How to Keep Mice Out Of Your RV Camper

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Imagine going on a long trip with your family in a luxurious RV, sitting on a comfortable sofa enjoying your hot cup of tea. But wait, mice are crawling here and there ruining all the tranquility. 

There is nothing more annoying than a bunch of mice on a trip to ruin your day, and mice always make their way in. That is why it is always difficult to get rid of the mice in an RV camper. But not anymore. To make your trip memorable, we have unleashed the best ways on How To Keep Mice Out Of Your RV camper. 

If you are a beginner in RVing, check out these tips before you start.

Entry Points

How to keep mice out of camper? Here is something we all know. When mice make their entry points, they never forget. They keep on coming and going through the same points and make our lives miserable. 

And if they have seen it once, there is no point to block it from cloth as they will easily rip it apart. 

Therefore, you need to find some solid ways to get rid of all the mice. The first step is to note down all the entry points from where the mice come in. Crawl under your RV camper and take note of all the holes. 

Do not forget to look through the pipes and wires. Once you are done with it, look through all your windows and doors and mark all the holes and potential places. 

Once you have identified all the entry points, it is easier for you to work on those places and get rid of this problem. 

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Spray Foam

Problem Identification is truly not the solution. Once you have identified all the spaces and holes, it is now time for you to act. 

Go to your nearest supermarket and get your hands on the spray foams that are used to get rid of the mice. It is also known as the caulk, which seals and binds all the cracks and gaps in the RV camp. 

Whether the crack is around the door or it is below the vehicle, the spray foam works like magic. Many people have opted for this method as it is easier to use and some find it to be one of the best way to keep mice out of camper.

It is easier for people to just spray on all the potential gaps, rather than having a cold war with mice. It’s disgusting!

Mouse Repellent

While sprays are the easiest ways for many people, others do not prefer using sprays due to numerous reasons. If you are one of those who do not like spending on sprays, then don’t worry, we have another alternative for you. 

It is easier for you to get a mouse repellent. Mouse repellent is easily available in all the supermarkets and people prefer it more over the sprays. If you do not want to spend hundreds on fancy mouse repellents, you can easily make one in your homes too using DIYs. 

Many travelers who forget to purchase the mouse repellents for the trips use the last-minute method of cotton balls. Cotton balls are something that all of us have. The easiest method is to soak the cotton balls in peppermint oil. Then place the same cotton ball in the opening areas of the camper. It will get rid of all the mice. It is a tried and tested method and the idea has never failed. 

Some people also place Irish spring soaps or dry sheets at the openings to get rid of mice. The reason why mice do not come to place with peppermint oil or Irish soap is they hate the strong smell. It is a great mouse proofing camper technique.

The peppermint smell that we all love is hated by the mice and it is nothing but a pungent odor to them. Therefore, they do not get near the camp with the smell. 


You won’t have to spend hundreds on fancy sprays and repellents if you follow this simplest method.

What keeps mice out of campers is to clean the RV camper. Whether it is your house or camp, deep cleaning always helps. Mice never get into clean places. 

And when we talk about cleaning, it does not mean just doing it from the surface, but using the cleaners, vacuums, and sweeping all the dust away from underneath or from the corners. While it does not seem fun and it looks like a lengthy task. Deep cleaning does the trick, keeping mice out of RV, making your place look fresh and healthy too. 

Talking about cleanliness, it is also important to not store any unnecessary foods in your RV, especially on your slabs and tables. Mice truly get attracted by the feast you have left for them on the slabs. 

When you are done with your meals, make sure to clean up the space so that there is no meal left for the mice to come in and attack. It is true that mice only come to the camp because they want food. If you do not leave food on the table, they will find another camp to disturb.  [ Also Read: Having problems of bears constantly interrupting your stay while you are trying to enjoy nature? Discover safety tips on how to camp safely in a bear country. ]

Mouse Traps

How to mouse proof a camper? Have you ever seen in cartoons where the cat used to place a trap for the mouse, with a little piece of cheese in it? 

Well, it is now the time to use one in real life. Mousetraps are easily available everywhere, in every supermarket and grocery store. Moreover, it is also not that difficult to use mouse traps. Firstly, the instructions are written on the cover. 

And if not, it is not as complicated as you think. Just get a piece of cheese or some other food and place it in the mousetrap. Once you have placed the food, place the mousetrap in the potential area and wait for the mice to enter into your trap. 

In brief, when making the list of your travel essentials, make sure to include five to six mouse traps in your list. 

The best part about the mouse traps is that people have begun to blindly trust the mouse traps after seeing the successful results in popular TV cartoons or other shows. 

Fresh Cab Pouches

You may have come across these corn cob-filled pouches in your supermart. But do you know what these pouches are used for and why are they essential? Well, it is yet another way to trap mice and get rid of them forever. 

The smell they add in the pouch is a peppermint smell that is used to scare the mice away. The best part about these pouches is that they are nontoxic and one pouch has a large quantity. 

This is why this way is preferred by many campers as it is not that expensive and it comes in large quantities. So even if you have an army of mice in your camp, this magic pouch will help you get rid of all. 

What’s Next

How to keep mice out of a camper? In a nutshell, mice entering into the camp is not just common, but a disgusting and gross problem. It might take all the essence of your delightful trip away and make your camping journey miserable. 

Therefore, it is essential to take precautions and pack all the essentials to get rid of the mice, so that they won’t ruin your weekend. 
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