Best SUV Tent for Family Camping

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With SUV camping, you can just drive away and camp anywhere and anytime. If you are new to camping you will find SUV tent camping super convenient and there is very little work involved. You can leave all your camp gear in the SUV and sleep in the SUV tent. 


Beginner campers may like something affordable, and yet able to fulfill the basic need of having comforts of a car tent without a bunch of options you do not need. SUV Tailgate Tent Attachment Tents for Camping  is one of the best SUV tents in the beginners category.


If you are looking for the absolute best high quality SUV tent and budget is not an issue, then you cannot go wrong with Napier Family-Tents Sportz SUV Tent. Thanks to its GoBeDry ultimate rain protection system, it ensures you and your family are kept dry inside the tent camper. 

If you are looking for a SUV camper with great ventilation and durability, Napier Backroadz SUV Tent might strike the right balance for you. It is one of the more popular car camping tents among the camping community. This minivan tent comes built with 3 large windows and a large door for easy access, while providing great views of the outdoors. The setup is straightforward, allowing you more time for other camping activities.

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We are Jules and Ken. We are outdoor lovers, travellers and writers all rolled into one. You have seen our posts here reviewing lots of different types of outdoor gear, camping equipment, kayaking to cycling. Our reviews are guided by our years of experience being outdoors.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you can make a better choice  for the best SUV tent.   Whether you are looking for the best quality hatchback tent, the best overall van tent or best affordable SUV tent, just know that you are at the right place. We have reviewed it all and you can save the trouble of reviewing it yourself. In this guide, we have listed down 6 tents as our top picks for best car camping tents.

6 Best SUV Tent

This SUV camping tent is sturdy enough to withstand torrential weather. Just remember to seal the seams and stake the tent well. The fabric of the hatchback car tent is made of high quality polyester taffeta and polyethylene which will last you years of use. The floor is bathtub style and wraps up to 6 inches to the side for superb waterproofing. The rainfly is designed with GoBeDry ultimate rain protection system to keep the vehicle tent dry inside.


In terms of storage, this Sportz SUV tent scores well. Compared to Napier Backroadz, this van side door tent has the option to upgrade to one with additional removable screen room for extra storage area like your bags or coolers. Alternatively, you can use it as a sitting area to play cards without the disturbance of mosquitoes. With the porch area, the tent itself does not feel cramp.  


Within the main tent, there are 2 storage pockets and a gear net as well as a hook to hang a light. The main area of the tent is spacious at 10ftX10ft to sleep up to 5 to 6 persons. This tent is definitely heavy at 41 lbs, but this should be no problem since you are car camping with it. But it is also possible to store it at the back of your bike rack if you plan to convert it to a ground tent in it. Ventilation throughout the tent is excellent thanks to its 2 large entrance doors and 3 no-see-um mesh windows.



Setup wise, this suv tent camper is better done with the help of another person. It comes with an adjustable waterproof vehicle sleeve to accommodate all hatchback cars and CUV’s. The rainfly includes an extra awning area for shade. One setback is, if you are using this tent as a standalone tent, the rainfly does not cover the area where it attaches to the vehicle. Breaking camp is straightforward, you can pack up and store it into an expandable bag provided with a tent. You can then be on the road in less than half an hour.



  • Optional screen area
  • Additional awning area
  • GoBeDry ultimate rain protection system
  • Expandable storage bag
  • Durable
  • Rainfly does not cover the bonnet area
  • Heavy 
  • Less affordable

This tent allows you to conveniently access things from your CRV without leaving the tent tent. You can set your sleeping bag effortlessly without going back and forth. And you can easily disconnect the tent when you want to drive out one of the days and reconnect quickly. 


The setup of this tent is not overly complex.  This tent is designed with a universal vehicle sleeve that will fit CUV’s, SUVs and minivans. This makes it super easy to attach and detach the tent from the SUV. 


Just line up the connection sleeve to the rear of the vehicle, and then set the tent pins in place so the tent does not move. Secure the tent to the vehicle using the long security straps to the hinges of the hood, and the rear wheel wells. This will completely seal the tent around the vehicle.


There are adjustable sleeve straps to ensure bugs do not get in. This tent is built with weather protection as it comes with a full rainly with taped seams and built in storm flaps. The floor is built with a watertight-bathtub style floor, so rain will have no chance to seep in. Even so, you will still need to lay a tarp underneath the tent for extra protection.


When you look at it, you will realize this tent comes with 1 door and 3 large mesh windows, so you will have plenty of ventilation. We certainly love the big windows,  where you can keep them down to view the morning sunrise.  


It has a very high dome which is awesome as you can stand up to get dressed. By attaching to the SUV, you have the option of extra sleeping space in your tent or at the back of the SUV. One improvement that this tent could have are more pockets to store smaller items. 



Many consumers appreciate the spaciousness provided by the tent at 10’X10′, which can sleep 5 adults.  So you can put your faith in investing your money on Napier Backroadz SUV Tent. It is the perfect for a camper who is looking for an affordable and basic SUV tent without the frills.



  • Great ventilation with 3 large windows and 1 door
  • Rainfly included
  • High dome
  • Sleeps 5 persons
  • Insufficient storage pockets

The tent walls are weatherproof with 68D polyester with 2000mm water rating, which allows water to bead off. It holds up well even in massive rain storms with heavy wind. In case you are worried about leaking, the tent is built with well sealed seams and zipper covers, keeping the interior of the vehicle and tent quite dry.  It is built with a waterproof bathtub floor, preventing water from seeping under. Another cool fact is a rainfly and a carry bag is included in this tent.


This tent seals well to the vehicle and there are side straps to allow you to attach to your wheel.  If you need to drive out to get supplies, you can easily detach the tent from your SUV and the tent works well as a standalone tent. The disconnected sleeve shuts nicely to keep your tent sealed out from the elements.


The only drawback we have found is the zippers are not so user friendly. The zipper of the front window sometimes catches when you try to zip or unzip the tent. Also you can buy yourselves a better set of stakes as the ones provided are flimsy.


You will love the convenience of connecting to the back of your SUV. When it gets too chilly in the tent, you can just pull down the backseat of your SUV and sleep in the warmth of your car. This will leave your tent free for storage. If you are family camping, this arrangement allows you to have separate sleeping quarters between the children and yourselves.



The tent is amazingly spacious enough to fit an inflatable queen size bed with room to spare, or 6 persons side to side. There are sufficient storage pockets to keep your small items and a hook on the ceiling tent to hang a portable light. There is a large window to view the outside. This tent is very versatile as it is a compatible SUV, minivan or truck. You will love using this way camping with this new style of tent.



  • Spacious 
  • Carrying bag included
  • Sufficient storage pockets
  • Rainfly included
  • Weatherproof
  • 3 season tent
  • Only 1 window
  • Unfriendly zippers
  • Flimsy stakes

This is a 3 season tent, which means it is a tent to go to most of the year. During summer seasons, you will definitely appreciate the full mesh roofs and doors, providing complete ventilation and star observation at night. SUV Tailgate Tent is a tunnel like tent supported by fiberglass poles which creates a durable domed roof which can withstand windy conditions.


The tent awning is large enough to sit your camp chairs under the shade. It comes with a mud mat to keep dirt segregated from your main tent. There are clear directions sewn onto the carry bag, so you will not have a problem setting this tent up. Unlike other tents we have reviewed here, this tent has only 1 door. 


From the outside, the tent looks like a full sized tent coming out from the back of the SUV. You will love the spacious interior thanks to its huge footprint at 14×9 feet. The space itself accomodates 5 adults side to side. You can stand up and change without issues due to its 7 feet headroom. 



This is a great choice for budget conscious campers, as it is designed for the basic function of a SUV tent without breaking the bank.



  • Affordable
  • Spacious
  • Large tent awning
  • Dome tent
  • Mud mat provided
  • Only 1 door

Honda Genuine Factory OEM is specifically designed to fit Honda SUVs, but it is versatile enough to fit other SUVs. It can be used as a standalone tent when you want to take day trips out. Its fiberglass poles are sturdy enough to stand on their own.


You will find the materials used are highly protective with 1200 mm waterproof using high quality polyester. The rainfly that is included helps extend usable areas with an area of 6X6 inches. The floor is double coated with ripstop polyethylene, making it durable enough to withstand the legs of your tent cot. When it rains, water will be prevented from soaking it, keeping your inner tent dry. 


Even though it is watertight, the tent is well ventilated by a door and 2 windows. There are additional floor vents for extra airflow. Alternatively, you can install a tent air conditioner or a tent heater through the vent of the tent. 



Some users find the weight is rather on the heavier side at 27.8 lbs. The tent is pretty spacious at 29 x 10 x 10 inches. It can hold in a queen sized air mattress plus your camping gear comfortably. It has plenty of room to fit up to 6 persons side by side. This is the perfect tent to own especially if you are tailgating or want to turn your Honda into a livable camper.



  • Spacious
  • Well ventilated with floor vents
  • 1 door and 2 windows
  • Rainly included
  • Sturdy frame
  • Heavy

As its name implies, this is a solid tent that firmly stand up using fiberglass poles.  This is a huge tent with a space of 15.5 x 9.5 feet. It fits comfortably in a family of 4 with extra space for gear. 


It is worth mentioning that there are actually 2 rooms in this tent. If you need another room, you can use your SUV back seat as your 3rd bedroom. There are 3 doors on this tent, which is good for cross ventilation for a pleasant camping experience. 


In terms of waterproofness, this tent comes with a rainfly which is made of quick-dry 190T polyester. It is PU waterproof with a rating of 3000mm. Not only that, it is coated with UPF50+ fabric, protecting you from harmful UV rays. With this protection, your fabric will last longer and will not fade easily.


The rainfly for the door can be converted to an awning. In fact, this tent has the option to set up 2 awnings! You will love its awnings as it provides extra shaded space. The awnings are supported by strong steel door poles. 


In terms of setup, the buckles provided are of high quality allowing you to secure the tent to the frame of the car and the car wheel. For extra convenience, there are wire holes to allow you to run your power cords to charge your tent heater or phones. 


If you have a big family, this tent will be suitable to accommodate your family needs.



  • 2 rooms
  • 2 awnings
  • Sturdy steel poles
  • 3 doors
  • Quickdry waterproof rainfly with UV protection
  • Tough to be set up by 1 person

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This factor can make or break your trip. Camping in an SUV can be frustrating spending hours trying to assemble your tent, or it can be a breeze if the designs have the ultimate car camping setup. Read the owner’s manual and check out Youtube, as there are many resources out there that teach you how to set it up right. 

Water resistance or waterproof

Waterproof offers the highest level of protection from water, it offers a complete barrier to water. It is easier to clean dirt and stains. Water-resistant offers a lower level of protection. Being Water-resistant depends on the thread count, if it is tightly woven, water struggles to get through. Water resistant sheds water, they are only able to resist the penetration of water to a certain degree. 


Having taped seams and bucket floors does drive the cost of these tents for SUVs. But know that it will provide you great shelter and comfort during wet seasons.


You would want ventilation as your top priority if you are living in hot weather conditions. You would not want to end up sleeping in an oven, where it will be stuffy and sweaty as the air cannot get out of the tent. Especially so when someone farts in the tent! 


Ventilation features to look for in a tent are like mesh walls, windows and doors. Meshes on the tent helps block out hungry mosquitoes. Double check that the vents are in areas where air can still flow while the rainfly is on. You can install tent air conditioners or tent heaters through these vents for extra comfort. A tent with great ventilation features minimizes condensation. It allows air to flow through and keep you cooler during warm nights.




Many of these SUV tents have a minimum height of 6 feet. This allows tall campers to stand straight up without kneeling about. Tents with less sloped roofs and straight up walls are usually high enough for people to stand upright.



The tent needs to have more than enough room to fit your camping troup, camping gear and camping bags. Some tents come with additional awning for extra room to put your camping chairs, tables or park your bicycles. You can utilize the back of your SUV as the “children’s room”, the main tent as the “parents’ room” and the awning area for storage. Do note the sleeping arrangements, as you may want a tent that fits your air mattresses or folding cots.


SUV camping [email protected]

Ideally, the fabric used for SUV tents should be waterproof and can withstand being abused by the outdoor elements. 


Look for materials that can repel water, which helps when it rains. The most common fabrics used are nylon, polyester or canvas. Nylon and polyester are both easy to clean and tear resistant. They provide better insulation, keeping you warmer on cold nights. 


Polyester is the most popular choice, as they are lasting even in harsh situations. However polyester attracts condensation which can easily grow mildew and mold if not well maintained. 


Canvas on the other hand provides great durability against UV rays and is very breathable. Canvas however is more difficult to clean and relatively heavier. It is still a favorite among camping buffs as it is made of natural material, which is better for the environment. Oxford fabric repels water very well and is easily washable helps in case you need to wash up mud off the material. 


There are 2 types of stitching often used on fabrics, Ripstop and Oxford. Ripstop are usually tear and rip resistant while Oxford stitching creates durable and wrinkle resistant fabric. Note that fabrics that have double stitching provide better strength. 


For frames, aluminium, steel or fiberglass are preferred as they are durable. Steel is stronger than aluminium. But aluminium is lighter than steel. Look for ones which are rust resistant as you are always out in the water. It needs to be sturdy enough to ensure it does not break when it is hammered by heavy rain or strong winds. 

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Ideal Tent Peak Height
Estimated Floor Capacity Based On Tent Capacity
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If you still cannot decide and need a final recommendation for the best SUV tent, then we would recommend Napier Family-Tents Sportz SUV Tent. It is reliably waterproof and the materials are durable enough to withstand abuse. There is an option of a screen area for added living space. Most campers prefer this tent as it meets most of their needs.

What's Next

If you are looking for an alternative to a SUV tent, check out our recommended 12 person tent. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have questions about any of the best SUV tents, or want to leave your own personal review, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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