RVing for Beginners: 8 RV Tips to Get Started

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Have you packed your bags for a fun RV trip this weekend? But wait, if you are a beginner, there is so much you are missing out on. RV has now become the second home of all adventurous people. It has truly made life easier for all vacation lovers, but last-minute packings and problems have always hindered the delightful trip. To save you from all the hassles of last-minute problems, here are some secrets for RVing for beginners, 8 RV tips to get started.

If you’re thinking about living in an RV but have heard some falsehoods that are deterring you, we’ll use this guide to debunk 5 Full-Time RV living myths and misconceptions!

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Tip 1: List of Item

Secret number 1 in our RVing for dummies, is your list of item. It might seem a bit outdated, but it is worth it. It is impossible to recall every item you need at the last minute. Therefore, to get started with your RV trip, it is essential to note down all the items you need in one place. 

There are several things you can use for this purpose. While the traditional ways include writing the essentials down on a piece of paper and sticking it on the fridge door, mobile phones have made life easier for the youngsters. All they need to do is open the notepad app and list down all the essentials.

Make sure to list down all the items which include items from the bathroom, bedroom, and even kitchen, so that you may not have to run around looking for goods at the last minute. 

Tip 2: Toolkit

Secret number 2 in our RV tips for beginners, is the toolkit. When starting your journey in a lavish RV van, it is essential to prepare a proper toolkit and add this to your RV. 

While this idea seems a little funny and unnecessary, problems such as loosened side mirrors and damaged sinks are very common in the RV. Therefore, you need to prepare beforehand and get your hands on all the toolkit essentials. 

When we talk about packing toolkits, it not just includes the screwdrivers and hammers, but also the duct tapes and a pair of scissors. They always come in handy in all your problems.

Other essential things include rubber bands and zip ties. In brief, it is difficult to anticipate the possible problems that may arise during the journey, but it is better to prepare beforehand so that you have a happy and safe journey. 

Tip 3: Cookware

Secret number 3 in our RV for beginners, cookware. Who needs knives and stoves? We will probably have something to eat since we are on a trip. It is the most common misconception people have when going on a trip. Whether you have rented your RV or you own it, make sure to check all your basic cooking essentials in the vehicle. 
We have a detailed guide on the Best RV Stove if you do not have one yet.

Moreover, when preparing for a trip, you do not just need a few sets of knives, glasses, and spoons, but also a proper stove and cutting board. Furthermore, frying pans and other cooking utensils should also be added to the list. 

Regardless of the abundant food, you will have on the trip, it is better to be prepared for any kind of emergency. Imagine going on a long trip and suddenly, heavy rain starts.  You may need an RV refrigerator to store your food so it can be kept longer. Check out our recommendations for the Best RV Refrigerator for reliable cooling.

You might not be able to get out of the RV and so, all the utensils and cutting boards will save your meal of the day. 

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Tip 4: Budget

Secret number 4 in RV camping tips for beginners, is Budget. Here is the most forgettable part. While buying or renting an RV, many people forget their pockets and spend a lot. Going to the market and buying an RV is not the first step, instead, you need to first do the market research. It is better to get to know the market rates first and the qualities available in the market. 

Secondly, it is important to set your budget so that you have a clear picture of how much you need to spend. After you have decided on all the above factors, then it is time for you to go and buy or rent an RV.

It is indeed one of the most crucial tips for beginners to get started as many people forget about the budget constraints which bother them after a month or two. Make sure to also check the quality you are getting and always try to make a good deal. 

Tip 5: Sleeping Issues

Secret number 5 in our RV beginners guide , is sleeping issues. Although RV has become a second home to all travellers, it still cannot steal the essence of sleeping at night in your bed with your blanket and pillow. 

While travellers can compromise on everything, from food to other amenities, everyone needs a proper place to sleep. 

One of the most essential tips for buying or renting an RV for beginners is to always check the sleeping space. People usually book the RV in excitement and forget about the rooms and space they are getting to sleep comfortably. 

Therefore, you need to check the rooms and the spaces in the rooms before getting an RV. It will help you to sleep comfortably so that you can enjoy every day of the trip to make it memorable.

Tip 6: Towing essentials

Secret number 6 in our RV basics beginners, is towing essentials. Besides packing sunglasses and sunscreens, it is also important to pack all the towing essentials in your RV. 

It is one of the most common problems people face. RV is still a vehicle and it has a high chance of getting stopped anywhere. 

Not just that, when you are on a trip, you come across numerous cars or other vehicles that require towing. Whether you are towing or you need to get towed, you need to have a separate bag for all the towing essentials, so that you can travel peacefully and help anyone, if needed. 

Tip 7: Holding Tank Odor

Secret number 7 in our best RV for Beginners, is the Holding Tank Odor. It is one of the common problems that occur in all RVs. Many people forget this part and do not clean their tanks.

And when they go on a trip, they come across a weird pungent smell from the holding tank of the RV. It is essential to clean the holding tank to get rid of all the smell. There are several methods to clean the RV holding tank. 

The common one is the deep cleaning of the tank before going on a trip. It may sound like a lengthy process, but trust me, it is worth it. People usually use chemicals for the deep cleaning of the tank, but if you are more of a natural person, you can always use baking soda to clean your tank. 

Furthermore, people also open the doors and windows of the RV and let the fresh air pass in. It creates ventilation and takes out all the pungent smell from the Holding Tank of the RV. If you do not have time for deep cleaning, you can always use this method. 
If you are looking for a RV Roof vent for better ventilation, check out our recommendations for Best RV Roof Vent to let fresh air in and stale air out.

Tip 8: Entertainment

RV might sound luxurious and royal, but the vehicle itself is not entertaining. While packing the essentials, people are in the delusion that they will have fun in the RV. However, it is not true. You need to pack some of the board games or cards to have fun in the RV. 

Besides the elite RVs, regular RVs do not have the luxury of table tennis or other indoor games. And so, you should bring some of the entertainment stuff yourself to the vehicle, so that you do not get bored in the vehicle. 

Talking about the entertainment materials, never forget your speakers and handsfree. They will truly save your day if you ever get bored at some point. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you have questions about RV Living For Beginners or want to leave your own personal comments, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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