Best Trailer Stabilizer For Unshakable Camping

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Does your trailer feel a boat on the water? Do you feel seasick even when you are parked on the ground? Fret no more, if you are easily irritable by movements in your RV, you may want to get a trailer stabilizer.

There are many different types and sizes, so choosing the ideal stabilizer can be confusing sometimes. So in this article, we will review 5 Best Trailer Stabilizer for unshakable camping. 

But if you are in a hurry and want to get the Best Trailer Stabilizer , check out SteadyFast RV Stabilizer System.

5  Best Trailer Stabilizer

This is an electric travel trailer stabilizer that helps you to stabilize your RV without manual cranking and needing to bend down. It is a great option if you have mobility issues and you are looking for a more advanced option to avoid manual labor.

In fact, there is a waterproof switch to control the stabilizer arm to extend or retract by itself. So even when it rains heavily, there is protection against water damage.

Both arms can operate independently and are able to provide up to 30 inches of lift. This feature allows the stabilizer flexibility to keep the rig stable and level on uneven surfaces or soft ground.

This stabilizer is made to last, thanks to its heavy gauge steel for added durability. Its embossed legs and powder coat finish helps it to withstand rust and corrosion.

Installation can be done with one person and you only need to bolt it to your RV frame. They are compatible with most RVs you find on the market. It has a total weight capacity of 3500 lbs.

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  • Electric stabilizer
  • No need manual cranking
  • No need to bend down
  • Durable arms
  • Waterproof switch


  • Less Affordable

The purpose of Eaz-Lift is to provide stability to the overhang at the front of your 5th wheel with king pin height between 38.5 inches to 50 inches. It is a tripod structure with footpads, where you can easily adjust the tripod legs outward or inward to fit the height of your trailer. Minor adjustments can be done using the stabilizing adjusting lever.

It has a high breakage strength of 5000 lbs, which is considered great for bearing that heavy amount of weight. It is made of high quality materials consisting of 3 steel tubes with chrome chains to tighten them down. You will be impressed that with this installed, your RV does not rock and roll when someone is walking around the coach.

You can place a padlock to prevent theft of your stabilizer. It weighs 27lbs on its own , which is rather heavy for carrying around. The tripod easily packs up for storage in your rig when you need to disconnect for your next move. 



  • High weight capacity up to 5000 lbs
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy storage
  • Durable


  • Suited for 5th wheels only
  • Heavy


This stabilizer can adjust anywhere between 14 inches to 28 inches with ease. You probably will need 2 of these for the front and another 2 at the rear of your rig. It may not eliminate movements completely, but most of it. 

It is a very simple design which sets up within a few minutes. Just extend the legs and tighten the straps to lock it into place. It is tool free, so you do not need any extra tools to set it up.

When not in use, you can fold it back into the storage bag and keep it in your rig. It is not a big structure, so it saves a lot of space. It is lightweight at only 3 lbs, so it is easy to carry around.

Due to its size, it can handle only 250 lbs. So if you own a larger rig, this may not be the right fit for your rig even by installing more stabilizers. 

This stabilizer is great if you are a newbie in RV and do not want to invest too much in a stabilizer.



  • Storage bag included
  • Space saver when storing
  • Simple setup


  • Low weight capacity
  • Less durable


If you are looking for a permanent stabilizer to mount under the frame of your RV, this is the one for you. These come in a set of 2 “C” Jacks. C Jacks are great for vertical and lateral movements. It helps eliminate movements in your RV.

Deployment is just 1 time, with bolt application. Once installed, to set up, just unfold them and lock it into place. Its legs can extend up to 18 to 25 inches high. There is a crank handle included so you can adjust the stabilizers once they are put down. Its integrated curved foot helps prevent slipping or sinking when setting them on the ground. 

It holds a maximum 4000 lbs, which is considered pretty high weight capacity. They are not flimsy when properly installed. You will barely notice them when they are tucked in. They will not stick out and damage your trailer.

BAL 23225 is extremely well built. It is coated with a thicker powder coat which is much more durable than factory scissor jacks. It is constructed with heavy duty materials with corrosion resistant finish so it will last through extended use. 

If you park on gravel or soft ground, you may want to get BAL 23200 Foot Pads for C Jacks which you can purchase separately. If there is no crossmember at your mounting location, you can consider getting a BAL 23205 connector.



  • Easy to set up
  • Super durable
  • Affordable
  • Includes a crank handle


  • Need permanent installation

SteadyFast RV Stabilizer System

This is another permanent stabilizer which offers top tier performance. Compared to other stabilizers, you notice that this setup features bars that stabilize your rig’s frame rather than the jack or leg. This results in anchoring your RV solidly to the ground, eliminating all movements.

There is no storage issue, as it is a permanent fixture on your RV. The setup is pretty fast as it engages and disengages in seconds. There is no need to bend down or go under your rig to set up. 

The parts are heavy duty and made to last. It is externally coated with quality paint and the steel tubes are thick. Its large knobs made it easier to turn. You will want to upgrade your stabilizer to this one. Once installed, you simply cannot rock the camper, it almost removes most of the movements.



  • Well constructed
  • Easy installation
  • Engages and disengages in seconds
  • Superb for removing movements


  • Less Affordable
  • Only 2 footpads


What Do Trailer Stabilizers Do?

A stabilizer helps your RV to stay steady and stable when parked on rough terrains, so that your rig does not rock or sway when you move around. With a washer and dryer in your rig, having a stabilizer helps your rig to overcome the vibrations. You will find that some RV appliances only function well when your campervan is level. 

And if you are having adult fun while camping, a stabilizer is a must for added privacy.

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your RV tires, you will want to use a RV stabilizer to avoid too much RV weight sitting your tires for too long.

Buying Guide

Types of RV stabilizers

Scissor RV Stabilizers

They are flexible enough to be used with various types of RVs. There is usually a crank handle available for height adjustment to raise or lower the stabilizers. They are placed between tires to optimize stability. They can be more difficult to install and time consuming.

Universal RV stabilizers

These camper stabilizers work with RVs, travel trailers and 5th wheels. As for installation, they are easily mountable. You will find that some RVs come pre-installed with universal stabilizers. However, one set back is, it does not work so well on very heavy RVs. 

Tripod RV Stabilizers

Tripod stabilizers are easy to install and are relatively affordable. They do not require any extra tools during installation. You will find them mostly used for 5th wheels. These are great for preventing side to side bouncing, but it does not do so so well for back-and-forth movements. Because of its design, it occupies less space, making it more practical for storage after use.

Size And Weight Of Your RV

Ensure that your weight of your RV does not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your stabilizer. Take into account your camping items that define your rig’s weight. Know that the total weight will be distributed by the number of stabilizers you use. You need to understand your RV well to know where most of the weight is centralized on so that you can get the right stabilizer for it.
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An unwritten rule is, for any camper that is more than 30 feet in length, you will need at least 4 stabilizers. However, you should never have all tires off the ground. There should be tires that support some weight even if you have the stabilizers in place.


For long term use, look for heavy duty steel, as it is usually weather resistant and durable compared to cast aluminum.  Another suggestion is to ensure that the jack has some coating so that it can help increase the long term lifespan. 

If you camp often, you want to get one that can handle constant stress your RV is put onto.

Ease of installation

You will want something that is easy to fix and use. There are so many options to choose from. There is manual, electric or even hydraulic lift. Electronic stabilizers can be operated using a remote control system from your RV.

There are a few options of installation. You can choose to permanently mount the stabilizers to your RV. It may take awhile to install those permanent ones. But once installed, all it requires is just adjustments for height once you have parked your RV.

Temporary stabilizers need to be installed every time you park your camper, which may take up more effort and time.

How To Install Trailer Stabilizer Jacks

For Portable Stabilizer

Place it under the RV, extend the legs and tighten the straps to lock it into place.

For Electric Stabilizer

Place it under your RV and turn on the switch to control the stabilizer arm to extend or retract by itself. 

For Permanent Stabilizer

Deployment is just 1 time, with bolt application. Once installed, to set up, just unfold them and lock it into place. 

For Tripod Stabilizer

Adjust the tripod legs outward or inward to fit the height of your trailer. Minor adjustments can be done using the stabilizing adjusting lever.

Our Verdict

SteadyFast RV Stabilizer System wins the most points from our buying guide. This kit features a well built setup with well built steel and crucial parts externally coated with high quality paint. It takes out most of your trailer’s movements so that you feel like you are on solid ground. Setup is super easy as it engages and disengages within seconds, allowing you to utilize your time for other productive camping activities.

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