What Is RV Skirting And Why Should You Skirt Your Camper In The Winter


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Are you longing to plan a trip in winter but bothered to get freezing air and wind circulating in your RV? So, here I am introducing you to a solution “RV skirting” which you need while camping any time anywhere in winter.  Besides having a heater or propane fire pit to keep you warm, having a RV skirt is there to protect your plumbing and tanks from freezing. This helps to keep your rig warmer so you can stay cozy and warm throughout your camping period.

RV skirting is a premium material placed around the bottom side of the RV or trailer during cold months. Skirting helps to resist the outside cold air from getting into your RV which keeps your camper warm and comfy. Skirting gives you an entire responsibility to control the inside temperature while preventing the plumbing system and water line pipes from freezing. Skirt traps warm air from the rig’s floor. Hence, skirt keeps your camper warmer yet equilibrium exists towards your propane bill.

Nevertheless, RV skirting is considered the most excellent and best suited winter camping which keeps your interior and underbelly of a trailer protected.  Before, you dig into RV skirt; there are few things that you need to consider. If you are a beginner in RVing, check out these tips before you start. First and foremost thing is your budget, the type of rig you have and your location to make your trip worth and mesmerizing.  

Camping doesn’t have to be in summer only, by using an RV skirt you can pursue your trip in all types of weather. Here are some foresee reasons that provoke you to have RV Skirt in winter while camping:

Reasons Why You Need An RV Skirt In Winter

What Is RV Skirting And Why Should You Skirt Your Camper In The Winter


RV Skirt work as insulation

RV skirts work as insulation. It creates a barrier of cold air movement underneath your rig. Consistently, a warmer underneath leads to a warmer camper. RV skirting is a must for winter trips because it maintains a consistent temperature by trapping heat under it. The camper should onset skirt properly for winter traveling. If you travel in harsh weather then it’s mandatory to invest in an RV skirt wisely to prevent freezing.

RV skirt saves your bills

RV Skirt helps to prevent heat loss which means you won’t have to use propane to heat your RV. So, if you use less propane, you eventually are able to save more cost on your bills.

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RV skirt keeps warm air locked in

If you are travelling in chilled weather, you obviously need to have a heat lamp or heat tape with you under your RV to ensure your pipes and tanks don’t have direct exposure to freezing temperature which can lead to cracked pipes and damage your RV.

Alternatively, you may want to consider getting a portable heater for your RV. Check out our detailed guide on the Best Portable Heater for cold weathers.

Year-round camping season

Nowadays, winter camping is stimulating in popularity. During the winter season, people love to do camping because of less crowds and more camping options available. Your motor home will get quite cold with ice, snow and cold winds.
You may also want to check out if it is worth installing tankless water heaters to your RV.
Skirting is a well-matched option that protects your RV in the winter season, and keeps the inside of the vehicle warm at a comfortable temperature as well as lessens your bills.
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RV skirting comes in varieties which make the entire process easy and painless, whereas you will find plenty of DIY RV skirts options in the market made up of different materials that require intense labor work but less costly than ready-made.

Points To Consider

What Is RV Skirting And Why Should You Skirt Your Camper In The Winter



I have chosen the most common ready-made choice that will be easily available in the market without any extra effort.

Types of Skirting

Air Skirts

Air Skirt is the newest yet innovative skirt, due to its unique design it needs no drilling, no messy tape and no holes. You can simply inflate it under your RV camper, held in place with air pressure. The “Skirt” is made up of cylindrical tubes inflated with air. Skirting kits come with a complete set of tubes, electric air pump, storage bag and patch kit.

Custom skirt

Customization can be done by companies or travel providers particularly designed to fit your rig size. Usually, heavy duty vinyl material has been used to make custom skirts with precise accuracy and top line fabric to avoid any ripped off and last for years.

RV wind skirt

RV wind skirt requires a less effort to install than other skirts. Moreover, its fine quality and lightweight canvas offer easiness to travelers to attached to any vehicle and the lower part is fabricated with loops, and provides a seal between RV and the ground. The skirt panel is made up of high quality durable material, permit the top portion to be easily installed and attached to any vehicle. This panel helps to integrate Velcro sewn onto both ends which allows a quick connection with our multiple skirts, able to fit to any size of the vehicle.


However, if you are looking for a cheaper DIY RV skirt option requires self-installed or professionally installed. Well, a cheaper option to skirt will be prone to more problems so you need to choose it wisely.  DIY RV skirt works best for you if you just plan to camp for days or weeks then DIY kit should be sufficient for you.

Material Type


Vinyl, considered the most durable and reusable material, comes with a custom fit size of your rig. It gives a clean and sleek look while keeping your budget in mind; you can seek for used billboard vinyl then use grommets, Velcro or suction cups which help to attach the skirt to your camper.


Plywood is an inexpensive RV skirt which can last longer, and also offers the benefit of having an extra storage space underneath the RV for outdoor gear.

Foam insulation

Foam insulation differs from plywood, this material doesn’t need any specialized tools to install. A tacky and handy choice for winter needs. You are required to use a knife to cut foam the size of your rig and a heavy duty tape to make an effective barrier to the elements.


Skirting is the best method to protect you in winter while camping, the two major goals of skirt are to block out the cold air from outside and prevent the tank and pipe system from freezing. You must choose the fine quality material to seal gaps that would let wind to blow and air to escape.

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