What Does “Full Hookups” Mean At an RV park

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If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, you’re probably wondering what “full hookups” actually means. It’s a typical statement seen in campsite information, but are they actually required or just nice to have? So, to assist you in making your decision, we decided to produce a comprehensive article on the subject. Keep reading to see whether full hookups are ideal for you.

If you are a beginner in RVing, check out these tips before you start.

What Are Full Hookups and How Do They Work?

What Does full hookups mean at an RV PARK

What does a full hookup mean at an RV park? When an RV park advertises full hookup campgrounds, it means your RV will have access to fresh water, power, and sewage. A full hookup site will offer you unfettered access to everything in your RV, much like your house is connected up to all of your utilities.



Most RVs include a water tank ranging from 20 to 100 gallons, so you’ll have enough water for at least a few days. However, having such a restricted quantity might be stressful. And besides, you don’t want your hair to be completely dry before you rinse the shampoo out. A fresh water supply will be available for full hook up RV park, and it will connect directly to your RV. RV hookup allows you to enjoy extended showers and dishwashing without worrying about depleting your water supply.
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Whether your RV needs 30 or 50 amp power outlets, most RV park water hookup can accommodate you. Simply connect your RV to the provided power outlet, and you’re ready to experience full hookup camping without worrying about your batteries running out or insufficient solar power. Read more on How Much Solar Power Do I Need In My RV?

Additionally, if all of your RV neighbours have hookups, you will not have to listen to anyone’s loud generator while camping. It’s worth noting that certain RV parks only provide 30-amp outlets, so double-check before leaving if you need 50 amps to power your RV’s luxuries. If you are staying in areas where you are not familiar with the superiority of the power supply, then it is a must to have a RV surge protector. Check out our recommendations for Best RV Surge Protector to protect your RV electronics.

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Sewer Connection


The last element of a full hookup RV spot is a sewer connection. You will be able to connect your sewer hose to the designated sewer line once you arrive. Alternatively you can also use a portable RV waste tank to transfer to from your rig to dedicated sewer. This implies you can utilize your toilet as much as you need, and it will deplete promptly into the RV camping area sewer. You can just rinse off the hose and pack it up when you’re through — no dumping necessary!

Extra Services

While “RV park with full hookups” consistently incorporate the previously mentioned administrations, periodically some bigger parks will toss in certain additional items too. This incorporates satellite TV, which might include paying an additional charge.

Partial Hookups

If you’ve ever visited a campsite that has full hookups, you’ve probably heard the term “partial hookups.” These sites, of course, provide some, but not all, of the utility hookups that full hookup sites provide.

A partial connection site provides power and water but does not provide sewage service. You’ll have to choose between using public facilities or pumping out your RV after your camping excursion. Partial connections are nevertheless quite useful, even if they aren’t as handy as complete hookups. Partial connections are often less expensive than full hookups, making it the preferred choice at most RV sites.



Boondocking, also known as dry camping or free camping, is simply camping without any form of electrical or water connection. When you’re boondocking, you’re completely alone. That means you’ll need to pack all of the water you’ll need for the duration of your journey. Here are some tips on water saving hacks. You should also be aware of the condition of your battery; boondocks sometimes carry solar panels or generators to keep their batteries over 50% charge to avoid degeneration.

When boondocking, you may often simply drive off the road and set up camp – no RV campground required. It’s critical, though, that you only do this in designated areas. BLM land is frequently permitted for such purposes, but you must first investigate the laws and regulations to verify that you are following them correctly.

Why Not Always Have Full Hookups?

What Does full hookups mean at an RV PARK

Why would anyone not want full hookups if they enable you to live comfortably in your RV? There are a variety of valid reasons why individuals avoid sites with complete hookups. Surprisingly, most RVers appear to fall firmly on a single side or the other of the hookups debate.

Whatever your thoughts are, the most important thing would be that you get out there and enjoy your RV. So, why do some RV owners choose boondocking or partial hookups over full hookups?


First of all, complete connections are not inexpensive. If you intend to use RV park full hookups frequently, consider joining Passport America, which offers 50% savings at almost 1800 campsites for a nominal annual cost. Now keep in mind that if you choose to utilise your black tank rather than paying for sewer connections, you will almost always have to pay to dump it out, negating the savings you were hoping to save.


Some RVers prefer the solitude and tranquilly of boon docking over the hustle and bustle of a busy park. As a result, many RV owners may never utilize a campsite with RV hookups.


Even though the high cost and tight quarters of RV park hookups don’t deter you, you may realize that you don’t need all of the services they provide. Maybe you just stay in your RV for a few nights at a time. Or perhaps you don’t have or use many of the standard RV amenities that these hookups provide. For some reason, some RV owners are unable to justify utilizing a site with hookups for their needs.

Accessibility and Location

The location of these sites is another facet of the complete hookup lifestyle to ponder. While RV sites with these amenities are normally simple to come by, they may not necessarily be in the best position for your vacation. Alternatively, before you opt to stay at your favourite campground, all of the available sites may be fully occupied. During peak season, popular destinations are frequently booked months in advance. As a result, even if campsite full hookups appeal to you, you may need to pick a different sort of site.

What Is The Average RV Campsite Cost?

What Does full hookups mean at an RV PARK

We all know that full hookup RV parks are much more expensive than partial RV hookup station and, of course, boon docking, but how much more are we talking about? According to an article from a camper report, you should expect to pay roughly $45 on average for a full hookup site with all the trimmings; however, they can start as low as $20 to as high as $80.

Naturally, the more famous the destination and the season of the year, the higher the price. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get a good bargain for less than $40 per night, however, you won’t be in the greatest campsite for that amount.

Now, partial connections are usually always less expensive than full hookups, but you can’t tell how much less expensive they are. Partial hookup sites are sometimes half the cost of full hookup sites, and occasionally they come with a minor discount.

Now, Go Out and Choose Your Sites

Okay, we’ve gone over everything that comes with a full-hookup RV site. This is the moment at which you will decide your next trip’s path. If you’re having trouble deciding, we recommend checking out all of your alternatives before deciding which one is ideal for you.

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