10 Travel Trailer Essentials If you Just Bought Your First Travel Trailer

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So, you’ve made your decision. You desire to see the world and are willing to put in the time and effort to accomplish it. 

Congratulations! Many individuals have lofty plans to travel but never get around to doing it. However, after you committed to your wanderlust, you may have realized why some people never really, you know, get around to it

If you are a beginner in RVing, check out these tips before you start.

The logistics of traveling the world aren’t always straightforward. First and foremost, you must determine where in the globe you will travel, as well as how you will get there (let alone afford it).

There’s also the problem of deciding what to do with all of the “travel trailer essentials” that may easily bind us. Maybe you have a family and a job, or even tangible items like a house, vehicle, or an extensive book collection, all of which might make traveling more difficult. All of this is why we like RVing so much. 

Camping in a trailer is an excellent method to satisfy both your want to explore the world and your desire to do so while being surrounded by the comforts of home. You don’t have to give up your pets or belongings when you travel in an RV. You may easily cram everything into the car and take it with you!

New RVers, on the other hand, are frequently uninformed of some of the essential camper essentials and supplies that will guarantee your trips are safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. After all, no matter how many airline or train travels you’ve taken, you’ve probably never had to bring a sewage hose with you. Don’t be concerned. We’ll go through a list of frequently overlooked RV necessities that every RV camper requires.

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1. RV Generator

While boondocking, you will need a reliable power source. Going for hours without power not only can lead to spoiled food and other headaches, but it can also result in uncomfortable, even unsafe temperatures sometimes.

Most of us would agree that a generator for RV is the best bet for powering up when you don’t have access to main electricity. Read our reviews for the Best RV Generator for boondocking.

If your RV generator is older, these suggestions for quieting loud RV generators will help. If all else fails, try investing in a generator that is a cheaper alternative to the silent ones. It would be half the price of its competitors. Be sure it is also getting a lot of positive feedback online, especially for the intriguing new features like a remote start. 

In conclusion, this chosen generator is to be a dependable, surprisingly quiet, low-cost one that is strong enough to run most RV air conditioners and has one key feature: a remote control. It’s not perfect, and it has flaws that need fixing.

2. RV Toilet

Dealing with number 1 and 2 is not a glamorous aspect of RV camping. Having an RV toilet gives you the freedom to camp in offgrid sites without worrying about insects or wild animals pouncing on you at your most vulnerable circumstances. Say goodbye to putting on layers of warm clothes, just to relieve yourself in the bushes in the middle of the night. Make sure to check our complete guide for the Best RV Toilet to make your trip more comfortable.


Selecting the right reliable RV toilet is so crucial for an enjoyable stay outdoors while not giving up comforts of home. You may want to consider getting an RV vent to go along with it.

One of the RV essentials you also need to accompany your RV toilet is a toilet bowl brush. The bowl of most RV toilets is shallow, with little water at the bottom. Even though most of it flushes down, some “business” adheres to the edges of the bowl as you carry on. When dumping your black tank, an RV toilet bowl brush in the camper bathroom allows you to clean it on the spot

When the toilet brush is lifted, the canister door automatically opens and neatly stores the brush when not in use. The toilet brush has a tapered brush head and solid blue bristles for deep cleaning under the rim and other difficult-to-reach areas. 

The handle is contoured to provide a sturdy and comfortable grip. The ventilation perforations in the canister drip tray allow water to evaporate fast. For limited places, a compact footprint is excellent.

3. Drinking-Water Hose

You’ll need a water hose made for drinking water to connect your RV to the water supply. Lead may be present in the green ones sold at large box retailers. To safely bring water into your rig, make sure you have a good hose. 

Two or three shorter hoses are an excellent idea. When the water is barely 10 feet away, a fifty-foot hose is excellent, but you have a lot of additional hoses to deal with. Two fifteen-foot hoses are generally plenty.

If you worry about your RV waterline getting frozen, especially when traveling through a freak snow storm, you may need a heated RV water hose. You will prevent waking up to frozen and damaged pipes in winter. Frozen water can crack or split open your regular water pipe. Having an insulated hose can last you for years, even under hostile weather conditions. You can regulate the temperature so that you can have warm water or a hot shower in winter and cool water in summer. 

Another add on travel trailer must haves to accompany your RV water hose is a Dehumidifier. Campers have a reputation for stinking up the place. Excess moisture within the RV is the major cause of this. Keep a dehumidifier turned on at all times. They will maintain the inside clear of mold and eliminate musty odors. If you want to further reduce your moisture down in especially in winter, I recommend you to check out this guide.

4. Essentials For Insides

Once you’ve got the essentials in place to keep your RV functioning, it’s time to stock the interior with must have RV accessories so that days on the road seem as comfortable as days at home. 

A foam bed is one of the most highly rated beds in the travel trailer sector. You’ll be ready for a pleasant night’s sleep in the vast American wilderness if you match it with a comfortable set of linens. If space is an issue, consider getting a RV sofa bed which you can use as a sofa chair in the day, and convert it to a bed at night. Laundry hampers are an excellent method to arrange and discard your laundry. You don’t want your filthy clothing to be strewed about the camper! We have an amazing guide for Best RV Sofa Bed if you intend to get one.

Even if space is limited, you’ll want to make a place for things that will keep your trailer clean. A portable vacuum will help you keep things neat while taking up very little room. Hanging closet organizers are much needed here too, which keep shoes and other items tidy while remaining out of sight. 

Need some caffeine in you; a coffee maker is a must haves for travel trailer. There are many high-quality coffee makers on the market today. The best ones to pick here are those that don’t require power.

5. First Aid Kit


When you’re on the road, safety is a primary consideration, especially if you’re far from any town. To ensure your safety, make sure you have these materials on hand. In the event of an emergency, having a first aid kit and tools will come in handy. You’ll need a backup plan if you can’t get to a hospital right away or if your RV breaks down.

If you hike often during your RV trips, check out this essentials checklist for beginners.

6. RV Water Pump

When you are traveling off-grid, having a reliable water supply will eliminate worry about searching for water. You can avoid dirty gas station bathrooms at all costs. It ensures your taps are never dry with constant running water, making your RV more livable. 


Getting a RV water pump helps to pressurize the water lines of your RV when you are not connected to the water source. When turning on the faucet, your water pump will detect a pressure drop, and the pump will kick in. You will be able to enjoy a good shower with a boost in water pressure.  Read our guide for Best RV Water Pump to improve your RV waterflow system if you do not have one yet.


Most RV pumps can run on RV’s battery, which draws very little energy. So you can use the pump even without the generator running. This helps save you on high electricity bills especially if you are using a water heater. 

Some RVs have a valve where you can switch to use the water pump to draw antifreeze into the RV’s water lines so that the lines will not freeze and break during winter.

7. RV Sewer Hose

If you have a toilet in your camper, one of your new responsibilities will be cleaning it out. It has to take place. Don’t skimp on a RV sewer hose; you’ll hate yourself later if you’re caught in a filthy position. 

The sewage hose works in the same way as the water hose. You’ll need just enough to get to the sewage connection, but not enough to have it snake halfway around the campground. You may want to consider a RV portable waste tank to ease gray and black water dumping.

Things you need for a camper trailer that you want to consider alongside your sewer hose is getting a RV Macerator Pump. You find that flushing out waste and cleaning the tank takes far less time with macerator pumps. Absolutely no mess and no fuss! 

8. RV Surge Protector

When you are a serious RV traveler, there is a tendency to be moving around frequently. Thus, you may need to use different power sources now and then. There is a risk that specific power sources may not be safe for your electrical appliances.

An electricity surge could severely damage your electrical equipment plugged into an outlet if there is no surge guard to stop it.  

If there is a surge of electrical power, the RV surge protector will shield your RV equipment from faulty power sources. Having a surge guard is one of the camper necessities and an excellent insurance against costly electrical system damage.

9. RV Trailer Stabilizer

A RV Trailer Stabilizer helps your RV to stay steady and stable when parked on rough terrains, so that your rig does not rock or sway when you move around. With a washer and dryer in your rig, having a stabilizer helps your rig to overcome the vibrations. You will find that some RV appliances only function well when your campervan is level.

And if you are having adult fun while camping, a stabilizer is a must for added privacy.

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your RV tires, you will want to use a RV stabilizer to avoid too much RV weight sitting your tires for too long.

But if you want to upgrade your experience from cranking the manual tongue jack which can end you up with body aches or hurt your back, consider a RV Electric Trailer Jack. It offers more than just convenience that you will definitely appreciate for many years to come. 

10. GPS

It keeps you safe on the road. To avoid being stranded without information, it’s essential to locate campgrounds before losing internet service and download maps in advance. This way, you’ll have access to the necessary information when you need it the most.

Hope this post was helpful to you and that you have a very successful first trip in your camper.’

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you have questions about 10 Travel Trailer Essentials or want to leave your own personal comments, feel free to leave a comment below.

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