Best Pro Scooters for Beginners

Dreaming of yourself doing a bunny hop with both wheels off the ground, whip up a bar spin or a 360 degrees? Welcome to the world of pro scooters, which is becoming a more popular choice for performing tricks, competitions or just as an economical way to commute to get around. 

The difference between a normal scooter and a pro scooter is its wheels. Usually standard scooters come with plastic or rubber wheels, whereas pro scooters have metal core wheels. 

Pro scooters have a one piece bar, and cannot be folded or adjusted in its height. 

Our picks have many attributes that people will love, and we have listed them down to help you make a better informed decision. 

Our favorite pick for the best pro scooter is the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter.

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Pro Scooting Competitions

ISA (International Scooter Association) organizes one of the largest pro scooting competitions, namely the World Scooter Championship that happens yearly. It showcases scooters from around the world, which helps place scooting on the action sports map. It provides an avenue for riders to drive the status of park scooter riding to the next level.


Low Impact Cardio Workout

Best pro scooter
low impact cardio

Scooting is a great choice, if you are looking for a low impact cardio workout to stay in shape. Low impact cardio workout, means the heart rate is not exposed to heavy fatigue. Your body will reach a stage where it starts to burn your fat for fuel. 

Scooting comes in between cycling and running. You sweat and yet you get the fun factor out of it. It makes your body do all the workout, especially the lower body muscles at your thighs, knee, calf, and back muscles. 

An easy exercise is to find a hilly terrain with an appropriate slope, and scoot up and roll down a couple of times. Make sure you switch your legs evenly, and not only train the dominant leg. 

If your daily lifestyle is always sitting, hunching over a desk or computer, then scooting will counteract with your sedentary lifestyles. 

Save on gas

Scooting saves on gas
Scooting saves on gas

Scooting helps you save on gas, when commuting to school or to work for short journeys. You get to avoid traffic jams and get to your destination on time.  

It is a great way to spend more time outdoors, getting all the sunshine you need, instead of being an enclosed space. This will help you in your mental and emotional wellbeing by removing the anxiety and prepare you for a great start of the day.

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How to choose a Pro Scooter

Deck Size

Pro Scooting tricks
Deck Size

Choosing a deck size is more of a personal preference. Larger riders would appreciate a bigger deck size, as it is more comfortable to stand on. This allows more room to prepare for tricks. On the other hand, the smaller the deck size, the easier it is to perform tricks as it is lighter. 

The deck should comfortably fit the rider’s feet without excess space. Just to give you a general idea, if you are 5 feet and below, your deck size should be in a range of 4” to 4.5” wide and 19” to 20” long. And if you are on the taller side, then look for somewhere between 4.5 to 6″ wide and and 20 to 23.5″ long. 


Then again it depends on what type of rider you are. If you enjoy performing front flips and whipping-style tricks, then a smaller deck is easier to control. If you are into ramp railing, then longer decks may work better for you. 

Bar Size

Pro Scooter Bar size
Pro Scooter Bar size

A common guideline for bar width, is it should be roughly the size of your shoulders. If you are into barspins, having a narrow bar will prevent the bar from hitting you in the waist. 

The bar should sit somewhere around your hip to waist height, while standing on the deck. If it is too low, it can be uncomfortable to ride it. If it is too high, then affects your control over the scooter when performing whips. 

Another technique is to put your hands down while standing on the scooter. You want the bar to be just next to your wrist, so that it is easier to pull your scooter up and spin it with any other combo trick.  

There is always this common tendency to buy your kid a scooter that he can grow into. It is important to get something that matches the rider’s physique, as an oversized scooter may make it hard to maneuver and lead to unnecessary injuries.

Here are 5 scooter tricks you can learn in one day

Scooter Tips

Scooter Etiquette

Be aware of your surroundings. When you are awaiting to drop in, look left and right to avoid being someone else’s way. Do not snake in, just wait for your turn. Stand aside when you are not riding. And most of all, be respectful to each other as everyone is here to have a fun time.

Warm Up

Before you start, it is important to do a quick warm up to prime up your body. Your muscles will feel less stiff and scooting movements will feel more fluid. 

Start with stretching exercises by leaning towards a single straight leg. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds on each side. Move around your ankles and wrists to loosen the joints. 

Stretch open your hand a few times to practice better gripping. Raise both of your heels off the ground, balancing on the balls of your feet.  

Continue with some mid point squats and finally roll your shoulders front and back to loosen up the muscles. 

Wear Protective Gear

It does not matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned pro scooter, wearing protective gear is a must. Get yourself a safety helmet, good shoes, knee pads, gloves, elbow pads and a mouth piece. 


You will thank yourself that your bones and teeth are still intact. Safety gear can prevent you from getting friction burns when gliding down from an obstacle, and take you confidently to the next level of trying out new and advanced tricks. 

Top 5 Best pro scooters

Fuzion X-3’s deck is extremely solid. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum, which is also used in aviation. This makes the deck super lightweight and yet able to withstand the impact of landings from all those rides and tricks. 

Another important element is its V-Bars, which is made of high tensile steel. This makes the frame stronger than standard aluminum bars. It is fitted with pro grips which give it comfort and better control to the rider. 

Its nylon/steel brake controls the scooter well even when it is at high speed and does a good job of being noise free. Its 100mm Cast PU wheels with Metalized ABS Composite cores deliver a smooth riding experience while being durable.  

Riders who are looking for a strong but light scooter will appreciate its reliable system of IHC (Integrated Headset Compression). It is easy to assemble, just put the neck, deck and fork together. Tighten it with three bolts and you are ready to ride.



  • Sturdy
  • Popular
  • Easy to assemble
  • Noiseless brake
  • Not the best bearings

Apollo Genius Pro stunt scooter is designed in Germany by engineers who are passionate about creating high quality products that deliver first class riding experience. 

This is a stunt scooter, which is built for making jumps, 360 turns, twists, and complicated stunts. 

It is suitable for children age 6 and above, advanced riders, and professional scooter athletes taking a maximum of 220 lbs. It is a scooter for the whole family to enjoy.

With safety in mind, its anti-skid grips allow you full control of your scooter, preventing harm to your body when performing stunts. 


Apollo Genius Pro comes with 100mm PU wheels with Alu Core and ABEC 9 high speed ball bearings. They are considered smaller sized wheels and lighter, keeping you lower to ground, which is perfect for beginner riders.



  • Rough surface deck to keep shoes from slipping off
  • Inexpensive
  • Great performance for complicated stunts
  • Robust
  • Slightly on the heavier side

Pulse KR2 boasts its reinforced heat treated aluminium deck and handlebar tubes, which can handle punishing trick performance on the streets or skateparks. So don’t hold back. 

Its 100mm solid core urethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings are made for a fairly good level of smoothness and acceleration. With its high tensile steel fork, you will love how it remarkably handles grinds and turns without any issues. 

This scooter measures 25.75″L x 18.75″W x 32″H, which is suitable for most riders, age 5 years and above. Adults can ride it comfortably, as it can take a maximum weight up to 140 lbs. 


Another nice feature is its flat spring steel rear foot brake which is effective in delivering a smooth, complete stop.



  • Durable
  • Reinforced heat treated aluminium deck
  • High impact wheels
  • Spring steel rear brakes
  • Handles up to 140 lbs, have to upgrade as you get older

It has a very well made deck, featuring One Degree Concave Design, made of 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum. It is designed to transition kids smoothly from beginner to pro level tricks. 

Its aluminium deck makes it as tough as it is light at 7.5lbs. Its deck is wide and stable at 17.5” x 4”, so adults can ride this as well. 

The scooter is the proper size for anyone because it is made with smaller size bars with customized 117mm TPR Grips. The dimensions of the Arcade Pro handlebars are 22.5″ x 17.75″, which stands about 32.25″ tall when fully assembled. 

Its no nonsense design, which includes a light 3D stamped steel fork structure that can withstand lots of trashing over time. The Arcade is fitted with ABEC 7 that allows the wheels to turn easily. 


You will enjoy this scooter as the wheels never get stuck or jammed. It barely makes any noise even when jumping.



  • One Degree Concave Design deck
  • Smaller size bars for easier maneuver
  • Quiet
  • Sturdy
  • Less affordable

This scooter is well thought out with smoothed out welded areas to prevent chin and knee hits. Its 19.5″ W X 23.8″ H bar is made of medium carbon steel tube that features backsweep and upsweep for added comfort. 

Its 100mm wheels made of high rebounding and shock absorbing PU material, creates a good balance between comfort and traction. The fact that the wheels are able return to its original shape after being distorted, reduces the rolling resistance. 

Its 3.9″ W X 18.7″ L deck can take a beating considering its material is made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with reinforced heat treated forged plates. This process makes the deck more stable, sturdy and safe. It will allow you to go faster due to the fact that it is lightweight. 

VOKUL Pro Stunt is designed for children 7 years and above and can take a maximum weight of 220 lbs, which is quite a significant weight.



  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Caters for up to 220 lbs
  • Need to tighten the bolts after awhile

Our Verdict

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter comes out as one of the most popular and trusted stunt scooters in the scooting community. You can’t go wrong with this investment, as it has the durability, lightness and strength to perform technical tricks.  

Your kids will feel like a celebrity when they ride by their friend’s house. So, go on to create new memories on your scooting adventures and remember to always put on your safety gear before you start.

What's Next

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I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the top 5 Pro Scooters, or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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