RV Wet Baths: Pros and Cons You Should Know

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The RV Bath is a specialized version of the RV shower. It consists of a composite toilet combined with a shower. It is commonly seen in the older RVs or the smaller ones. The RV Bath is capable of providing users with all facilities that are present in the normal restroom but in a package that is much more compact.

As compared to the dry bath, the RV bath is a combination of the toilet space and the shower. Everything you need in a bathroom – toilet, bathroom and sink – is using the same one floor.  It is not a bathroom that people have at home with just a sink and washing tub. 

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The entire floor of the bathroom in a wet bath is waterproof along with a drainage area. Hence, the other parts of the bathroom get easily wet when a person takes a shower in the wet bath. 


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Saves space

The best thing about an RV bath is that it occupies less space. Hence, it can easily fit in a camper van. Everything is present in just a single unit, so there is no need to have various things with different features. 

Perhaps, wet baths are commonly seen in small size RVs, travel trailers of smaller sizes, and C motorhomes. There is no need to create separate areas for showers and toilets with these wet baths.

Easy cleaning

RV wet baths are designed in such a way that everything gets wet eventually. This makes the cleaning apart easy as now wiping can be easily done. Spraying bathroom cleaner all over the space becomes easier to have it wiped down. 

They worry about separate areas cleaning no longer. Cleaning can be easily done by using the head wand of the shower to spray water which easily helps in rinsing the soap or the dirt from each crack. After spraying, simply wipe down the remaining using a towel. 

Place to sit while showering

Now, having a shower and toilet together becomes a handful when a person intends to sit and shower. The toilet plays the role of a bench in the RV bath. Hence, washing feet becomes easier. If you do not own a RV toilet and looking to get one, check out the Best RV Toilet to make your RV wet bath more comfortable.

Also, cleaning of small cracks or areas can be easily done while sitting. Perhaps, people who can’t stand for long will be in benefit after having this RV wet bath. 

To be used as a drying space

One of the best parts of the RV bath is that wet clothes can easily be hung along with other things that are not to be used. Similarly, the use of a dry space can be to hang any umbrella or sweaty clothes. 

Hence, there is no need to worry about the extra items getting wet. Perhaps, it is beneficial for small areas where the living space won’t get. The compact package of shower and toilet makes enough space for all wet belongings. 

More space for showering

An RV wet bath gives you enough space to take shower with ease. Such places won’t be available in separate areas for showers. The compact package allows you to not feel suffocated at all by the walls; there is enough space to lather and rinse easily. 

Similarly, even with the toilet, users can have enough space. A person can easily move and make enough room to allow free movements.

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Everything gets wet

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The biggest disadvantage that an RV wet bath carries is that the entire area can easily get wet during the shower. Although it is useful for wiping it can be a challenge in many instances. People will have to be careful during showers so that they do not splash excess water. 

Otherwise, the drying process after a shower becomes harder. Toilet paper needs to be kept in a place where it won’t get wet. Hence, sometimes they turn out to be a soggy mess. Wetness can be managed by learning ways to use showers but it is not that easy.

Small size

A small bathroom is useful for campers that are small in size but they can be a disadvantage as well. The use of a toilet and shower in a small area becomes relevantly hard. 

People, who have comparatively huge sizes will find it extremely hard to manage themselves in the small bathrooms. People will have to then decide whether they want to adjust or not. Movements get restricted along with limited space to use. 

A lot of time is spent on drying

It is always recommended to dry the bath after use so a person does not slip nor there is the issue of moisture. Again, it will take some excess time of your routine, as a wet bath gets easily wet and requires time for the drying process.  [ Also Read: How To Keep Moisture Out Of An RV In Winter ]

Each corner and crevices need to be dried up. Separate showers won’t require all of this hassle and showering time can be cut short easily. You will have to use a lot of absorbent paper or towels to dry them quickly and it gets messy.

Less storage space

Another con of this RV wet bath is that there is little storage space. There are only a few shelves or services for storing the toiletries or other necessary items. At the time of the shower, they need to be removed as well to not get them wet. 

Usually, watertight cabinets are used so that they are not weighed and can be accommodated in the little space but it gets difficult. The area is very small for adjustment. 

People are forced to keep as limited things as possible in this wet bath so that it does not clutter up and things are prevented from getting wet as well. 

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An RV bath is surely a very good addition to small travelling trolleys or camper vans. A person having a smaller size RV is used to these wet baths and is aware of their advantages. The space taken up by these wet baths is comparatively less with the ability to serve different purposes. 

It is not luxurious nor does it offer a separate area for showers. Rather, it is a compact package of toilet and shower. It offers a lot of convenience in just a small place. 

For occasional use, the RV wet bath is surely a simple solution with numerous features. From easy cleaning to the sitting area during showers, RV wet bath is surely a good option despite some cons which can be adjusted easily. 

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