Tips and Tricks for camping in the rain

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Camping in the rain can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. On one hand, rain can make it difficult to stay dry and comfortable, and can also make it harder to start a fire or set up a tent. On the other hand, camping in the rain can also be a unique and peaceful experience, with the sound of raindrops and the fresh smell of damp earth.

Despite the challenges, camping in the rain can also be a fun and memorable experience. You can enjoy the serene sound of raindrops, spend time reading a book or playing games inside your tent, or take a walk in the rain to explore your surroundings. Just be sure to stay safe and use common sense when camping in wet weather.

Have you ever wondered what to do when the rain starts coming down while you’re camping? We’ve compiled a list of insider tricks and tips that will help make your rainy camping trip more enjoyable.

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Multiple tarps are needed when camping to stay dry. You should have one to cover your tents and a second one to keep the hang out area dry, which you can hang out under without getting wet by your firepit or too close to the fire. If you put it too low or too close, the water will run downhill toward you and drip off onto your campsite below.

To protect the base of your tent, if your tarp is slightly bigger than your tent,  fold your tarp up under itself and tucked up under the tent. Here are some tips on how to properly set up your tent.



Use a shovel. A small drainage swale around your tent is a must, even if most campsites are flat. Dig a 6″ deep trench all the way around the sides of your tent and it will prevent water from flowing under it in the rain.


Be sure to check for trees before setting up camp and be careful of falling branches or even whole trees as well!
Look for level ground with plenty of room for tents, a central fire pit and nearby trees for hanging lanterns. 

Place your tent where water is less likely to collect around its door, such as up on a hill or higher ground. You’ll feel so much better when you wake up in the middle of the night and notice that there isn’t water seeping into your tent overnight.

Waterproof your tent


Camp dry can help prevent rain from seeping through your tent. This handy spray works by creating a waterproof barrier on all types of clothing, tents and other camping surfaces. It can also be used to make repairs to damaged gear if you’re caught in a storm.

Keep an extra can in your trunk for emergency applications. I’ve used it on my tent many times when it starts raining unexpectedly or when the moisture just seems to seep through the holes that are normally made by using the poles or sticking your head in there during storms. good luck

Set Camp Rules


You can avoid the rounds and rounds of back and forth to get everyone dressed in rain gear and shoes by having each person arrive with an outer layer that is easy to slip over and off. Also, have a place outside your camp where people can remove their shoes so no one has to step on the tent floor or sleep area with their wet feet.

Bring the right clothes



Dressing for rain camping has never been so easy. A good quality rain jacket and rain pants can make all the difference between getting soaked or staying dry. When you first notice the storm coming on, stop what you’re doing, pull on your rain gear, and then get back to enjoying yourself in the great outdoors!

Having cold and wet socks can be a real downer. Bring plenty of extra socks to stay warm, dry and comfortable. Also make sure that you only wear your dry pair on the tent floor as they’ll protect your feet while they rest during the night.

Waterproof bags


Plastic bags are essential to have when camping in the rain, especially big black garbage bags. They’ll help keep you warm and dry, and can be used for keeping your backpack dry, storing wet gear and even firewood. Ziploc-style bags are great for storing important items that shouldn’t get wet.
If you are a seasoned camper and want better quality waterproof bags, check out our recommendations for the
Best Waterproof Bagpacks.

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