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If you are looking to simplify your RV life so that you can live freely, check out RV Life Pro. It removes stress when RV planning, which makes your journey as easy as possible without missing activities and places to see along the way.

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RV Life Pro is a bundled tool that includes all these 4 tools.

  • RV Life Trip Wizard
  • RV Life Campground Reviews
  • RV Life App (RV safe GPS)
  • RV Life Maintenance Tracker

Table of Contents

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RV LIFE Trip Wizard

RV Life Trip Wizard

RV Life Trip Wizard is a planning tool for RVers to plot safe routes. When you drive a large vehicle, it is necessary to take note of roads with steep grades, avoid any low bridges and places with weight limits. A route that is perfect for a family car may not be suitable for your RV as it could put your family in serious danger.

Unlike Google maps, RV Trip Wizards avoids city centers where roads are not RV friendly.  RV Life Wizard will consider your RV’s weight and height factors and propose campgrounds that will fit your rig’s settings.

If you have certain memberships, this app will prioritize campgrounds that cater to your subscription. You can also save a lot. You can find those gems where it has free overnight parking or places with recreational facilities.

One of the features you will love is the radius circles that will show the possibilities you may end up driving by the end of the day, from your starting point. So you will be able to plan possible places you can visit for the day. With the Search and Explore tool, it will propose nearby places of interests for you to explore.  Looking for places for RV boondocking? Check out these recommendations.

It works on all devices such as your laptop, smartphones or tablets. 

RV Life Campground Reviews

When you click on the campground, you can see other RVers ratings and reviews, what to do, what to eat and a 7 day weather forecast. And usually the reviews are quite detailed e.g. campsite conditions, sufficient space for parking, which gives you a good idea what to expect at the campground. This helps you decide if you want to camp at the site.

Its coverage is extensive, reviewing over 20,000 RV campgrounds and parks around the United States.
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RV Life app

RV Life app is similar to your google maps, but designed for RVs. To get fuel along the way, the app shows you routes and gas stations that accept your type of RVs. You even find boondocking locations that have been recommended by other RVers. If you are not interested in certain types of places, you can filter out the points of interest.

You can see your previous, present and future itineraries. At the same time, you can share your itinerary so that others can follow your route.

RV Life Maintenance Tracker

RV Life Maintenance Tracker can help you track your maintenance and fuel cost, so you can keep track of expenditure you are consuming for your trip. With this info, you can accurately budget your expenses for your future trips.

Under the “Equipment” tab, you can input the various RV appliances such as your RV refrigerator, Air conditioners for better tracking. 

At the same time, it helps you remember when your next maintenance schedule is, to keep your RV to its optimum level. It keeps track of repairs and maintenance in detail. You are able to run a maintenance report to know if oil change is due. 

You are required to enter your maintenance events, your service or fuel fill ups. The RV maintenance log program then analyzes and if it detects something is due, you will receive a notification for the maintenance activity.

If you decided to sell your RV one day, your complete maintenance report is the best way to convince other buyers your rig is in the best condition.

Closing Thoughts

With many opting to work remotely, RVing has become more popular than ever. You almost can’t go RVing aimlessly without detailed RV trip planning. 

RV Life Pro is something many RVers won’t ever be without.

Jules and Ken

Jules and Ken

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