Best Screen Tent for Bug-Free Camping

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Many years ago, before the invention of creative camping gear, remember being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes when hanging out outdoors? You may want to consider getting a screen tent so you can sit outdoors mosquito-free with thousands of bugs around you outside the tent.

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4 Best Screen Tent

If you want to be out there with your kids in the outdoors, yet stay protected under the sun, Coleman Instant Screenshouse is for you. Constructed with UV Guard material that offers UPF 50+ sun protection, it does an excellent job of keeping the direct sun off.


It has 2 large doors, which is great for easy access from either side of the tent which closes with a zipper. When you using a screen tent, you definitely want to be able to stand in it. With 7 feet in center height, this should be no problem for any average camper. At night, you can hang a lantern or flashlight at the loop found on the ceiling. This way you and your friends can hang out late into the night in your screen tent.


Even with the screen on, it is easy to view the surroundings through the black mesh screen. As it is 80% mesh, with all sides mesh screens, it provides great ventilation making it really comfortable to sit inside. Its footed poles stay stable and secure even in high winds. The fabric itself is durable, it can tolerate human inflicted insults to a certain extent.


It is seriously easy to set up. Just unfold the legs outward, extend the poles and lock them into place. Coleman has thought of everything including mobility. It packs up into a wheeled carry bag for easy transport from your car to the campsite. 



If you looking to picnic out in the open under a shade, this is perfect for covering picnic tables at the campsite. It protects you from the hot summer sun or light showers and prevents flies from ruining your picnic lunch. And since there is no flooring in this screen tent, you will not need to concern yourself about having dirt and sand inside.



  • Great ventilation
  • Wheeled carry bag
  • 80% mesh
  • 2 Large doors
  • Easy setup
  • UV protection
  • Low-quality tent pegs

If you are looking for a tent with plenty of room for family gatherings, this is the one for you. It is a great place to play poker with your camping buddies or just have a meal together. With a 120 sq ft of floor space, you can set up 4 chairs and a standard-sized picnic table with extra space to move around.


If you want more breeze to come in, you can detach the screen and store it in the pockets of the carry bag. The walls are pretty durable, so even with a dog in the tent, it should be no problem. You will notice that this tent is slightly heavier than other tents at a weight of 45.2 lbs. The extra weight helps the tent to be sturdier against strong winds. 


Access into the tent is easy, as there are front and back doors within their hexagonal shape. The doors can be fully rolled back so that you can have a completely free passage from either side. It is taller than most of its competitors with a peak height of 8ft and 4 in. So you can walk around in it comfortably without the need of bending down. There is no floor for this tent, so it is one thing less to worry about. It is UV50 protected, so it is of great use when you are out in the sun.



It is pretty simple to set up as the screen room opens easily. First set up the frame, then put on the canopy, and finally the side nets. This tent can handle light showers, and you will stay dry inside. It comes in a heavy-duty carry case, so your tent is going to stay well protected. Within the case, it has an extra spare room, making it easier to put away for storage.



  • Structurally sturdy
  • Durable material
  • High ceiling height
  • Spacious area
  • UV resistant
  • 2 Doors
  • Heavy

This backyard tent does exactly what you want it to do. It lets the breeze and keeps mosquitoes out. It is well designed with flaps at the bottom to keep the bugs out. It has 2 entry doors which come with double side silicone zippers. These zippers are well designed for campers in mind, where you can easily unzip from inside or outside.


This screen gazebo design is patented, so you will not find any other screen tent just like this one. It is a pop-up tent in a literal sense. It “explodes” out and pops up into a ready tent. The frames are made of lightweight fiberglass which allows easy folding to small size. This portable gazebo a great advantage as it is easy to bring around.


The fabric top is UV protected. At the same time, if you want to put some shades on the sides of the tent to avoid the sun, you can purchase optional shades. You can hang these shades on the walls of the tent, prevent sun and yet give you extra privacy. As this is a floorless tent, and if you want to place sofas in it, you can purchase a separate waterproof tarp to protect you from dirty ground and insects.


Despite its lightweightness, you can be assured of its sturdiness. It comes with elongated sandbags, which you can fill with sand and anchor your tent. Sandbags are useful especially in places where you cannot anchor stakes, like on your patio. There are also guylines and metal stakes provided to support your frame.



It comes in 4 available sizes. I would definitely recommend taking the larger size. It is more comfortable and you can fit in more items or a larger group of guests inside. Inside you will find extra hooks available to hang up your coat when you have guests with you. 



  • Patented design tent
  • Super lightweight
  • Freestanding pop up screen room
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy setup
  • Sandbags provided
  • Water can collect on the top when it rains

This tent is one of its kind. Instead of the usually circular or hexagonal shape, it is rectangular. Its design is perfect for fitting in long picnic tables. With its vertical walls, it fully optimizes the space available. It is tall enough for you to stand in it. At the same time, it comes with a footprint that keeps the floor clean for your kids to play in it. 


This is the only tent that features magnetic doors and walls. This feature is super helpful, so you do not have to deal with zipping up and down when your hands are full. In fact, you do not need to worry about getting your hair caught in a zipper! When choosing a tent, the quality of the frame is one of the major factors. Its frames are sturdy as it boasts being constructed with a combination of steel and fiberglass. 



It is a free-standing tent, meaning you can rotate it or move it around after your setup. In the event you want to relocate it to a more comfortable location, this is conveniently possible. Just note that there is a slight gap at the bottom section of the walls. Just keep in mind that this screen tent is only meant to use for shade and not for rain protection.  



  • Rectangular shape
  • Spacious
  • Sturdy frames
  • Vertical walls
  • Magnetic walls
  • No rain protection
  • Slight gap at the bottom

Buying guide

Level of protection

[email protected]_set_shelters

What is your main need? Are you looking for a mosquito tent? A waterproof canopy? Do you need to protect yourself from the sun, rain, or bugs? Where do you plan to use it? In the backyard or your campsite?

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Most tent screens provide the basic functionalities of shade. But there are some that come with optional versions of add-on shades which you can hang against the wall. These are useful if you want to have more coverage against the sun or just for additional privacy. Some tents also come with UV protection, which is a great factor especially when you are outdoors. 


If you want rain protection, there are versions that have side panels which can be ordered separately.

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Screen houses come in different sizes, hexagonal. square or rectangle. If you plan to cover a picnic table, make sure you get one that has enough length to cater for it.



Also, consider the declination level of the walls. Walls that are vertical create more space for your camping chairs and for people to sit comfortably. Ceiling height is another factor, it is important that you have enough headspace to stand and move around.

If your camping party is large, having a larger screen tent is a great way to go. 


If you are car camping, then the weight will not be an issue for you.

If you are looking for something very portable, there are screen tents that can be folded into a very small size and popups when you want to set it up. 


As screen tents are generally larger than your average tents, some carry bags come with added wheels. You can then wheel the bag to the campsite from your vehicle.

Go for a tent that serves the purpose and the situation of your camping style.

Ease of set up

[email protected]_set_shelters

Especially when coming back from a long day of hiking, you will not want to find yourself spending hours figuring out how to set up a tent.


Standing up tents are useful, as you can just shift their location to stay away from the sun’s direction. If you change your location of camping frequently, you may want to consider an instant setup tent.

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That said, usually, with a larger tent, you will have a companion with you to assist you when pitching up the tent. So setup speed may be faster.


A tent with multiple doors allows easy access so that it is easy to get in and out of the tent when there is a large group inside. 


Magnetic closures are easy to move in and out, as they can auto-click and close the gap. However, it is the least bug-proof and weatherproof. Zippered access, on the other hand, requires extra effort to unzip just to enter. But, it ensures no bugs get in.


One of the core components of a good screen tent is the frame and support structure. Aluminum frames are light yet strong. However, they may not be able to withstand very strong winds. On the other hand, steel frames are usually used for heavy-duty tents, and these can withstand heavier weight.



You will notice most screen tents do not come with a floor as they are usually placed over a picnic table or great as a screen house for deck. Less fabric means less mess and is easier to set and pack up.

Types of Tents

Our Verdict

You will not go wrong with any of these top-rated tent screens, as they are one of the best tent screens compared to other options you see on the market.

If you still cannot decide and need a final recommendation, then we would recommend Coleman Instant Screenhouse  to elevate your camping experience. You can forget about problems with snapped poles as you can be assured that the main construction is durable. It is easily carried around, making it super portable. It is a reliable tent that you will want to own too. 

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