Best Stand Up Kayak For Fishing

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Ask any veteran angler about fishing on a kayak, most of them can agree that casting lines while standing is anytime better than doing it while sitting. There are just so many reasons why standing provides more advantages than sitting. 

That is why fishing kayaks are specially designed to be superbly stable. It allows you to stand up and comfortably cast your lines with style without you toppling over into the water. 

To fulfil that particular niche, kayak makers introduced an interesting mix between a stand-up paddle and a kayak – a stand-up kayak. So in this article, we will review the top 5 stand up kayaks to level up your fishing experience. If you cannot wait and want to get the Best Stand Up Kayak For Fishing, we recommend Wilderness Systems ATAK 120.

Top 5 Best Stand Up Kayak For Fishing

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Perception Outlaw 11.5 Specifications

Length: 11’6″ 
Width: 35″  
Max Capacity: 425 lbs 
Boat Weight 77 lbs

This amazing kayak is fully rigged for fishing. The Outlaw 11.5’s main feature is that the seat can be folded or removed if you prefer to stand throughout your fishing trip. When removed, you can also add in a cooler to keep your catch or to store your supplies. 

We really like that you can add a cooler, mainly as an extra storage place. Especially since this kayak does not have any dry hatch for storage. Plus, if you are feeling tired, you can conveniently sit on the cooler too. 

The pilot seat is really wide. Which is offers great comfort for those with larger body frames. But unfortunately, it may be a bit annoying for smaller sized people. Because you may find your elbow often hitting against the seat’s aluminum frame. 

In terms of fishing features, we like that both side handles can double up as gear or accessories tracks. On each side of the seat, there is a double-barrel rod holder and a cup holder as well. There is also a transducer scupper hole on the hull for you to equip your fishfinders without drilling on the kayak. 



  • Foldable and removable seat
  • Can be fitted with a motor


  • No dry storage 
  • Does not include a paddle


Perception Pescador Pro 12 Specifications

Length: 12′ 
Width: 32.5″  
Max Capacity: 375 lbs 
Boat Weight 64 lbs

Another interesting model from Perception, The Pescador Pro 12 is actually a sit-on-top fishing kayak. But it is very versatile and well designed for fishing, you can definitely stand on it when fishing without feeling wobbly. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consider it as well in your search for a stand-up kayak.

Firstly, the lawn-chair style seat can be folded or removed entirely so that you have the entire deck space for walking. Next, the deck is neatly designed with a lot of space at the stern and the bow. 

However, speaking from experience, the deck’s scupper holes are not very well placed. So, some parts of the deck especially under the seat and the areas in front of it tend to collect water. You would definitely want to plug the existing scupper holes because of that. 

In terms of fishing features, this Pescador has 2 built-in rod holders at the back of the seat. There are 2 accessory tracks, 1 on each side of the kayak at the front for all your aftermarket accessories.

Lastly, there is a fish finder console with a battery zone. In front the console is a scupper hole for you to connect wires to the transducer without needing to drill the kayak.




  • Very flexible use kayak
  • Well rigged for fishing
  • Poorly placed scupper hole on the deck 

Lifetime 10 Foot Specifications

Length: 10′
Width: 36″  
Max Capacity: 500 lbs 
Boat Weight 60 lbs

Lifetime 10 Foot boasts a very unique design that offers great flexibility to install the pilot seat anywhere on the kayak. That is because this kayak can fit up to 2 people! So, naturally this kayak has a massive weight capacity. 

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This is not a dedicated stand-up kayak, but it is built to be very versatile for many different purposes. That’s why it’s a great option as a stand-up kayak as well. Especially for first-time kayak owners with minimal requirements.     

Personally, we felt that this kayak tries to be good in many aspects. But that turned out to be a double edge sword. New kayak owners would definitely love that they can use this kayak for many purposes. From a leisure ride with a buddy to a fishing trip or even as an alternative to a stand-up paddleboard, this kayak works fine.   

However, veterans anglers with higher requirements will find this kayak quite lacking. For fishing features, there are 3rod holders altogether – 2 at the rear and another 1 on the side. And that is all there is for fishing. 

Furthermore, despite being 10 feet long, there is no storage area at the bow or stern. There is only 1 dry hatch at the rear. Since there is limited space to properly place your gears and supplies, you are unlikely to fish for long hours on this kayak. 



  • Flexible seat design
  • Comes with 2 paddles
  • Massive weight capacity



  • A bit lacking for fishing
  • Limited storage space

Wilderness System ATK 120 Specifications

Length: 12’3″ 
Width: 35″ 
Max Capacity: 400 lbs 
Boat Weight 86 lbs

Wilderness System has always been on top of the game when it comes to kayak. No kayak review is complete without a mention of Wilderness System. 

This ATAK 120 is the highly anticipated 2nd edition of their award-winning ATAK 140. The ATAK stands for Advanced Tactical Angler Kayak, so you know that this is specifically made with fishing in mind. Despite being more compact, this ATAK 120 maintained all the core attributes that make the ATAK 140 amazing.    

The ATAK 120 is very flexible, it is able to handle a range of water conditions. Plus, can be comfortably used as a stand-up or a sit-on-top kayak. But in terms of built-in features for fishing, we find it is quite lacking. Probably because this kayak is designed for people who enjoy customizing.

For instance, this kayak surprisingly does not have any built-in rod holders. But with up to 4 accessory tracks – 2 on the front and 2 on the back, this kayak is highly customizable! You can add your own favourite rod holders or mounts on the tracks.

There is also no standing pad, so you have to add on your own aftermarket pads if you want more comfort while standing. But there is a secondary scupper hole for you to install a transducer without drilling your kayak.

All in all, you can absolutely accessorize or mod this kayak up to your liking to elevate your fishing experience with it. You can even fit Wilderness System’s trolling motor on this too. Highly recommended for veterans who know very well what they want from their kayaks. 



  • Highly customizable kayak
  • Can even be fitted with a motor
  • Highly adjustable seat



  • Need to buy aftermarket accessories

BKC TK122u Specifications

Length: 12’6″ 
Width: 34″ 
Max Capacity: 770 lbs 
Boat Weight 74 lbs

The TK122U from Brooklyn Kayak Company is an amazing choice if you enjoy going fishing with a buddy. Being a tandem kayak, it has a massive weight capacity – a whopping 770 lbs! You can comfortably have your fishing buddy onboard and still have a lot of capacity left over for your fishing gears including supplies. 

This kayak is superbly designed to offer a lot of features and it is fairly divided among 2 anglers! For starters, there are 4 accessory tracks – 2 on each side of the kayak, strategically placed in front of each seat. So, you and your buddy get 2 tracks each to add in all your favourite accessories.

Next, there are 2 water-resistant storage hatches in total on the deck to secure your snacks, phones, or even your preferred baits. Each storage hatch is strategically built in front of the pilot seat. So, each person can conveniently reach their own hatch. For more space, there is a spacious storage area at the stern that can fit BKC’s 20L cooler. 

Similarly to the above-mentioned features, each person has 2 flushed rod holders – 1 on each side of their seat. Lastly, the TK122U comes with 2 paddles, which can be stowed with a bungee on the paddle parks on each side of the kayak.     

Overall, this is a very well made kayak for 2 anglers. It is very rich with fishing features. The only downside of this kayak is that the seats are rigid. So, there is actually not much room to move around when you and your buddy are onboard. 



  • Comes with 2 paddles
  • Massive weight capacity
  • Well rigged for fishing


  • Cannot move the seats


We understand that finding the best stand up fishing kayak is not going to be easy. There are several critical factors to consider before deciding on the best one for you.  

Flat Hull

One important feature to look out for when buying a fishing kayak is a flatter hull. Most kayak hulls are designed v-shaped for better agility and manoeuvrability. But for a fishing kayak, speed is not a priority. The biggest priority is stability.  

A flat hull bottom together with a wide width will increase the stability of the kayak significantly. 

Kayak’s Width

A kayak’s stability is highly dependent on its width. A shorter, wider kayak will have more stability than a longer, narrower one. Generally, with a width of 32-35 inches, you will feel very stable on the water.

As mentioned earlier, stability is the most important feature of a stand-up kayak. So ensure that you get that much width for your kayak.

Fishing Features

The primary goal of getting this kayak is for fishing. So, you would definitely appreciate thoughtful built-in features that offer convenience while fishing. Rod holders or accessory tracks should be the bare minimum features to have.  


Q: Can you stand on any kayak?

A: No, not all kayaks are designed stable enough for standing. So, that is why you should look for a stable kayak if you want to stand on it.

Q: What is the most stable kayak for fishing?

A: The most stable kayaks are the ones with flat hulls and wide widths. These are the 2 aspects of design that contribute to stability. A stable kayak allows you to stand and walk on it without the feeling of tipping over. 

Q: Is kayak fishing hard? 

A: Not necessarily. Because if you got a kayak rigged for fishing, it will make your fishing experience truly enjoyable. That is why we advise looking out for fishing features when considering a fishing kayak. 

Q: Do I need an anchor for kayak fishing?

A: Not necessary, because kayak fishing is designed to be stable on the water. You do not need an anchor unless you are planning to fish in deeper waters. 


Stand up kayak for fishing is a relatively new niche. So, there are not many options if you are looking specifically for a stand-up fishing kayak. That is why we included other types of fishing kayaks that double up as a stand-up kayaks as well. 

For a dedicated stand-up fishing kayak, we highly recommend the Wilderness Systems ATAK 120. Especially if you are a veteran angler, you will absolutely appreciate this fishing kayak. There is so much room for customization to tailor suit it to your need. 

However, if you enjoy fishing with a partner, the BKC TK122U is absolutely a must-have. The only reason we did not recommend this for solo anglers is because it does not have a dedicated space for transducers like Wilderness Systems’ ATAK 120.    


No matter which kayak you get, it will be a massive investment. So, the next thing you need to do is to protect your investment by getting a kayak rack. A good kayak rack can safely transport your brand new kayak to the water. It’s truly a necessity. Hence, we highly recommend you learn more about kayak racks and how to pick the right one from our detailed guide here

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