Best RV Refrigerator For Reliable Cooling

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No more hunting for ice and having soggy everything, when you get yourself an RV refrigerator. If you are in a rush and need to know the best RV refrigerator, we would recommend the Dometic CFX75DZW 12v Electric Powered Cooler.

We can confidently say that you are definitely at the right place. We have reviewed a long list of options, and you can save the trouble of reviewing it yourself. In this guide, we have listed down 5 picks for the Best RV Fridge for Reliable Cooling.

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5 Best RV Refrigerator For Reliable Cooling

If you are looking for compact yet spacious traveling refrigerators, Norcold RV refrigerators are your solution. It is one of the smallest designs for an RV refrigerator, allowing you to save space in your RV so it doesn’t feel so cramped inside. 


In fact, its reversible doors allow you to switch from left to right or right to left. You will no longer need to worry about adjusting your other furniture to prevent your fridge door from hitting it.


The volume of the fridge is sufficient to store up to 3 days for food and drinks for 3 persons. To help you to visualize this, it can hold 1 gallon of containers in the shelf storage area. The door bin storage area can hold up to a 1/2 gallon bottle.


It has an auto changeover to switch between gas and electric and yet does not affect the cooling capability. This feature makes it very suitable for an RV. There is no need to manually detach or reattach connectors to switch over between gas and electricity. Talk about convenience!


There is a built-in control diagnostics feature that helps tell the user about the condition of the refrigerator. This helps when you need to perform repairs, you will know what is exactly going on with this fridge.



If you are new to RVing and are looking for an RV fridge worth the budget, then you will love this unit. 



  • Auto changeover switch between gas and electric
  • Built-in control diagnostics features
  • Reversible doors
  • Affordable
  • Compact 
  • None to mention

This fridge is massively spacious. With a storage volume of 65 Quarts, equivalent to 107 cans, it can fit in so much food. It is very very quiet, so it will not disturb you when you sleep. 


When your engine is not running, it’s better to use a battery power station instead of your vehicle power. This unit does not draw too much power. You can also connect to a solar panel and run it on solar power. This allows you the freedom to use your fridge anywhere you travel.


This electric RV refrigerator can alternate between AC and DC. By default, it runs on AC, but if the AC source fails, it will switch to DC. It allows you to use it with any 110-volt outlet or 12 volt supply capacity. 



You can choose between 2 settings, either as a fridge or as an RV freezer. However, it cannot be both settings at the same time. Its stainless steel housing outside which is tough and solid, and its highly insulated walls allow it to cool between -6°F to 50°F. This will allow you to keep your meat frozen despite the scorching hot sun outside. You can have ice cream too!



  • Massive volume
  • Can be a freezer or fridge
  • Does not require much power
  • Tough construction
  • Cannot operate as a freezer and fridge

Dometic CFX75DZW uses minimal power consumption. You can use AC, DC, and even solar power. It is a 40 watt, 12-volt portable cooler. It is small and compact, you can carry it anywhere, even for camping. Because of its small size, it does not take much space in your RV, especially if space is an issue for you.


It has dual cooling compartments, one for the fridge and another for the freezer. So you can cool your drinks and also freeze your meats separately. There is built-in lighting, so you can find your items in the dark. 


Dometic CFX75DZW has a dimension of 34.92” W x 18.58” H x 19.48” D. It has a capacity to store up to 133 cans of beer, so you can store enough food and drinks for a weekend off-grid with your family. It is considered quite large compared to other brands of ice chests. 


And you will be impressed, that the temperature of the fridge can be monitored and controlled by a mobile app. It can reach up to -7 °F in freezing temperatures keeping your items consistently cold. It even comes with a USB port where you can charge small devices such as your handphone.


This is one tough cookie that will survive rough bumpy roads, thanks to its construction with durable materials. The lids are of high quality and can be reversed if you need it. It is pretty quiet, so even when you are close to it, the noise will not disturb your sleep. 



This is the ideal RV refrigerator for a small RV due to its compact size.



  • Compact
  • Dual cooling compartment for freezer and fridge
  • Wi-Fi app and USB port
  • Multiple power options
  • Energy efficient
  • Cannot be fitted firmly

This is a 2 door fridge with a combo feature of a freezer and a refrigerator. The separated compartments help to make it easier to segregate your frozen items from your other items to be cooled. This fridge only works with AC power and works with a compressor. 


It is great for your RV due to its compact size measuring 18.5” x 19.37” x 32.95”. The doors are reversible, so you can position the door to open from the left or the right side. It has adjustable legs, so you can position the fridge to fit the kitchen layout of your RV.


The fridge is roomy enough to keep your vegetables, fruits partitioned in separate drawers. You will find removal shelves available for easier stacking and a 2L bottle rack. There are interior lights for easy use, especially in the dark. It comes in 3 color options so you can mix and match.


The refrigerator compartment can be set to have cooling temperatures between 32′ to 50′ F while the freezer compartment cools between -11.2′ to 5’F. So you can make your own ice for a cool drink. There are manual defrost settings available to use whenever you need to perform cleaning.



Midea is one of the most reliable manufacturers of refrigerators, so you will be assured this fridge will perform.



  • Reliable brand
  • 2 door fridge
  • Removal shelves and bottle rack
  • Reversible doors
  • Only works with AC connection

If you own a large RV and you are looking for a full-height RV refrigerator, this is for you. It measures 55.5 H x 21.75 W x 22.5 D. The doors are reversible, so it allows you to navigate easier within your RV kitchen. It has a good seal on the doors and does not open easily even when your vehicle does a sharp turn.


It has a tough construction that is built for mobile environments. It will be able to withstand bumpy roads. Yet, it is relatively lightweight, so it will not affect the performance of your RV. There are leveling legs to adjust your fridge to the kitchen layout of your RV. After which you can bolt them down to the floor of your kitchen cabinet.


Its door can easily accommodate 2-liter soda bottles. And there are additional features of interior lighting for nighttime use and an ice cube tray for your glass of beer. 


This is an AC/DC 120 vols powered unit.  If you have advanced solar power generation and an inverter, you can run this fridge while away from any campsite. It uses minimal electricity to work its cooling magic. It has a full range of temperature control to manage the temperature, keeping your items consistently cool. 



It is CFC-free and ADA compliant. This means it does give out negative effects on the environment as you are using it. You can now enjoy your ice cream cone while boondocking in the middle of nowhere.



  • Full height fridge
  • CFC free
  • ADA compliant
  • Tough construction
  • Reversible doors
  • Door seals well
  • Shelves are less durable

Buying Guide

Type of RV refrigerators

Best RV refrigerator

Electric Refrigerators can be powered to an AC or DC power supply. They are usually very energy efficient.


2-way refrigerators are designed to run on either AC electric power supply or propane gas. They can be switched back and forth depending on the availability of the power. Some RVs have built-in DC to AC inverters, which is useful as most RV batteries supply 12 volts DC. 



3-way RV refrigerators are designed to run either by AC power, DC power, or propane gas. 


This is one of the most important factors, given the size of your RV. You will need to match the dimension of your fridge to the layout of your kitchen area.


Also, calculate what size fridge you need for your trip. If you plan to stock up lots of food, for a bigger party, then a larger-sized fridge may be more feasible.



A smaller or compact size fridge allows you more space to navigate around the kitchen, but less volume to store your items. Another factor is, some fridge doors are reversible, creating flexibility to move around the fridge.

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Some fridges have 2 doors, one for the freezer and another for a fridge. Some fridges can only operate on either mode, a freezer or a fridge.


Getting an RV refrigerator instead of a home refrigerator makes a whole lot of difference. An RV refrigerator is designed to be more durable so that it is able to withstand bumps and vibrations. A home refrigerator is usually made of softer materials that may not able to take the journey.



The home refrigerator uses the vapor compression method, while the RV refrigerator uses the absorption refrigeration process. This helps the RV refrigerator to lighten its weight and speed up the cooling process.

Our Verdict

You will not go wrong with any of these top-rated mobile home refrigerators, as they are one of the best RV refrigerators compared to other options you see on the market. 


If you still cannot decide and need a final recommendation, then we would recommend Dometic CFX75DZW 12v Electric Powered Cooler to elevate your RVing experience. Dometic is one of the most popular brands for RV-related products, and you can be assured the construction of the fridge is specifically designed for mobile home use.  

Its dual cooling compartment for freezer and cooler allows you to enjoy the best of both features. It is energy efficient with multiple power options for you to travel off-grid without worry.  It is a reliable fridge that you will definitely want to own. 


What’s Next


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