Best RV Macerator Pump For Gray Water Bypass

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How do you deal with black water when travelling off grid? It is undoubtedly the part you enjoy the least, but now you can minimize these concerns easily thanks to macerator pumps. If you are in a hurry and want to get the Best RV Macerator Pump, check out Clean Dump CDTO Twist-On Portable Macerator System.

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What Does RV Macerator Pump Do?

To macerate is to break into pieces and soften. Hence, that’s what a macerator does. A macerator pump grinds up the solid waste with its blender, before flushing it down to your RV’s black tank.
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The old school macerator has several limitations. It relies on gravity to flush the waste out. It doesn’t handle the waste very well, may encounter blockage and can be messy. That’s why handling the black tank is the least fun part of camping. Especially when it comes to cleaning the tanks’ hose.

Are RV Macerator Pumps Worth It?

Absolutely! A good macerator pump RV is truly heaven sent. You don’t need to position your RV specifically uphill just to ensure the waste can flow out. Don’t need to be near the dump station. Don’t need to clean the sewage hose. No more spillage incidents. 

Finally, flushing out waste and cleaning the tank takes far less time with macerator pumps. Absolutely no mess and no fuss! So, whether you are looking to replace your old macerator pump if you are a first time buyer, this guide is here to help you decide the best RV macerator pump for you. 
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5 Best RV Macerator Pump

The Flowjet Portable RV Waste Pump is specifically designed to improve the least fun part of the RV experience. This self-priming pump can cleanly handle both of your black and grey tanks with ease.

Setting up this macerating pump is fairly easy. The pump housing connects to the standard 3 inches waste outlet from your RV. While the discharge port connects to a standard garden hose to flush out the waste. There is also a freshwater inlet that allows you to wash the pump and backflush your tanks. You can clean your tanks and the pump if you have access to a freshwater supply.

This flojet rv waste pump has a handheld switch with a 6-foot wire that allows you to turn on and off the pump. With that, you can install the switch anywhere on your RV and operate the pump at your convenience after setting it up properly. 

Its 12V pump can empty a 40-gallon tank within 5 minutes! Moreover, the waste can be effectively flushed through a distance of up to 25 feet away regardless of height. 

In terms of safety, this Flojet pump has a 30-second dry run protection. But we highly advise you to monitor it at all times while in use. Especially since it only takes a few minutes to empty the tank. 

Another thing to note is the macerator can handle human waste and tissue only. Be very mindful not to flush down sanitary pads or rags down or you will risk damaging the pump.



  • Has a handheld switch to operate
  • Easy to attach & detach the pump
  • Dry run protection in case you forget to turn it off
  • Might overheat
  • Dry run protection is too short


Unlike other portable macerator pumps, Sewerflo boasts a high level of user-friendliness. Its unique design allows it to be easily attached and detached from your black and grey tanks within seconds. Moreover, operating the pump is very easy as well. So, if you are a first-time macerator pump buyer, look no further! 

Living up to its super user-friendly reputation, this Sewerflo shares a few similar characteristics as other top-tiered macerator pumps. Firstly, it connects to the standard 3 inches waste outlet from your RV. Secondly, the discharge port connects to a standard garden hose. Lastly, it has a freshwater inlet to clean out the tanks as well as the pump and hose. 

Therefore, this pump works well with most of the existing items we have. You don’t have to get specifically made parts to use it.  


Sewerflo has a 12V motor like many other macerator pumps, but its motor is an intermittent duty type. So, it doesn’t pump continuously non-stop. That means it takes a longer time to fully flush out your waste. But you can be assured that your pump will not overheat from working too long. This is really good since it ensures the motor will last longer.



  • Easy to attach & detach the pump
  • Has a thermally-protected motor to prevent overheating
  • Can pump over long distance


  • Takes a long time to flush out the waste

Shurflo 3200 12V is a permanent type of macerator pump. It certainly lacks the convenience that portable pumps offer. But with this high quality permanent pump, you will have peace of mind knowing that you own a durable and powerful pump to rely on for many years to come.

Backed by over 50 years of history in manufacturing water pumping systems for RVs. Shurflo has easily earned a reputation as the industry-leading and reliable macerator pump. Its patented design and innovative technology can effectively handle your waste. Truly taking the chore out of flushing your RV waste tanks.  

This robust pump comes with a dual blade macerating system to effectively grind and break down your waste. So, there is low risk of debris clogging up the pump and it can flush out all the waste smoothly.  

Shurflo 3200-001 has a dry run capability. That is really handy to protect the motor in case you somehow forgot to turn off the pump when the waste stops flowing. On top of that, there is also thermal heat protection in place to keep the motor safe from overheating due to prolonged use. 

With 2 amazing safety features already in place, this pump has only a very basic maintenance requirement. So, maintaining it is fairly quick and easy. That means more time for you to spend on travelling in your RV.



  • Has dual blade for powerful grinding
  • Dry run capability
  • Thermal heat protection


  • Installation may be a challenge 

The Clean Dump portable macerator system is the most comprehensive set we can find. Ideal for those who prefers a complete system. No need to look further for more pieces or make separate shopping trips to get your new macerator pump up and working. This set has it all.  

A complete Clean Dump set comes with a Flojet 18555 macerator pump, 10 feet discharge hose, drip proof valves, all required adapters and lastly, a 20 feet power cord with battery clips. Furthermore, you do not need any other tools to install and use this macerator pump since it’s a portable type. Just twist on to attach it onto your black and grey tanks. 

This macerator pump boasts that it can clean fast and far (up to 150 feet!). But for it to pump that far, you’d definitely need an extension hose because the default set comes with only a 10 feet discharge hose.  

Similarly to the portable pumps we have mentioned above, the Clean Dump connects to the standard 3 inches waste outlet from most industry standard RVs. So, there is no need to worry about compatibility issues when getting this pump. 



  • Very comprehensive set
  • Can pump over long distance
  • Easy to attach & detach the pump


  • Loud motor
  • Prone to overheating


Amarine is mainly a boating accessory company from London. Established in 2014, they have been selling to millions of boaters till today. Their 12V self-priming macerator pump is a top pick among boaters. Rest assured, it works remarkably well with RVs too!

The Amarine Made 12V Self-Priming Pump is a permanent type of macerator pump. It features a unique quad-blade design. That’s why despite its small size, the macerator provides an amazingly swift and thorough grinding capability.

Within just 3 minutes, it managed to grind the waste into tiny bits and empty a 30-gallon tank. Unfortunately, those blades cannot handle hard objects, rags and feminine napkins. But to be fair, those items should not be flushed down your RV plumbing system in the first place. 

The other feature this pump boasts is a dry run capability. Plus, inbuilt thermal protection with intermittent duty cycle. So, in case it runs longer than it should, the motor will shut off by itself. All in all, this self-priming pump has great safety features and bare minimum maintenance requirements. 

This Amarine Made macerator pump may not be among the easier ones to set up. So, if you are not familiar with DIY works, it’s highly recommended to engage a professional to help setup. This will be just a one time hassle. Due to its durability, this pump will last you for many years without a hitch.



  • Has thermal protection and dry run capability
  • Has quad blade for swift grinding
  • Flushes out waste very quickly


  • Loud motor
  • Installation may be a challenge 


Buying Guide: How To Choose The Ideal Macerator Pump

Portable pumps

Portable pumps are light, they can be readily installed and dismantled at your convenience. It’s very versatile and can be moved from one RV to another. So, most portable pump buyers do not need to pay further for a professional to install it. 

But a lot of experienced campers shared that they hardly need to relocate or move their pumps anyway. So, it’s a convenience that may not be fully utilized. Another point to note is, portable pumps are generally less sturdy. It might not last as long as expected. 

Therefore, you would definitely want to stick with only the top brands known for its quality when it comes to portable pumps. 

Permanent Pumps

Permanent pumps, as their name implies are meant to be installed onto a spot and can no longer be moved around. These permanent pumps take more effort to set up and may need welding too. 

You can definitely expect these pumps to be rigid. However, they’re generally more reliable and last much longer than their portable counterparts. A seasoned camper will definitely appreciate a sturdy and reliable pump. This is because dealing with a malfunctioning pump halfway during your trip is an absolute disaster. 

Permanent pump is generally a great choice if your RV has a designated spot for it. So, it’s something you’d definitely want to put more consideration into when deciding between a permanent or portable pump.


No one likes to buy more things on top of the item they have already bought. But regardless of brand, there are likely some additional vital items that you still need to buy to make your pump fully functional according to your requirement. 

So, pay close attention to all the accessories that are included in the entire kit before buying. That will determine how much more you need to spend on top of the macerator pump you are planning to buy. 
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Easy Installations

If you tend to fix things on your own or do not wish to pay for someone else to install your pump, surely you would appreciate a model that is easy to install. Although all of the pumps will come with a detailed instruction guide, not all guides are easy to understand. 

Therefore, it’s still ideal to find something that is easy to install. Ensure to run through the reviews before purchasing. This helps you to get an idea how easy or difficult it is to install the pump.

Frequency of Use 

Choosing which macerator pump to get should also be based on how frequently you use it. If you are new and may not be using it regularly, it’s better to start with a portable and affordable pump. 

As you begin to use the pump more often, you will eventually learn which type suits your lifestyle better. Thus, making you more well informed for your second purchase. 

How to use a RV Macerator Pump?

1. Turn off the water supply and power to your RV toilet

2. Place your macerator pump to RV waste valve

3. Connect the exit hose to your macerator pump

4. Run the waste water hose to an sewer cleanout or into a toilet

5. Connect your pump to your RV’s 12V battery

6. Pull the tank valve to the open position

7. Turn on the pump

8. Once the black tank is empty, turn off the pump

Our Verdict: The Best Macerator Pump

By now, it’s clear that every regular camper would appreciate a good macerator pump. It makes dealing with the least favourite part of camping much easier and faster too. 

We reviewed 3 portable and 2 permanent macerator pumps above. If you have a designated spot for pumps in your RV, we highly recommend the Amarine Made 12V Self-priming Macerator Pump. It is one of the most budget friendly choice, especially for first time buyers. 

However, if brand reputation is something you are looking for to buy with confidence, Shurflo 3200 12V is the one. Shurflo’s 50 years of history is a solid choice. This is also backed by their 1 year warranty in case something unexpected happens with the device. 

In terms of portable pump, the Clean Dump Portable Macerator is the highly recommended choice for first time buyers. Since it’s being sold in a complete package, it makes it really convenient for those who are new in using macerator pumps. 

It’s a great starting point to accumulate experience with. As you use your macerator pump in your trips, you will eventually discover other accessories that will be handy for you. 

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