Whats the best way to cook for 15 people on a camping trip?

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The issue of providing meals for everyone while camping can be quite daunting and overwhelming. However, with proper preparation and planning, along with these delicious camping dishes designed to cater to a large group, you can ensure that your family and friends are well-fed and content. This will allow you to enjoy a relaxing portion of your trip as well.

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Pulled Pork

Make some pulled pork and bring it to camp. Smoke a pork shoulder beforehand and shred it then bring to camp in a foil container you can just set right over the fire to reheat. The BBQ sandwiches with rice will make so much food you might have to fight off your fellow campers!

Teriyaki Chicken Bowls

I would advise people to make it easy and keep the meal simple, one of my favorite meals is teriyaki chicken bowls. I use cups of pre made minute rice, or make the rice the night before I leave and then I saute the chicken (boneless skinless chicken breast) in my cast iron pan. I put the chicken in a gallon zip lock with marinade the night before I leave. Add stir fry veggies just boil them for a few minutes till tender then toss together.

Propane Flat Top Griddle

For large groups, a propane flat top griddle is a great option. Omelettes, bacon/sausage, pancakes, hash browns, toast, breakfast burritos; hamburgers, hotdogs, tacos, quesadillas; steaks, fish and stir fried vegetables are just a few of the options available to you when cooking for groups on a flat top griddle.

Pre-Cracked Egg Cartons

In situations when you need a lot of eggs to feed many people, you can buy pre-cracked egg cartons or crack them into any size bottle and then instant scrambled eggs without the mess.

Campfire Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Campfire bacon wrapped hot dogs are just about the easiest and most flavorful way you can cook for a crowd. Just wrap bacon around your favorite hotdog, secure it with a few toothpicks, and cook until the bacon is crispy. A campfire is all you need to grill these babies up!

Corn On The Cob


Corn on the cob is one of the most popular campfire meals out there. It’s easy to make and a fun way to cook dinner when the weather is hot. Just wrap them in tinfoil and set them directly onto hot coals for about 20 minutes – turning every few minutes until its done! You can also cook it with indirect heat using a pan or grill over the fire. If you don’t have access to an open fire, corn on the cob is great cooked on an open grill or in a “Dutch oven” type pot.

Corn on the cob is a great meal for vegan campers. This tastes great with butter and salt or try it with other toppings such as cheeses, hot sauces, seasonings and wraps it in bacon for a heartier mix of flavors. Or prepare it as another side dish to accompany other campfire meals.


Everyone loves pancakes and with a few add-ins and a bit of griddle space, you can double this recipe to feed a hungry bunch of campers. The bananas in the batter keep them moist and tender, while adding oats to the mix adds extra protein and keeps everyone full longer. Whether camping or camping out in the backyard, these pancakes are sure to please.


Campfire nachos are one of the most versatile dishes you could make. They’re quick to whip up and everyone can add the toppings they like, which makes it perfect for a crowd. Plus, you can have multiple layers to feed more friends or family in less time.

Use A Dutch Oven

dutch oven

When cooking for a large group on a camping trip, the easiest way to feed the crowd is by serving up a hearty meal in one pot. Using a Dutch oven, start off by packing your meal with flavor as you make your favorite chili recipe. 

Let the chilli simmer for at least 30 minutes (or longer for a more intense flavor). When ready, whip up a box of cornbread mix and spread on top. Then cook some more! It’s tough to beat the simplicity of this camping classic.
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To sum it up

Overall, camping with a large group can be a fun and memorable experience if everyone is prepared and works together. Just make sure to plan ahead, divide responsibilities, and be respectful of each other’s space.

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