Best RV Portable Waste Tank For Gray and Black Water

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When you park your RV too far from your dump station, a RV dump tank allows you to easily transfer waste. To many full time RVers, it is an important factor especially if you plan to extend your stay at campervan parks. 
Check out the difference between a Full Hookup and a Partial Hookup at your RV Park.

You do not want to frequently move your whole rig from the site to the dump station as it is very inconvenient, especially if you have parked at a great spot.

So if you are looking to get or replace an RV Portable Waste Tank, we can confidently say that you are definitely at the right place. We have reviewed a long list of portable waste tanks for RVs, and you can save the trouble of checking them yourself. In this guide, we have listed down five picks for the Best RV Portable Waste Tank. If you cannot wait and want to get the Best RV Portable Waste Tank, we recommend Camco Rhino 39002 Heavy Duty RV Waste Tank.

If you are a beginner in RVing, check out these tips before you start.

Best 5 RV Portable Waste Tank

Camco Rhino is constructed with durable UV stabilized polyethylene, so it won’t deteriorate easily even with frequent usage.

There are 2 separate water inlets. The first inlet has a convenient spray mechanism to fully clean the inside of your tank. It also has a backflow preventer feature that drains gray water out of the tank. The 2nd inlet is usually used as an air vent for air flow. 

Emptying is easy as the interior is smooth and sloped towards the drain hole, so all the debris will not get trapped inside. Just note that because the portable tank inlet is 13″ above ground, your trailer outlet should be at least 14″ high.

You will love the oversized handle, as it is tough enough to haul around and lift for emptying. Unlike other portable blackwater tanks, this is the only one that comes with a heavy duty tow bar. You can attach the tow bar to your hitch bar mount on your vehicle. 

This portable black water tank is designed with giant no flat wheels to handle tough terrains well so that you can even tow it behind your vehicle. It also means, there is no need for you to worry about tire pressure.

When not in use, you can hook your tank onto your RV ladder with the integrated ladder hook and hold it down with straps against the molded in tie-down grooves. [ Read Also: We have a detailed guide on Best RV Ladders so you can hook your tank to it. ]

It comes with ready to use accessories, sewer hose, water hose, elbow adapters, connectors and storage caps you need for waste transfer. If you are always off grid, you need a reliable tank like this.



  • Durable material
  • Easy to clean
  • No-flat wheels design
  • Tough handle
  • It requires more ground clearance as the tank sits high above ground

This is a 4 wheeled tank with a gauge to show if it is full. Compared to Camco Rhino, Barker has a heavier construction, built using blow-molded polyethylene. Barker tote tank can better withstand the sunlight from easily wearing down the tank.

It comes with pneumatic tires with steel rims and grease zerks on the bearing housings which makes them strong wheels. It takes to the road really well. When you are filling and need to adjust it closer or further away, you can easily push it thanks to its wheels.

It has a tow bar that hooks up to your truck so that you can tow it on the ground. You will find this feature very convenient as it doesn’t require any lifting even when your tank is full.

Note that, it will require more tilting forward and backwards to drain your waste. This is because the internal draining design does not easily allow the flow of the waste at the dump station. However, there is a waste valve included that helps to remove the need to lift the tank when emptying the waste.

You may want to get separate accessories, as its existing accessories do not come with a transparent elbow to visualize the fluid going into the tank.  You may be interested to also get a RV Macerator pump to handle your gray water bypass. Check out our guide on the Best RV Macerator Pump for offgrid camping.

If you don’t have a strong back and don’t want to do any heavy lifting, then Camco Rhino is the right choice for you. We love the superior construction and its pneumatic wheels.



  • No need heavy lifting
  • Superior construction
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Incomplete Accessory Kit 
  • No ladder mount hook

This is a 25 gallon tank and comes with 2 sturdy rubber wheels which is very quiet when being maneuvered. Its tread works well on uneven ground or gravel. You can easily hitch the tank behind your vehicle with the tow bracket provided and tow it to the dump site.

To fill it, you need to elevate or lift the hose to the tank. The fittings don’t leak, so you do not have to worry about any “accidents”. The shape itself will fit under most RVs. 25 gallons tank to some, may mean multiple trips to the dump station, but it is easier to manage when it is full.

When cleaning, it may take some effort to raise it out, due to a small lip that keeps the fluids in the tank. So fill and rinse a couple of times to ensure it is cleaned out. 

It is made of sturdy construction so you know you will get many years of service from this product. The accessories are stored in a special built-in storage compartment, so you have everything together. It contains your sewer hose, gray water tank hose, bayonet fitting and hose clamp fitting. But be prepared to buy extra accessories as the fittings seemed insufficient.



  • Rubber wheels
  • Built in accessory box
  • Durable
  • Large capacity
  • Accessories insufficient

One of the best features of this tank is, it is a self-contained tank. 

It has a self-storing sewer hose that connects at the bottom of the tank. It extends up to 5 feet which is pretty sufficient for dump transfer. Once you have done filling, disconnect, reattach the hose cap. Then store the hose back to its cradle. 

Its patented hose handle has been designed to auto shut off whenever the tank is full, to prevent spillages. There are extra vent valves to release the vacuum when you start the dump. You will appreciate how seemless the waste goes from the trailer to the portable tank.

It is built using lightweight polypropylene materials which are both durable and light. It weighs only 10 lbs when empty. You will appreciate its lightweightness as you need to haul it to the dump station when it is full. Thanks to its 4 caster wheels, it is easy to tow across rough terrain. It comes with a tow handle that easily hooks to any ball hitch. 

Its size is just right for storing even in smaller RVs. However, some may find it a little low capacity at 18 gallons.



  • Excellent built construction
  • Lightweight
  • 4 caster wheels
  • Autostop level gauge
  • Built-in self storage sewer hose
  • Low capacity

This is a large 35 gallon portable RV waste tank. It is built with polypropylene and fitted with 4 heavy duty rubber wheels. The rear wheels are 10 inches in diameter and its front wheels are set on a wide axle base which can fully rotate on a single center swivel. This helps you to easily move around on uneven ground. It weighs 300 pounds when you fill it to the max.

It comes with an integrated handle in the front. It is easy to tow around with the handle which can telescope in and out which makes transportation easier. This saves space. To store, just fold the handle underneath the tote.

It comes complete and with everything you need out of the box. There is “PermaStore” compartment, a storage compartment built in with all the accessories required for dumping. There is no need to invest to get extra accessories.


There is an AutoStop level gauge to prevent spillage from happening. You will notice the breather port and the mouth are large, which allows you to easily rinse the tank with a garden hose. At the same time the air vent helps to allow airflow when emptying the tank.



  • Large opening for rinsing
  • 4 wheels
  • Complete accessories
  • AutoStop level gauge
  • PermaStore compartment
  • Heavy when full

RV Guides

Buying Guide


Portability affects your decision on what size of your waste tank should be. When you need to tow it around, you will rethink about getting too big a tank. This is especially so, if you have a fair amount of distance between your RV and the dump site.



You want your wheel to be robust enough to handle rough terrains and be towed behind your vehicle. It should not crack easily and require little maintenance.

Some portable water tanks on wheels come with 4 wheels while some with 2 wheels. 2 wheels require you to pick up, support and pull the tank. 4 wheels allow you to roll around without lifting the heavy load. 2 wheels are of course significantly more affordable.

Easy to flush

Some RV tanks come with a flush valve that helps to purge your waste. Otherwise, look for tanks with sloping bodies that help to easily slide your waste to reduce the risk of clogging.

If you need extra sewer hose for easy flow, check out our guide on the Best RV Sewer Hose.


Consider getting a durable unit that will last you years of use. Because even a tiny crack that causes a leak, will be every RVers’ nightmare. Usually these totes are made of polyethylene or polypropylene. Polypropylene waste tanks tend to be lighter than polyethylene, which is a factor to consider when transporting your tote. 

Tow Bracket

Getting your tote to the dump station is a battle itself. Find one that can connect to your vehicle’s tow hitch. Some tanks are built with integrated font handles that allow you to lift your tank around.

Draining The Tank

Some tanks require you to lift your tank so that the waste will drain out through the opening. It is not as easy as you think when it is a few hundred pounds heavy. Some tanks come with a side mounted dump valve that makes dumping an easier task. This is because the tank can remain in the horizontal position while being emptied. If you are worried about odor, check out How To Get Rid Of And Prevent Holding Odor In Your RV.

Tank Fill Indicator

Some tanks have an auto-stop feature to cut off the flow, when the tank is full. Otherwise, you need to depend on a clear RV sewer elbow to visually see if the tank is reaching its limit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you empty a RV portable waste tank?

1. Put on rubber gloves 

2. Connect your sewer hose between the RV portable waste tank and your black tank on your RV.

3. Open the valve and allow it to drain the black and gray water into the tote until the portable tank is full.

4. Flush the black tank and sewer hose with water

5. Remove the sewer hose


How do you clean a RV portable waste tank?

Rinse the tote multiple times with water. Then drain the contents in the tote into the dumping station.

Our Verdict


You will not go wrong with any of these top-rated RV Portable Waste Tanks, as they are the top-of-the-line portable RV Waste Tanks compared to other options you see on the market. 


If you still cannot decide and need a final recommendation, we recommend Camco Rhino 39002 Heavy Duty RV Waste Tank for your portable waste tank. It’s no flat wheels design gives you no worries about having flat tires. 


Cleaning is a breeze as its interior is well designed to ensure no clogging and there is a spray mechanism to ensure your interior tank is well cleaned inside. Most of all, Camco’s reputation for its durability gives you peace of mind especially when dealing black or gray water.

Jules and Ken

Jules and Ken

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We hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the Best RV Portable Waste Tank, or want to leave your review, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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