the “origami kayak.”

It is a flexible material that can be folded multiple times into a box, which makes it easier to put it in the trunks of all vehicles. Thus, you can carry the portable Kayaks anywhere you want. 


Picnics and Rafting are meant to give your comfort and pleasure. And if you come back with backaches and twisted necks, there is no need to get one. 

When buying a Kayak, you should always check for comfort. Most of the Kayaks come with adjustable seatbacks with layers of cushions to add to the comfort. 

Moreover, they also come with multiple foot handles for you to lay down your feet. The seats and the backs should be made from an ergo foam, which adds to the comfort. 

Additional Features 

Additional Features are always a bonus, that is icings on the cake. Most Kayaks come with extra features such as repair kits, folding seats, and duffle bags. If you are getting any of these with the Kayak, it can easily be your best fit. 

What’s next? 

To sum up, to guide you through the process of buying the most suitable Kayaks, we have unleashed the best 5 options. All of them are lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable which will make your journey cool and relaxing. 

Having said that, if you ask for a personal recommendation, we would recommend you the Oru Kayak foldable boat. There is a reason it is all over the internet and in magazines. No other Kayak can easily be folded into a box and assembled as easily as this one. 

Furthermore, it is an ultra-light kayak that is sturdy and comfortable, which is why it got featured in numerous shows. Although this Kayak is a bit more expensive than the rest, you can always return it within a year if you are not satisfied with the quality. 

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