Favorite Things To Do When Camping

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Camping is so much fun, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do with yourself. We’ve got you covered! Here are our top ten favorite things to do when camping:

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What to do while camping? Hiking is a great way to get exercise and enjoy nature. If you’re camping with kids or haven’t been active lately, start easy by finding a short trail near your campsite. After that, you can work up to hiking more challenging trails.

If you want more of a challenge, try finding trails that are off-trail. This will be more challenging than hiking on marked trails, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment when you reach the end of your hike! Make sure to wear appropriate shoes, bring water and snacks, and tell someone where you are going and when they should expect you back. If you’re hiking with kids, bring a first aid kit in case of any accidents along the way!
Before you go for your hike, you may want to review this checklist to make sure you have the essential gears in your backpack before you start your hike.

Nap In A Hammock

One of our favorites on ‘what to do when camping’, is napping in a hammock between two trees and listening to the birds chirp. It’s such a relaxing activity, especially if you’re not used to sleeping on hard ground or in an uncomfortable bed. Nothing’s more relaxing than catching some zzz’s while swinging gently back and forth on a hammock. Just make sure you’ve got an eye mask if it’s going to be sunny!

Play Games

Play cards with your friends and family members. There’s nothing better than sitting around the fire with friends after dinner playing games like Uno or Go Fish. Add in some s’mores and you’ve got one memorable campfire night!

Charades is a great camping entertainment that’s fun for all ages. It’s great for campers of all ages, including adults. This easy game can be played anywhere and requires no special supplies. To play charades, you need at least two people—and ideally four or more. The goal is to act out words or phrases using only body movements and facial expressions. The other players try to guess what you’re acting out; if they get it right, then they get points!


Get lost in a book under the stars. Take advantage of being away from distractions and enjoy some alone time with your favorite book by reading under the stars. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try reading it on an e-reader so you won’t have to worry about losing it! It is a great way to have fun camping.

Campfire cooking

One of the best fun things to do at camping is the campfire. It’s a chance for families to enjoy delicious meals together, and it’s also a great opportunity for kids to learn how to cook. It is one of the most fun activities to do while camping. Cooking over a campfire doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult—it can be as simple as roasting hot dogs and burgers. But if you want to take it up a notch, try making foil packs or cooking in a dutch oven. These are easy ways to get kids involved with making their own campfire meals and will help them develop skills they can use in the future!

Don’t forget the marshmallows! Roasting them over the fire will make them taste delicious!
For more easy and convenient camping meals, check out these
10 suggestions.

Bike Ride

A bike ride should be part of your camping activities list. Roads throughout campgrounds tend to be wide and flat – perfect for younger bikers. Look for bike trails nearby for longer rides.

Cycling is a great way to explore the area around your campsite. Many campgrounds have dedicated bike trails that are well maintained and safe, so it’s easy to make sure your kids get back to camp safely at the end of the day.


Fishing is one of the best activities to do when camping. If you’re camping next to a river, then you’re in an ideal spot to go fishing. Rain is actually the best time for fishing, as rain stimulates the fish and causes them to come out of their hiding places. Rain washes bugs around the river which will attract many fish to come out and get some tucker.

If your kids are having a hard time catching any fish, let them try yabbying instead! Bring along an appropriate type of net and use carrots or tomatoes as bait.


If you plan to camp near the water, be sure to bring your swimsuit. Swimming can be a great way to cool off on a hot day, or even take a natural ‘bath’ after a long day of hiking.

If you have kids, grab some buckets and spoons for them to play in the sand. You can also make sand castles with them or build a sand sculpture!

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are always a good idea, but they’re especially great when you’re camping. They can help you quiet your mind and body and help you live in the moment. They are also great way to help you put a busy work or otherwise stressful week behind you.

When you’re outdoors, it’s easy to get distracted by the sounds of nature, which can seem like an annoyance at first. But if you do yoga or meditate outside in nature, it can help you connect with your surroundings in a way that’s impossible indoors.
If you don’t have any gear for these activities, don’t worry! You can do them just about anywhere—you don’t even need anything special! Just find a quiet place (away from other campers) and start stretching or breathing deeply.

Play musical instruments

If you’re going to be camping, it’s a good idea to bring along some musical instruments. You can play whatever instrument you have with you around the campfire at night, and it will make for a fun and unique experience! Music is the food for the soul, and when you’re camping, it’s even more important to keep your soul nourished. No matter what instrument you’re playing—guitar, harmonica, ukulele—you can’t beat singing along under the stars by firelight.

Our Thoughts

Camping is a great way to help your family bond, with the added bonus of helping nature thrive. Camping is great for all ages and can be a wonderful bonding experience for the entire family. Whether you’re headed for an overnight campout or a week-long vacation, there are plenty of activities to enjoy as a family. From hiking to fishing, you’ll have fun doing what you love best with those who matter most.

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